All You Need to Know about Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle relaxers, or neuromodulators, often referred to by the brand name Botox, are some of the most popular choices is cosmetic procedures around the world. Injected directly into the targeted area to relax dynamic muscles, these cosmetic treatments are highly effective at producing the desired aesthetic results.

If you are considering wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, you may be surprised to learn about the versatility in options with this treatment. It can often get a bad reputation for leaving the patient with a frozen or startled appearance. While this is possible when the treatment is not completed by someone who has the right expertise and experience under their belt, there are many more positive results seen.

Do you think you know all there is to know about wrinkle relaxers? Read on to learn more about the unknown applications of wrinkle relaxers.

Newer techniques don’t freeze the muscles

In previous years the muscles of the face may have been completely isolated and frozen when injected by the muscle relaxers. Today, practitioners take a more conservative approach that results in a much more rested and relaxed look for the patient. According to MIRA cosmetic clinic Perth, the goal of cosmetic procedures is rarely to produce drastic results, but to more enhance the natural beauty of the patients. These techniques can help patients get discreet results, without that frozen or startled look so often associated with injected relaxers.

The microdroplet technique produces results

The development of the microdroplet technique products much subtler and natural looks for patients. Traditional injection points target just those dynamic muscles that are used when we are expressive, including frown or laugh lines. The microdroplet technique uses really small amounts of the wrinkle relaxer injected into a much wider area. Instead of targeting just those muscles in the forehead to reduce the lines on the forehead, the technique targets the eyebrows and glabellar areas. Instead of paralyzing the forehead muscles, these muscles are reduced by reducing the amount of movement that they need to do.

Results typically last just as long as any other type of treatment using wrinkle relaxers, which is most often four to six months.

Treatments beyond the facial muscles

Neuromodulators can be used to address cosmetic concerns on the neck and on the jawline. Patients not yet willing to undergo a surgical lift can see a reduction in the neckbands that begin to develop as early as when we are in our 30s. Injecting the wrinkle relaxers can see the neck bands relaxing, tightening the neck and provide definition to a jawline that is loosening or starting to sag.

Men and women who feel self-conscious about a smile that may appear to show too much gum can find a solution in wrinkle relaxer injections. With strategically targeted injections on either side of the mouth, the muscles can relax and see the lips begin to lower in order to cover up the gum that is otherwise very visible when smiling. Results are typically seen within a few short days of treatment, and will last for up to six months.

A reduction of teeth grinding and TMJ symptoms

Do you grind your teeth? Do you suffer with the discomfort that can very often accompany TMJ? What many aren’t always aware of is that years of overuse of the masseter muscles that are used when chewing and when grinding teeth can actually alter the shape of your face. A squarer appearance is often the side effect of overdeveloped and overused masseter muscles.

Targeted injections can relax the muscles, which can then in turn reduce the grinding and reduce the discomfort associated with TMJ. Treating the masseter muscles can also soften the appearance of the face and produce a softer contour.

Reducing sweating, for months at a time

Did you know that wrinkle relaxers can be used to reduce sweating in those who suffer from hyperhidrosis? This condition can lead to many embarrassing situations, both in the personal and professional lives of those who suffer from it. Strategically targeted injections can help to reduce sweating in the underarm area, but can also produce results for those who suffer from excessively sweaty palms and feet. Patients report results lasting between 7 and 12 months, and some even find that they no longer need to worry about wearing antiperspirants during this period.

Treating oily and acne-prone skin

Men and women who suffer from excessively oily skin that is prone to blemishes can see a difference in their skin with Botox injections. Overly large pores can lead to the skin producing more oil than is normal and can also result in an increase in acne and other facial blemishes. There are a number of over-the-counter treatments that claim to produce results, but the reality is that most do not deliver on these claims. Wrinkle relaxers have been seen to produce results that lead to a drastic reduction in oil production and also a decrease in the appearance of the large pores. The relaxers are not injected, so patients do not see the same smoothing out effects typically associated with neuromodulators. Instead, practitioners use a micro-needling treatment that just barely pierces the skin. Results can be seen within a few short days and can last for as long as a full year.

There are a number of applications for wrinkle relaxers, many of which are cosmetic. It’s not always the best solution for every person, and the best way to determine whether it’s right for you is to meet with a cosmetic practitioner who can evaluate your condition and your goals.