How to Redecorate Your House on a Dime

When we think of redecorating, the mind may wander to expensive renovations and costly upgrades. Fortunately, switching up our home décor doesn’t always have to break the bank. Our homes serve as our oases from the real world, and we deserve to live in spaces that reflect our favorite styles. If you’re looking to redesign your home on a tight budget, consider these fun, easy, and most importantly, inexpensive, décor ideas.


A Fresh Coat of Paint

Don’t underestimate the power of a can of quality paint. Color can have a huge effect on our emotions, and it’s important that the walls in your home reflect a hue that will lead to relaxation and happiness. Consider the vibes you’d like to achieve in each room you plan on redecorating. For bedrooms and dens, most homeowners seek out comforting, soothing colors, like grey, green, and blue. In common areas where the bulk of “living” takes place, brighter hues like pink and yellow can inspire imagination and creativity. A can of paint and a weekend spent painting the walls with your family can serve as a great bonding experience, as well—talk about a double whammy.

Hardware Switch-Up

One of the easiest ways to add some personality into every room of the house is through hardware. You might not have money in the budget to completely replace the cabinets in the kitchen, but some inexpensive knobs and handle pulls can provide a fresh take that completely changes the feel of your cooking space. This is applicable in every room in the house; from bathroom storage units to bedroom closet doors, switching out handle pulls, faucets, and knobs is an easy and cheap fix that can have some pretty significant results. Check out and get some awesome hardware that will totally revamp any room in the house.

Some Textile Comfort

Don’t forget to grab textiles. Curtains, blankets, and pillows can go a long way in redecorating efforts. Bring in a pop of color and inspired your guests to curl up on the couch with a new throw. Expand the look of your room with an area rug that provides some plush comfort for the feet, or decrease your cooling costs in the winter with some refined drapes that keep the cold out. There’s no limit to the benefits of well-selected textiles.

A Thrifting Excursion

If your city offers a plethora of thrift stores, what are you doing still sitting here? In all seriousness, thrift stores can be a wonderful treasure trove of home goods items. Whether you’re looking for new vases to display on your dining table, want a great mirror to hang above your bed, or need knickknacks to bring some interest to otherwise bare shelves, you’d be surprised at the opportunities a local thrift store might offer. Be patient, and look for diamonds in the rough; sometimes a new coffee table or chair needs just a coat of paint to transform into a focal point.

Some Artwork Flair

Art is meant to evoke emotion, and you can inspire the mood in each room of your home with the right paintings and prints. You don’t need to shell out thousands for an original piece to bring a bit of sophistication to your walls. Consider buying a print that speaks to you from a site like You can purchase prints of all sizes, and by spending a little extra, it’ll come to you framed and ready to hang on the wall.

The Internet is your Best Friend

Instead of heading to local hardware and home goods stores, turn to your computer. Many ecommerce sites like and Amazon will offer amazing deals on home décor items that would have cost you an arm and a leg anywhere else. The key is being diligent with your searching. Some websites hold frequent sales on home goods, like the flash sales online here, and you can always find awesome selections on home goods’ sites clearance pages.

Revamping your home décor on a budget is simply a matter of knowing where to look. Keep these options in mind and transform your home into a magazine-worthy retreat.