Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are tons of cute hairstyles for long hair out there which is probably a big part of the reason long hair is so popular with women. It’s so versatile. I like growing my hair long and then cutting it drastically into a fun bob. While my hair is long though, I’ll admit to spending far too much time playing with my hair and experimenting with different looks. That’s why this article has been so much fun to write. So many idea! Here are six cute hairstyles for long hair – three without bangs and three with bangs. Have fun!

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair without Bangs

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Loose Curls

This is a great style that works for any face shape. It’s fun but elegant at the same time. You can do this style for a special event paired with a nice dress or with jeans for a more casual look. The best part? It isn’t all that hard to do and allows you to have your hands free for getting dressed or putting on makeup while it sets.
What You’ll Need to Get This Look:

  • Setting Lotion
  • Large Rollers
  • Blow Dryer
  • Finishing Spray

How to Get This Look:

  • Step One: While your hair is damp, apply your setting lotion to your hair. If you don’t have setting lotion you can use another heat safe styling product but setting lotion really works best. You can buy it at most hair salons. If you have a root lifter, apply that to your roots. It will give your hair more volume.
  • Step Two: With your settling lotion applied, blow out your hair.
  • Step Three: Set your hair in rollers and apply hairspray.
  • Step Four: Blow dry hair being very careful not to use too much heat. You want your curls heated but you don’t want to fry your hair. If you have heated rollers, you don’t need to worry about blow drying and can skip this step.
  • Step Five: Allow hair to dry entirely before you remove your rollers.
  • Step Six: Wrap the curls around your finger and use a soft brush to smooth them out. This preserves the shape of the curl but gives them a nice smooth look.
  • Step Seven: Finish off with a finishing spray being careful not to use too much. Part of the fun of this style is that it’s elegant without looking stiff.
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Wavy Curls with a Center Part

This is my favorite style to do when I’m going out because it’s fairly quick, easy and it looks great. It works with any face shape and is good for both formal and casual settings.
What You’ll Need to Get This Look:

  • Heat protection hair product
  • Large barreled curling iron or clampless curling iron
  • Styling product
  • Medium hold hairspray
  • Round brush (large)

How to Get This Look:

  • Step One: Apply styling product to damp hair and use a large, round brush to blow out your hair.
  • Step Two: Separate your hair into medium or large sections after it is entirely dry. One by one, wrap each section around the end of your curling iron. Make sure each section is smooth before you begin curling or you could wind up with frizzy curls.
  • Step Three: After your curls have cooled, carefully smooth them loosely around your fingers. This allowed them to keep a nice, smooth shape but also loosens them into lovely waves.
  • Step Four: Spray the entire style with your hairspray. Make sure it’s medium hold as anything stronger or too heavily applied could leave your curls looking stiff.
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Side Ponytail with Curls

What I love most about this style is its adaptability and it’s “any occasion” feel. It suits any face shape, can be dressy or casual and works with every hair type. It’s also incredibly easy to do. You can choose to leave your hair straight or dress it with curls. You can pair it with a fun hair accessory, a head band or your favorite clip. It’s a great, simple style anyone can go from their own home.
What You’ll Need to Get This Look:

  • A binder or hair elastic
  • A bobby pin (if you want to hide the binder or elastic
  • Finish spray
  • Hair curler
  • Styling product

How to Get This Look:

  • Step One: Allow hair to air dry if you have time. If not, blow dry hair until it is completely dry.
  • Step Two: Curl the ends of your hair using either of the methods described for the styles above. If you choose to leave the hair straight or do something else with the pony that requires straight hair, skip this step.
  • Step Three: Gather hair to the side of your head just at the neckline and secure the pony in place using your binder. You can use a hair elastic as well but the binder is less obtrusive and gives a cleaner look.
  • Step Four: If you want to conceal the binder you can cover it with a small section of hair. Just wrap the hair around the pony so it’s covering the binder and secure it in place underneath using a bobby pin.
  • Step Five: Spray the whole style with hairspray to finish up. You can use firm hold hairspray if you like, and is often suggested, but I prefer medium hold as it makes the style appear a little less stiff. Using medium hold may mean touchups if you have the style in for an extended period of time.

If you want to put a different spin on this one, you can braid the pony or, for a more modern look, braid it into multiple braids. If you choose to go this route though, you’re probably going to want to use a hair elastic.

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs

Carrie Underwood (source:

Twisted Ponytail with Side Swept Bangs

This is probably one of my favorite Carrie Underwood looks because it’s simple yet classic and sophisticated. This one might be a bit too involved for every day but if you have time in the morning, this can definitely make a great style for school or work. This style works best for women with oval, heart or (subtly) long faces.
What You Need to Get This Look:

  • Heat protection spray
  • Flat iron
  • Round brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Medium hold hairspray

How to Get This Look:

  • Step One: Apply heat protection spray and blow out your hair.
  • Step Two: Smooth your hair with your flat iron but stick to a low setting. You don’t want hair completely flat – just smoothed.
  • Step Three: From root to end, use your round brush to smooth your bangs in the direction you’d like them to fall.
  • Step Four: Gather the top of your hair and pull it back, holding it in place with bobby pins or a hair clip.
  • Step Five: Gather all of your hair (including the top section) over one shoulder and pull it into two sections.
  • Step Six: Pull one of the two sections you’ve created out of your hair straight down and twist the second section around it.
  • Step Seven: Secure the ends of the twisted hair with bobby pins or a hair clip.
  • Step Eight: Spray the entire style with a mist of your hairspray. You want to use medium hold spray because it keeps the style from looking stiff or “crunchy” but if you only have stronger hold hair spray, you can use it. Just use a very, very light misting. It will still hold but should help you about the stiff issue.

Many women who choose this style prefer to use bobby pins but if you’re looking for something a little more fun and casual, secure the twist with a fun clip. If you have trouble getting the twist to stay in place, use bobby pins and conceal them in the twist itself.

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Soft Curls with Side Swept Bangs

This look is romantic look any woman can pull off regardless of face shape. There’s a reason so many of the best hairstyles out there involve curls. There are so many ways to do them but when done right, they look so classy and sophisticated. You can wear this style with jeans or with a nice dress for a special event.
What You’ll Need to Get This Look:

  • Smoothing product
  • Large barrel curling iron
  • Soft brush
  • Large round brush
  • Finishing spray

How to Get This Look:

  • Step One: Apply smoothing product and blow out your hair.
  • Step Two: Allow hair to dry completely.
  • Step Three: Separate hair into large sections and, one by one, wrap those sections around the outside of the barrel of your curling iron.
  • Step Four: Use the soft brush (a brush with natural bristles is best as they tend to be softer and less damaging to hair) to smooth your curls.
  • Step Five: Use the large round brush to smooth your bangs to the side you’d like them to fall on. Smooth them starting at the roots and working to the ends.
  • Step Six: Spray with finish spray but stick with a light mist to keep hair looking soft.

This look also works well for girls with shorter bangs. Instead of smoothing them to the side, you can just let them fall straight down as they normally would.

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Classic Straight Locks with Breezy Bangs

This style could not be easier to do not to mention how versatile it is. Any woman or any face shape or hair type can pull this one off with very little effort.
What You’ll Need to Get This Look:

  • Flat iron
  • Straightening gel, lotion or cream if necessary.

How to Get This Look:

  • Step One: Allow your hair to dry completely.
  • Step Two: Separate your hair into sections and flat iron each section. Make sure the hair is pulled flat when you apply the iron and be sure not to leave the iron on too long. You want your hair flat not burned.

This is a great look for casual or formal events. If you get tired of wearing your hair down, you can always pull it back in a clip. Great with jeans, a nice dress and suits any occasion.