What makes a good relation good?

What makes a good relation good? There are a lot of things that are required for two people to feel that they are in a good relation. But, no matter who makes up the list of these required conditions, first and foremost is always love. No matter how many times the word unconditional love is repeated, for a relation to work out, love is never unconditional. Everybody expects something in return for the love they have for someone. They want the feeling to be mutual and it is when a man and woman reciprocates the feelings they have for each other that the possibility of a relation between them arises. But love alone cannot keep a relation intact. There are various other factors that come into play.


Physical intimacy plays a key factor in the happiness of a couple. In the initial years of a relation, passion is often the center of the relation around which all other emotions come into play. There are quite a lot of people who believe that passion is the secret to a long term relation and as long as passion is kept going the relation will automatically continue. This is not true in a complete sense. As important a role as passion plays, it is not the only factor that ensures the stability of a relation. As the relation matures, passion gives way to care and affection. A relation is good when each should be available for the other as a cushion whenever he or she is in need of a support.

Communication is another aspect that plays a vital role in the success of a relation. Proper communication or rather the lack of it has wrecked many a relation in spite of the presence of love. An error that repeatedly keeps happening between two people in love is that they expect the other to understand each other even when a single word hasn’t been uttered. This isn’t a practical approach towards one’s partner. It is better to talk things out clearly and to keep away from all sorts of misunderstandings.

A very important thing that would really help in being happy as a couple is to think and act like a couple and not as an individual. If ever there is a choice between self and the relation the priority should always be given to the relation. To consider each other to be equals, having equal responsibilities, opportunities and rights, is a necessary step to be taken by both partners. Ego clashes over silly issues bring about the downfall of a relation easily and in a good relation this is handled with ease and care.

Every couple, at one stage or the other in their lives, often deliberates a lot as to how they rate their own relation. It takes commitment and effort to be in a successful relation. But to be in a successful and blissful relation is rare. There are times in one’s life where the question is often pondered on, “is my relation going well?” And the answer is almost always confusing because there are no steadfast parameters on the basis of which a relation can be judged as good or bad, but the aforementioned deals with some general truths.

Guest Post by Nepal Trekking