Camping Tips: Top 10 Essentials

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced camper or a newbie – everyone sometimes has problems with packing. If you already looked through sites like Rainy Adventures to find a list of what to pack but came out empty-handed, don’t worry, because here is the list of essential things that anyone going camping should have.

  1. Tent

It is important to have a tent with yourself even if you want to sleep under the night sky. Something unexpected might happen, like heavy rain or a snowstorm – you never know, and if you don’t prepare yourself, you will not only have to go back home, but it will also leave you drenched and probably sick. Also, when you decide to bring a tent, don’t forget about the accessories needed for putting it up, like tent poles, rope, etc.

  1. Sleeping bag

Having a sleeping bag with yourself during the camping trip will not only increase your comfort and give you warm in case of a sudden temperature drop, but it will also save you from things like insects who are the most active during the night and will try to crawl on you. Nobody wants to wake up with a giant creature on their body, right?

  1. Lantern

Lantern, or lighting in general, is a crucial element of the camping gear, especially during autumn/winter months when the days are getting shorter. It will come in handy in several situations – do you want to play cards with your friends? You need light. Do you have kids who don’t want to go to sleep and there are running around the camping? They are more visible with the light on than in the dark. Do you want to eat late dinner? Use fire or a flashlight if you don’t want to eat a worm instead of spaghetti.

  1. First Aid Kit

It’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected (just like with the tent). The first aid kit is essential, especially if you are going camping where on every corner something can happen. Take some bandages, painkillers, cream, scissors, adhesive etc. If you know that in the area where you are going there are snakes or spiders, also bring some medicine for that. Be conscious, not unconscious.

  1. Toilet paper

You may think that it’s stupid and unnecessary, but actually, bringing your own toilet paper is very practical. Leaves and bark are not meant for everyone as they might hurt and are not very comfortable. Even if you are staying on a campsite with bathroom facilities, the toilet paper will be useful as they tend to run out of it very often. Another thing – if you are afraid of the effect of disposed toilet paper on the environment, you have two options – you can either buy a biodegradable one or take a bag to which you will put the already used one.

  1. Citronella candles/bug repellent

Apart from having a sleeping bag or a tent to protect yourself from insects, citronella candles or bug repellents will also be useful. They will keep away, for example, mosquitoes, deer flies, black flies, etc. An anti-itch cream will help when the bug already managed to bite you somehow.

  1. Fire-starters

As it was previously mentioned, light is significant during a camping trip. Apart from the lantern, a perfect way to bring some light is to start a campfire. Fire can be started with matches, cigarette lighter, a flint and steel, etc. So remember to take at least one of those things – nothing feels better than sitting around a campfire singing after spending the whole surrounded by nature.

  1. Suitable clothes

Pack clothes that you wouldn’t mind if they got dirty. While going camping, you need to be prepared for every kind of weather – hot, cold, rainy, etc. Even though during the day it’s warm, during the night it usually gets chilly. Bring long-sleeved shirts, warmer sweatshirt, socks, shoes that cover your toes, rain jacket. Don’t pack capri pants or shorts – instead, take some jeans and long trousers. You will not only be warm but also protected against bugs – it’s a win-win!

  1. Entertainment

If you have kids, you know pretty well that they get bored very quickly – that’s why it’s important to bring some form of entertainment for them (but not only). Take some games and books with yourself, as the camping trip is the only chance to have a rest from technology fully. Also, pack your child’s favourite toy and blanket – it will make your life easier.

  1. Good spirit

It doesn’t matter how well you will be prepared for the trip; if you don’t have good humour or spirit, you will not enjoy it. So leave at home depression and bad mood.

Now that you know what to pack, the only thing left to say is – Have a nice trip!