9 Home Repairs You Should NEVER Ignore

You’re busy. You don’t have time to spend hours fixing every problem that crops up in your home. Sure, you’ll get to it eventually. But you don’t need to rush to Home Depot because you noticed a chip in your paint job.  The fix is purely cosmetic.

However, there are other home repairs that you should never ignore. Do you know what they are? Read this to spruce up your memory.

  1. Gas Leak

A gas leak needs to be taken care of immediately. Inhaling toxic fumes can lead to permanent brain damage, or worse, death. If you smell gas, don’t hesitate. Leave your home and call for help. Don’t try to ignore the problem hoping it will go away. If the fumes reach a dangerous level, you’ll fall asleep or pass out. You may never realize that something is seriously wrong.

  1. Busted Pipe

A busted pipe can be a nightmare. Even a small leak can erode your home’s foundation. A major one can cause flooding. According to Los Angeles plumber Ritz Plumbing: “A yearly check on the health of your pipes can usually prevent most major issues by fixing them before disaster strikes. But left unchecked, a burst pipe can cause major damage to joists, flooring, and even the foundation of your home.”

Paying the upfront bill won’t be fun but it’s better than dealing with serious damage.

  1. Broken Locks

Your safety is critical. It doesn’t matter how nice your home is if you don’t feel safe. And it will be very hard to feel safe if you can’t lock your front door. Even though rationally you understand that the neighborhood burglars have no idea that your home is now vulnerable, you can still fear being targeted.

  1. Broken Windows

Broken windows need to be taken care of for the same reason. They’re a security risk if the crack is large enough. Criminals could use a broken window to violate your space. Insects, birds, and rodents can also find their way inside. It may not be worthwhile to repair the glass. Instead, you should probably replace the entire your window.

As an added bonus, you might see an effect on your energy bill as well. Broken windows are not energy-efficient.

  1. Mold

Mold, mildew, fungi problems need to be fixed quickly for health reasons. Breathing in mold or mildew spores can be very dangerous, especially for people with weakened or sensitive immune systems. You may find mold and mildew in your kitchen or bathroom or anywhere with moisture. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to call an expert.

  1. Electric Problems

Your home’s electric system needs to be carefully maintained. If it isn’t, you could face serious problems. Your outlets could start shorting out, harming your electronics. If you don’t think you can fix the problem yourself, call an electrician. Rewiring your home is a major project and should be treated as such.

  1. Broken Toilets

A broken toilet presents a hygiene issue. Waste won’t be disposed of properly or you won’t be able to use the bathroom at all. Not being able to use your toilet is very uncomfortable. For a home to meet the legal definition of a residence, it needs to have a proper bathroom. Otherwise, the inhabitants’ health is at risk.

So, when you notice a problem with your toilet, don’t wait to get it fixed.

  1. Broken HVAC

Depending on where you live, a functioning heating and air conditioning unit may be a safety issue. You have to worry about this if you live in a location that experiences extremely high or low temperatures. You could actually have a problem if your home becomes too cold or hot. That’s why you need to keep your HVAC unit in good condition.

  1. Holes in the Floor

Most of your problems with the floor aren’t pressing. You may hate the way the carpet looks but it’s not going to affect you very much if you wait to change it. However, if your floors are in such a poor state that there are actual holes in the ground, you should take care of the issue immediately. Otherwise, anyone who walks around in your home may trip and hurt themselves.

When it’s time to take care of your home, you have to step up. It might be expensive, but the ultimate benefit is worth it.