Top Ten Sexy Men with Beards

For me, the words sexy and beards are mutually exclusive. However, being someone willing to be converted, I set about this assignment for hirsute hotties and bearded babes with an open mind. Of course,...

10 Forgotten Hollywood Stars who are Still Sexy

Hollywood’s hot quotient keeps rising day by day. With so many teen sensations around, it’s surely a tough job for us folks to vote for the most glamorous stars on the block. Not only...
make girlfriend happy

7 Things a Guy Can Do to Make a Girl Really Happy

Every human being is different, so it stands to reason that every woman is a unique snowflake too. That is why it is difficult to understand exactly what women want from men – they...

Are Women Superior Than Men??

It is imperative to emphasize that there is no question of equality between men and women. Nature created them as the opposite sexes of the same species and this alone renders...

Is it easy to be a female?

Determining the sex of a child is not a function of the effort of the parents most times. This implies that parents hardly ever determine the sex of their children. Although, these days, science...

Celebrity fashion inspiration from the 60’s

This showcase shows some of the celebrity fashions in the 1960’s, from the early 60’s Hepworth suits, narrow trousers, lapels and a thin ties., to the late 60’s crazy wide flares, ...

Why Most Ads Have Female Actors?

The world of advertising has really changed today and we see that the advertisement industry has grown tremendously over these years. If we look around we will find that we are surrounded...

Biggest Lottery Losers [you will hate them]

If you’re after a win on the lotto you stand the best chances if you live in Ilford or Newcastle-upon-Tyne. That’s good news for me but gambling is a mug’s game so I’ll never...
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Do Women Cry More Than Men?

Crying is defined by Wikipedia as the act of shedding tears in response to one’s emotional state (or to the emotional state of others, if you’re empathetic). Those in the medical professions call the...

Top 5 Girl Superstitions

When humans started living in groups, one of its first concerns was that the world around was full of mysteries. There were questions, and hardly any answers. Many of the questions still persist, but...