Dancewear Tips for Beginners

You’ve finally decided not to wait for the season of New Year’s resolutions and took some action regarding your physical health. If you have joined a dance class but have no idea what to wear, you should not panic. Here are the top tips that will help you look the part in your next dance class:

Dance Shoes

You need different shoes for different dance styles. Before buying a pair, visit a professional for a fitting to ensure you know your correct shoe size. Ill-fitting shoes will lead to sore feet and bad dancing habits, which should be avoided from the very beginning.

When buying a pair of shoes you need to consider what you will be wearing them with: socks or tights. It is a good idea to bring your tights or socks with you to the fitting. Doing so will ensure you choose the perfect fit.

Dance Leotard

Leotards are worn in many different dance styles. Before purchasing yours, check with your dance school teacher to see whether they have a specific color scheme. If there is no color scheme, just go with your favorite color or opt for the classic black.

Dance Tights

You can choose from a variety of tights to pair with your leotard with. In ballet, pink tights are the common choice for girls. If you do not want to cover your legs up, you can stick with bare legs and wear ballet socks.

T-shirts and Cardigans

Wearing a leotard might make you feel uncomfortable, but it will help you improve your posture. If you want, you can wear a T-shirt or cardigan over your leotard during warm ups. You could wear a traditional ballet cardigan around your torso if you want to cover yourself up. Ballet cardigans come in a variety of colors, which means you will not have to settle for boring neutrals.

Dance Accessories

When it comes to dance accessories | Just For Kix recommends leg warmers, which are not just fashionable but they also keep your legs warm. You could buy your legwarmers to match your dance outfit or choose a bright color to spice up your look. A dance bag is another must-have accessory you need to carry your things to and from the class.


Your hair should always be tied back during practice, because it can get in the way of your dancing, unless your teacher tells you otherwise. A bun is the traditional ballet hairstyle and it makes you look the part. Pull your bun up neatly and use hair toggles to hold it in place. If the wispy hairs that escape from most buns bother you, consider using hair gel to pull them back.

Some dance classes allow ponytails and bunches, giving you more freedom to be creative with it. If you want to accessorize your hair, you could use glittery clips.


During practice, makeup needs to be minimal. However, you can have a bolder look for the actual shows depending on what the theme of your dance is. Just make sure that you consult with your instructor before wearing any makeup to class. Some instructors have strict rules regarding the application of makeup.

Dance Skirts

You can wear a skirt over your leotard in black or a matching color. You will find a wide variety of styles on the market. However, the normal style for ballet is sheer skirts that wrap around the waist.

Warm up

When going to and from your classes, you need to keep warm. After practice, it is important to warm up to prevent injury to your muscles. You can opt for hoodies or tracksuits.