Charcoal Products and the Many Ways They Can Better Your Life

Who could have imagined that charcoal would become such a glorifying thing for so many uses in our daily life today? The truth is, it has been known for a while that activated charcoal has been useful. And by a while, I mean, since the 1800s in Ancient Greece when the Greeks somehow discovered that it worked well to clean teeth. However, it did not seem to be catching on well here in the states until many years later.

An Old Antidote That Now Has Many Uses in Today’s World

Although it was used in emergency rooms starting in the early 1960s for detoxification from accidental poisonings and drug overdoses, it did not wake up the world to its contributable uses until around 2014. Thanks to endorsements from celebrities such as Shailene Woodley and Gwyneth Paltrow, activated charcoal products have been steadily on the rise for about four years now, and the trend seems to be growing stronger.

Considering that the main way charcoal benefits us is to detoxify, it is no wonder that it has now been incorporated in many different products such as:

  • Bar Soap – If you have skin that is sensitive and suffers from breakouts and rashes, then washing with activated charcoal soap will draw out unwanted bacteria and dirt to the surface so you can simply rinse it off in the shower. The bar soap is usually infused with other ingredients that are also good for detoxes such as raw honey and coconut oil.
  • Toothpaste – The endless cycle of dental cleanings that may include deep cleaning because our regular toothpaste does not always work to fight plaque and tartar could be over if you decide to use activated charcoal toothpaste as well. You will not need to buy a fancy electric toothbrush; you will simply need a regular toothbrush and your new charcoal teeth cleansing product.
  • Face Masks – Whether you like exfoliating scrub masks or peel-off masks, if charcoal is the main ingredient, then you will succeed in pulling dirt and oil out for fewer pimples and blemishes. The charcoal will leave your face feeling cleaner with a flawless complexion.
  • Shampoo – Do you need a hair boost? Some shampoo manufacturers have now put activated charcoal into their products. It works the same as it does on your skin; it will lift dirt and oil and leave a healthier head of hair. However, be aware that if you have light colored hair, you will want to use only the shampoo you can rinse out and stay away from the dry shampoo with charcoal as it has been known to stain your natural light hair color.
  • Pills for Stomach Discomfort – Of course, if charcoal has been used to detoxify in the hospital emergency room, it is no wonder that it is now used in pill form to help someone with stomach issues such as bloating, gas pain, and indigestion.

The Way Charcoal Can Help Combat the Effects of a Harsh Environment

Again, with so many ways to use charcoal for detoxification purposes, it is no wonder in this harsh environment we are fighting today, that it is fast becoming a product of extreme value. We all need to make sure we take care of ourselves, and that means to stay well on the inside and outside. Therefore, activating charcoal has many uses for both.

After all, it has now become more important than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle through picking the right kind of diet, supplements and topical treatments for our body and skin. We have become a world which has gotten lost in fancy product advertising that promotes chemical based ingredients. It is now time to focus our attention back to natural ingredients that have the power to keep us vibrant in every way.

A Final Thought About How to Activate Charcoal Into Your Life

To give a final analysis of what using charcoal products will help us achieve in our everyday lives; it will help skin issues. It can help with stomach troubles. It is really an all-around great product to release any bacteria that is stuck within our bodies inside and out.

Although it is still new to some, hopefully, the contents of this article will contribute in shedding light into all the different ways it can replenish the body and keep us all on a healthier path to a more organic way to live life.