Find Out Which Kind of Diamond Engagement Ring Is Right for You

Are you planning for an intimate engagement? If yes, it is important to take time to find out which kind of diamond engagement ring is right for you. Finding the right engagement ring is one of the most important steps in your journey as a couple. The right engagement ring goes a long way in creating an exciting and memorable moment, especially if it is presented as a surprise.

Choosing a diamond engagement ring requires you to pick the right setting and select a style and the perfect size for you and your significant other. However, you will have to devote most of your time in picking the ideal ring style due to the high number of options available. Here we have highlighted some of the key ways to decipher the right diamond engagement ring for you.

  1. Focus on Her Style

For a moment, you need to play the role of a detective and pick up the details about your partner, especially on her jewelry, wardrobe as well as other accessories. Remember, your significant other has to like what you choose for yourself because the ring means a lot to her too.

If your significant other prefers simple fashion such as leggings, jeans solid-colored shirts, then a style that is suitable for her is likely to be minimal, clean with little ornamentation. On the other hand, if she opts for antique furniture and vintage dresses, consider rings with vintage styles. If your partner gravitates towards wearing the latest fashion and tries so hard to keep up with current trends, then you should opt for popular ring styles, especially the ones worn by celebrities. For a partner who is hands-on with hobbies like rock climbing, sports, gardening, or a job, choose a ring with a high-prong diamond or a low-set diamond style.

  1. Involve Your Male Friends

The other important way to finding the right diamond engagement ring is involving your closest friends and family members, especially male friends. Remember, most ladies share their preferences and desires for a ring with their female friends and family members, so it should also not be different for you. If they are not yet aware of your desires, you can pick a casual conversation with them to determine their preferences and desires.

Moreover, you can also ask your female friends or any other family member that is close to people with experience in picking the right style for a person that they know well.

  1. Carryout Through Research 

The internet has become a resource center for many topics and guidelines. Many people have researched and posted loads of information online, making it easier and convenient for everyone. Some sites like Pinterest accounts. Besides, you can check other men’s images and posts to get clues in the right style if you cannot find rings specifically. You can rely on the internet to get all the information that would allow you to find out which kind of diamond engagement ring is right for you. Moreover, you can also get access to the diamond price list that would help you to plan on your budget. For instance, you can check the 2ct diamond ring price, but remember that 2-carat diamonds are rarely available in local stores.

Pinterest accounts offer a great place to find saved engagements ring examples that other men could have potentially saved. To get their images and other posts, enter their username or name into the Pinterest search engine. With this process, you will be able to get a glimpse of their visions and dreams.

  1. Analyze Your Jewelry Collection

It is also advisable to check your current jewelry collection. With checking your current collection, you can easily discern a few clues on your preferences and tastes and also determine what complements your jewelry. If you wear silver-colored necklaces, have bracelets and rings in yellow, or if your other jewelry tends to be classic with pearls and diamonds or colored gemstones, then you would need to pick a ring with a traditional, classic look. Moreover, you can also lie to your partner that you intend to buy her a set of earrings or bracelets to determine her preferred style and setting.

Finally, you can also consult other men who have to acquire diamond engagement rings from the stores. You can also talk to men that have acquired rings in or accompanied friends to stores to determine the perfect ring for you.

  1. Check and measure your Finger

When it comes to choosing the right diamond engagement ring, it is also important to check your fingers to ensure that you find one that fits you properly. A good ring size should be comfortable to wear and tight enough to fit onto your finger without falling off. Luckily, diamond engagement rings are available in different sizes, which means that there is a great chance to find a perfect size. A ring should also be easy to take off if necessary.

  1. Ask Your Partner

If your better half is already aware of your plans as you do not want to make it a surprise, then there is no harm in involving her in finding out the right engagement ring for you. This will help you find out what she is hoping for, which can be very important in finding out the right diamond ring for you. Your partner can help you in choosing the perfect style, setting, and other specifications.

However, you do not need to involve her in every step of the process since a little bit of surprise can go a long way in ensuring that your engagement attains the expected excitement. You can solely decide on the ring design and also select the ring in her absence, but while putting her opinions into consideration.


Finding out which kind of engagement ring is right for you can be a considerable challenge, especially with the multiple options available in the market. There also several cases of some dealers offering fake diamond rings. However, with the above tips in mind, we believe that you will be able to find out the perfect ring for you.