How to Choose the Right Smoke Alarm for Your Home or Office

While many consumers may think that choosing a smoke alarm is a simple process, fire protection safety is of vital importance and should be handled with diligence and much needed research. Utilizing online resources such as can help you determine the most effective products for your individual needs, not to mention educate you on the important features that you should look for when choosing your specific model. Here are some of the features that you should consider and ensure that your smoke alarm is fully equipped with. There are several different types of detectors on the market, some specifically designed to detect smoke or fires, while others act as a dual protection against smoke and carbon monoxide as well.

Smoke Alarm

Top Features that Every Smoke Alarm Should be Equipped With

Typical battery smoke alarms will require you to ensure the battery is fully charged at all times. Since these products rest on higher grounds of your home or office, it can be quite easy to forget about them, especially when they do not alarm often. In the majority of systems, battery operated smoke alarms usually require a 9v battery to function properly. While these batteries generally have a longer lifespan, especially when using a rechargeable battery, you may find certain models that require more commonly used batteries such as AA or sometimes even AAA batteries. Using lithium batteries can also help you maintain a reliable smoke alarm system where you do not have to worry about the battery not being charged to full capacity at all times, despite how long it takes to change them.

You will also want to ensure that the placement and sensitivity of the smoke alarm is of optimal use. While it is highly recommended to place a smoke alarm in the kitchen area, where most fires usually start, placing the system in direct range of the stove can increase the amount of false alarms that go off in the house. To ensure this does not happen, you will want to ensure that that you use a fan or ventilation system while cooking. This will ensure that there is less smoke circulating around the kitchen that can set off the alarm unintentionally. Many smoke detectors also come equipped with sensitivity levels to avoid the same false alarm patterns from occurring.

Investing in an optical or ionization smoke alarms have become more popular amongst the masses, especially in office settings. These types of smoke detectors maintain a 230v AC Mains power supply – giving it a longer battery life, in addition to the added security of the operations.

Top Smoke Detector Models Currently on the Market

While there are currently hundreds of different models of smoke detectors that are available on the market, the following is a list of the top rated consumer favorites that have helped protect countless homes and offices effectively and inexpensively. Keep in mind that despite which product model that you choose to invest in, for added protection and proper maintenance it is highly recommended to utilize a dust cover for your smoke alarm as well. This will ensure that dust particles that inevitably float around the rooms of your home or office will not make their way into your system and block the sensors making it harder if not impossible to detect a fire quickly.

  • The SA410LLi Long Life Miniature Optical Smoke Alarm is ideal for apartments, basements and laundry rooms. Many also use it in larger homes or buildings since it equipped to link to up to 12 different alarms. It comes fully equipped with a low battery alarm also so you never have to guess when it is time to change the battery!
  • The BRK 7010BE optical Smoke Alarm with Alkaline Battery has also become quite popular amongst the masses since using an alkaline battery in any type of electronic offers a longer lifespan with lower maintenance.
  • If you are looking for a reliable ionization alarm system, the Ei141 Aico Ionisation Smoke Detector with Alkaline battery is one of the top rated models on the current market. This system is fully equipped with low battery detection, mountable wall units and of course an exceptional sensor detection system.
  • The M300 Micro Ionisation Smoke Alarm BRK model offers consumers a cost-effective way to protect their home or office. This compact model maintains a long batter life, is not prone to false alarms and can be kept in any room, including basement walls that are usually hard to mount on.
  • If you are looking for a more interactive smoke alarm and fire protection system for your home or office, many consumers opt for the Ei3100RF Aico RadioLink Wireless Ionisation 9V Smoke Alarm which avoids unnecessary wiring and links directly with the local fire department to ensure you receive prompt help in case of emergency. This is ideal for office and business environments as well as residential properties that are left unattended for long periods of time.

As you can see, there are many quality models on the market that offer great protection with  wide array of features that cater to your individual needs or intended use. Keep in mind, that despite which model you choose to invest in, you should run routine check to ensure the system is running at optimal performance at all times.