Why Most Ads Have Female Actors?

The world of advertising has really changed today and we see that the advertisement industry has grown tremendously over these years. If we look around we will find that we are surrounded by advertisements and that it has made a huge impact on what kind of brands and items we use and we hate. Advertisements today have the potential to make or break any brands and therefore they are one of the important elements of our social life. Ad agencies have come up with new methods to lure customers towards new brands and with the advent of internet ad agencies have got the right opportunity to invade the lives of common people so that they can promote their brands and new items that have been launched in the market.

However, have you every noticed that most of the advertisements have female actors? Yes, as per the research more than 60 percent of the ads on TV or any other methods have female actors because it catches the attention of the people very quickly. If you turn on your TV you will notice that most of the ads that you see on TV have female actors because ad agencies feel that it is easier to pass on the message through a female actor rather than using a male actor. Even those ads for male products like shaving creams and male innerwear have female actors because it easily relates with the psychology of male customers and that would help the brand makers to boost their sales.

Most of the ad makers believe that advertisements is not about reality but about imagination and therefore they prefer to go for female actors rather than male actors because most of the men psychologically would love to talk to a woman rather than a male and when they make an ad with a female actor it subconsciously works in the right way. As per the research done on male psychology more than 55 percent of males would prefer to talk to a woman or would prefer to make a relationship with woman rather than males and this is why ad makers prefer to take female actors as that would convey the message across a large male audience easily.

Most of the ads for items like male perfumes, deos, shaving gel, after shaves, bikes and innerwear have female actors in it even though the items are pretty much male oriented. It portrays female actors as an object of temptation but most of the ad makers completely deny the fact that there is any sexploitation of females in the advertisement industry. Advertisements for many famous brands like Axe always have female actors in it which are seen enticing the male actors indicating the male audience that the deo is powerful enough to attract any women that they are after. Many other perfume advertisements like Boss Hugo and Wild Stone also portray female actors as housewives and neighbors who are intoxicated by the powerful aroma of the product and that is more than enough to create demand for such products in the market.

Another reason why female actors are the most common gender in advertisements is because as per the research done by the supermarkets and malls it has been proved that females shop more than males and therefore it becomes very easy for the ad makers to pass on their message to the female audience. Most of the ads that are related to health and fitness have women exercising and making notes of the health concerns faced by the entire family. Female audiences find these ads very attractive because they feel that it is their duty to take care of their family needs. Ad makers comment that before they go ahead and make any advertisements for television or for banners they have to understand the target audience and how the ad will psychologically have its impact on the minds of the consumers. Since females do a lot of shopping ad makers have to introduce female actors so that the female audience can relate themselves with the lead female actor and go ahead and purchase the product. Many such advertisements are really becoming popular among female audience which are related to women health, women fitness, cooking oil, family care and cosmetics.

Ad makers are always on the look for a better approach that would take their ads into the lives of a common man and what better approach they can have apart from TV and internet. Apart from the television ads that have been dictating our choices on what we should have and what we should not. Internet ads have also begun to make their presence feel as most of the people in the urban cities are always hooked online for their personal and business use. Online ad makers have tasted success very quickly as the trend of computers have penetrated even the most isolated villages around the world. Today more than billion people are always connected to their internet connection and therefore internet ads have really become one of the most happening ways for the ad makers to reach their target audience.

Compare to the regular TV ads, internet ads are shorter but they have the same kind of impact on our minds like TV ads. These ads are posted on almost every popular websites so that millions of people who are accessing that particular website or domain would see that ad and buy those particular brands. However, it has been noticed that here too female actors play a vital role for selling the brands. Many of the internet ads also go all the way to lure male audiences to purchase their products and they often use bikini girls and pin up super models that would easily catch the attention of any male audience across the globe. Hence, you will find that most of the advertisements on television, internet and even banners always to have female actors to ensure the success of the brand and products that they are promoting.