Your Guide to a Magnificently-Designed Home

As a woman, designing your home can be a difficult task, especially when you are faced with hundreds of new and beautiful options for flooring, doors, and windows. It is hard to know where to begin with so many choices out there. There are many places to get ideas. Start an idea folder and put in every good idea that you come across. This will help in weeks to come when you are narrowing down ideas. But before making any final decision, it is important to always seek out a second, or even a third opinion from your family and friends.

Although you may think you have found the perfect fit, sometimes there might just be something even more extraordinary waiting down the line. Be sure to compare your choice with others to make sure you’re getting the best product and deals.

Different Types of Flooring

  • Hardwood- Hardwood flooring is a beautiful choice to make your home luxurious and comfortable. This type of flooring comes in many different styles including cherry, oak, walnut, and maple
  • Rigid Core- Rigid core flooring has the maximum durability you need if you have children or heavy pieces of furniture in your home. The dent-resistant properties make this type of flooring the most sought after with homeowners
  • Vinyl Sheet- This is a resilient type of flooring that offers homeowners a wide range of options to help coincide with budgets and style
  • Engineered Tile- This type of tile can be installed with or without grout anywhere in your home. They are also great for creating a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom

Finding the Right Type of Door

When it comes to your bathroom door, this is where you can show off your personality and style with a barn-style theme which can easily be acquired by searching for barn doors for sale online. If you are looking for something more subtle for your bathroom, you can go with a small sliding door or even a simple cherry wood for the added beauty.

With any home, you are going to want the perfect styled door to help turn your home into a magnificent masterpiece. When it comes to your entryway door, you have a variety of choices, including paneled, metal, wood, and ledged doors.

Windows For the Entire Home

  • Arched Windows- Arched windows have rounded tops that give your home architectural design and comfort.
  • Casement Windows- This particular style of windows either swing out to the side or open straight out. These are excellent if you are looking for a petite style of windows.
  • Awnings- Awnings are excellent if you are looking for something that can withstand climates that have rainfall more often than not.
  • Bay Windows- These types of windows protrude from your home and give you the extra space you need for more decorative pieces.

The Overall Design of Your Home

Before choosing your windows, doors, and flooring, you should always take into consideration what type of furniture and color paint you will be using in your home. This will help every piece of your home match accordingly without clashing in any specific areas.

By calling in an interior decorator, they can come in and evaluate your home while giving you advice on what type of windows, doors, and flooring will match the interior design that you already have. They can also help provide you with more options in home design if there are still some questionable areas in your home that you are unsure about and what to purchase. Most of the time, decorators will already have a catalog on hand or a laptop to allow you to view their website.

Designing your home allows you to bring out your creative side as a woman and express it through interior design and doors, windows, and flooring. When you are in the midst of figuring out what exactly you need to make your home meet your highest expectations, sometimes it helps to call on a professional designer to help bring more options to the table. Having a variety of options will allow you to get a better view into home design and find something that fits your personality and taste in interior decorating and design.