DIY Furniture Projects That You Should Start Now

Creating a unique space is often seen as an expensive feat. We envision Upper Manhattan apartments with exotic wood and metal furniture – something out of an art or home decor magazine. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be something only the rich can accomplish?

It is almost too easy to create unique furniture from what you have lying around, or what you find around the local hardware store. With a little planning and the right supplies, you can create furniture for your home that truly stands out.

Shelving Unit


It always seems as if we need more shelving. From buying a new book every week to keeping all of your family photos out, space can seem limited. Rather than searching the department store for a perfect shelving solution, you can make them yourself.

This DIY shelving space solution is affordable, supports important items such as a television or books, and looks unique without the outrageous price tag. You will need 6 twin track uprights, two dozen brackets, various sizes of wood planks at about ¾” thick, and the wood stain of your choice. Planning is the most important for this type of DIY project: measure and remeasure before putting up this creative space saver.

A Simple Bed Frame

Honestly, this is quite possibly one of the easiest DIY furniture ideas out there. We have all been shopping for a new bed frame at some point in our lives, and it is positively daunting. The prices are enough to cause us to run screaming out of any department store, wallets in hand. But, because it is a necessity, we ask ourselves: is there a simpler solution?

A new bed frame is as simple as gathering a few pieces of wood! You will need a power drill, a screw driver, 4 wood planks (size will depend on the bed you build a frame for), and 12  2” screws. This project is as simple as measuring, lining up the planks, and binding them with screws. This wood bed frame is simply too easy not to try.

Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Coffee tables can play a big role in a living room’s overall look, and can be important if you have little space in your home or apartment and use it as more than just a place for magazines. This pivotal item does not have to boring or drab just because it is so necessary – add a bit of metal and you have a truly unique DIY coffee table. 

For this project, the work is a bit more complex and pricey – but not by much. You will need a metal table base, wood stain, ¾ “ long screws, a piece of plywood measures to fit your specifications of size, and an optional can of spray paint if you choose to paint the steel base. If the wood isn’t sized as you’d like it, you will need power tools – such as a table saw – to create the right size.

If you are new to power tools or unsure of what you’d need, simply do your research and find resources such as the Tool Nerds table saw contractor review to understand which power tools are best.

Outdoor Wood Chairs

Gorgeous, modern outdoor furniture – we all want it, but not all of us can afford it. Fortunately for us who can’t, it is easily built at home! These sturdy, wood patio chairs are created from a simple ingredient list of long screws, plain 2” by 4” planks from the hardwood store, a power drill, wood stain, and either a miter saw or circular saw to trim and straighten the wood – this can also be done in-store by a professional.

While following a preconceived plan and your own measuring, you may also be able to add a small side table to match your chairs! Now how’s that for a weekend project? With these chairs you will save a significant amount of money in creating a beautiful wood chair set that could last for decades. 

When properly cared for, DIY wood furniture may last for years. Fortunately it does not have to be difficult or back breaking to create these beautiful and sturdy pieces. It can be a few extra steps beyond the department store, but in the long-term you’ll have a truly unique piece for your home.