103 Photos of Adorable Hipster Outfit Ideas for Teens

You’re gorgeous, you’re trendy, and you need ideas for outfits that are unconventionally cute and charismatic. You’ve landed on the right page, with 103 adorable photos of hipster outfit ideas that will help you choose what to buy on your next outing at the shops! Want to know a shopping tip for mixing and matching? Leggings, over-shirts, and blazers. You can never have too many of them, and they’re the perfect articles of clothing to mix and match for a majority of the outfits you’ll find here.

1. Play Dirty
hipster outfit ideas (1)

If you’ve got bold taste and enjoy extra bling on your body, try a tough outfit like this one sporting big chains and a hat that makes a statement.

2. Innocent Dress
hipster outfit ideas (1)

For modest yet flirty appeal, a dress with lace sleeves will keep you cool and cute in the spring and summer.

3. Bold & Unbranded
hipster outfit ideas (2)

Brand names aren’t needed to look modern and amazing. Any of your favorite shirts can look good with a ripped pair of shorts and leather blazer.

4. Busy Day for a Casual Girl
hipster outfit ideas (2)

Shirts like this are common enough, and look casual and comfy for those of us that are on the go with things to do. Throw on your favorite or most expensive bag for added glam to your look.

5. Pro Skater Chick
hipster outfit ideas (3)

Sports bras and tube tops are trending yet again, paired with a large branded shirt cut to your liking. Red converse add cute color.

6. Easy-Does-It
hipster outfit ideas (3)

This simple outfit can be found in nearly any girl’s closet. Plain colors, with a dose of color in the plaid over-shirt. Jewelry helps spruce up your look.

7. Cuffed & Cruel
hipster outfit ideas (4)

Layers are fun to create, keep you warm, and cuffed undershirts add a tad of taste to the entirety of your style.

8. Simply Ready for Summer
hipster outfit ideas (4)

Another outfit sporting plaid as the main feature and highlight.

9. Camo Queen
hipster outfit ideas (5)

Camo used to be extremely popular in the 90’s, and new forms of it are coming back with a modern twist. Nowadays, it can be paired with slim-cut jeans, a tailored jacket, and even some interesting colored hats.

10. Crop Top Craze
hipster outfit ideas (5)

Show off your abs with this sexy and chic outfit. Knitted crop tops at a dash of cute to your otherwise sexy appeal.

11. Sporting the Favorite Team
hipster outfit ideas (6)

What can we say, Converse is coming back head-on! They’re versatile and adorable with a majority of styles, and can go with leggings and a sports jacket to show off your sports love while remaining in style.

12. Modern & Natural Floral
hipster outfit ideas (7)

Who says you can’t wear dresses in Autumn? Keep your legs warm with comfy boots, leggings, and some thick socks. Floral dresses look wonderful with sweaters and large scarves.

13. Favorite Top
hipster outfit ideas (8)

This Grunge look is perfect for the city, involves a leather jacket, and gives you the freedom to wear your favorite jeans and shirt. If you’re having a bad hair day, no prob, just throw on a cute skull cap.

14. Leg Show-Off
hipster outfit ideas (9)

If you want to show off your legs this season, they can look great in either ankle-boots or sandals, when paired with patterned shorts or dresses.

15. Tight Little Skirt
hipster outfit ideas (10)

Thigh Highs look sexy and modern when placed over tights and worn with converse-style shoes. A patterned backpack and warm skull cap with a jean top gives you a chic grunge/emo appeal.

16. Searching for a Skate Park
hipster outfit ideas (11)

The main feature here is a hat that makes a statement and comfy spandex pants, meant to move freely with your body – even at the skate park.

17. Keeping Warm
hipster outfit ideas (12)

Luxurious knee-high boots with a unique baby doll twist with matching leggings are sure to keep your legs warm enough for the season. The sweater bearing Native American design keeps you looking cozy and ready for cold days ahead.

18. Nova Colors
hipster outfit ideas (13)

We’re a big fan of the spiked shorts paired with a colorful top bearing the gases of a nova. You can be both punked-out while showing your love for space and physics.

19. Showing Some Skin
hipster outfit ideas (14)

If you’re not afraid to bear some extra skin, this outfit is great for going to events involving lots of people, lots of dancing, or a hot (literally, hot!) venue.

20. Contemporary Casual
hipster outfit ideas (15)

Pull out those old-school over shirts and don’t be afraid to give them a modern twist by tying them in the front to show off some cute and patterned shorts.

21. Pastel Persuasion
hipster outfit ideas (16)

Powdery colors can make your skin look powder soft, giving you a gorgeous natural radiance.

22. Ripped & Tucked
hipster outfit ideas (17)

Those old ripped tights can still serve a purpose! Combine with loads of your favorite beaded & woven bracelets and an article of clothing bearing spikes.

23. Summer Figure Showing
hipster outfit ideas (18)

Tight clothes and pumps can still be classy when you have a modest hairstyle and a clean white shirt.

24. Pink & Primed
hipster outfit ideas (19)

Pleated skirts are automatically a lovely addition to any girl’s closet. But some colors can pair perfectly with a floral top, keeping you summer-time ready and eye-catching brilliant.

25. Star Light, Star Bright
hipster outfit ideas (20)

Browns and reds never looked so amazing paired with a formal yet contemporary top. This outfit could be worn to nearly any event – party, school, date, etc.

26. American Love
hipster outfit ideas (21)

No matter what your country of origin, you can always represent by creating your own top out of your country’s flag. If you don’t want to get a real flag dirty, tops can usually be found in various flag designs online.

27. Matching Marvel

hipster outfit ideas (22)

It’s a wonderful feeling when you find clothes that actually match your hair color.

28. Sexy Under Show
hipster outfit ideas (23)

If you’re trying to feel sexy yet modest, try slipping underclothes like these on under your outfit. Everything is hidden, but in a stylish and sexy manner.

29. Odd Little Flowering Beauty
hipster outfit ideas (24)

Another instance where the shirt matches the hair! If you’re a colorful queen, colorful tops, no matter what design, will always look great and match a cute little skirt with leggings.

30. Bringing Back the Socks
hipster outfit ideas (25)

Shorts are a wonderful piece of clothing. They allow you to move freely without flashing anyone, while giving you the opportunity to match your socks with your hat!

31. Jeans and T-Shirt Twist
hipster outfit ideas (26)

Lovely tight and stretchy jeans. A simple branded t-shirt (that could belong to your boyfriend) twisted and tied to show off that waist, and Voila – you’ve got a cute look in no time.

32. Cute Over-Shirt
hipster outfit ideas (27)

Sometimes all you need for a day’s worth of perfect style is a messy bun and comfy over-shirt to keep you moving through your goals.

33. High Collared Throw-Back
hipster outfit ideas (28)

This girl looks like she’s from a different time-era, but everything she wears was bought new in modern stores. Switch it up on occasion and copy some fashions from other time periods.

34. Dreamy Mix & Match
hipster outfit ideas (29)

We all have a little piece of our native roots within us. Search your lineage and add some modern bits to it, like the example seen here. Native American patterns with modern lace, jeans, and turquoise jewelry.

35. Cute Little Shorts
hipster outfit ideas (30)

Don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve sculpted in the gym. If you can get away with amazing shorts, you can sport them with almost any shirt.

36. Showing Off that Waist
hipster outfit ideas (31)

Lighter hair allows pastels to give you a radiant, almost shimmering appeal. This outfit features no jewelry, so is perfect for those of us that like less in our style.

37. Bolder, Brilliant Colors
hipster outfit ideas (32)

Pairing polka-dots and flowers is always remarkably southern-belle. The blouse give you a formal and womanly aura.

38. Jean Shirt
hipster outfit ideas (33)

Some of us love jeans, and jeans shorts, and jean shirts, and jean… You get the idea.

39. Flowy White Dress
hipster outfit ideas (34)

Soft and flowing, casual and comfy, a dress like this is perfect for strolling through the park or a luncheon date.

40. Casually Printed & Patterned
hipster outfit ideas (35)

We’ve seen lots of plaid shirts already, but have you seen plaid shoes? They go great with band shirts for a rock or emo style.

41. Warm Sweater & Leggings
hipster outfit ideas (36)

Just because that sweater is over-sized doesn’t mean it still can’t serve a purpose! If you’ve got one that’s seemingly too large, just throw some cute leggings and ankle-high boots on and you’ve got an outfit that’s cozy and fashionable.

42. Cartoon Crazy
hipster outfit ideas (37)

Can you still fit into your old clothes featuring your favorite cartoons as a kid? Pair your favorite top with some cute (and cheaply found!) sunglasses in your favorite shape with a white skirt. You’ll still look your age while displaying your love for childhood.

43. Accessorize for Convenience
hipster outfit ideas (38)

We’re happy to say that a big, warm scarf in any of your favorite natural shades can go rather well with any outfit you decide to wear in Autumn.

44. Awesome Shirt
hipster outfit ideas (39)

Some work-out shorts and a lovely printed shirt. Easy, convenient, and totally hipster.

45. Funny Personality
hipster outfit ideas (40)

Sometimes, words speak louder when written than when said.

46. Casual Beige & Brown
hipster outfit ideas (41)

Beiges and browns naturally go together, but when put together with jeans, you’re going for an all-natural and fabulous way to sport your day.

47. Hat & Shoes Galore
hipster outfit ideas (42)

Sometimes, we just want to show off our new shoes or maybe our new hat, forget about the rest of the outfit! a blouse with short jeans are the perfect match for either, allowing your audience’s eyes to pull down to your newfound shoes or up to your glorious hat.

48. Hippie Punk
hipster outfit ideas (43)

If you love nature and holistic healing, but don’t want anyone to mess with you or bother you, you can still create a mixed style of both sides of your personality by adding a leather jacket to your outfit. Imagine her wearing a white laced over-shirt. Completely different appeal, right?

49. Skull Candy
hipster outfit ideas (44)

Yes, even if it’s cooler outside you can still wear tights. Just remember the over-sized sweater, long and form-slimming jewelry, and some cozy socks and cap.

50. Little Pleated Skirt
hipster outfit ideas (45)

Almost school-girl style, this outfit lets you show off your legs while keeping it modest above the waist.

51. Hot Band
hipster outfit ideas (46)

Favorite band t-shirt? Check. Favorite sparkling necklace? Check. Favorite comfy jacket? Check. Shorts to show off fabulous legs? Check. What can you not love about this casual outfit?

52. The Favorite Necklace
hipster outfit ideas (47)

We all have that favorite piece of jewelry – the piece that isn’t really worth much but means something to us. The one that has a deeper meaning or just looks awesome. If the necklace is lighter in color, wear a darker shirt.

53. A Backpacking Day
hipster outfit ideas (48)

Stylish yet ready for a mini-hike, this outfit is for the girls that have spontaneous minds and like to go on adventures.

54. Got A Drink?
hipster outfit ideas (49)

We may or may not be old enough to drink yet, but at least we can sport liquor’s fashion appeal.

55. Flowy & Fabulous
hipster outfit ideas (50)

Tanned skin looks wonderful with clothing that matches, such as the beiges and browns seen here. Color your nails a few shades lighter than your skin to match.

56. Who Loves Suspenders?
hipster outfit ideas (51)

No, they’re not just for men anymore! Suspenders are becoming popular again, and give you artsy flair that you never knew you had before.

57. Hoodies = Girl’s Best Friend
hipster outfit ideas (52)

Hoodie, aviator sunglasses, and a skull cap. Not to mention those knee-highs you see at the bottom. This is a sure WOW-look, despite its casual take.

58. Matching the Patterns
hipster outfit ideas (53)

It’s always fun to find jewelry that perfectly matches an article of clothing.

59. Country Dress

hipster outfit ideas (54)

For the country-girl in us, a patterned white dress and thin belt to help distinguish our waist line is lovely for a fun day out.

60. Gypsy Appeal
hipster outfit ideas (55)

Nothing matches, yet everything matches. We love this type of style. The patterns work well with one another because they display similar colors and the accessories bring them together.

61. Simply Comfy
hipster outfit ideas (56)

Another awesome outfit with plaid. The pattern will always be a classic, fitting anyone’s personality in one way or another.

62. Ready for School
hipster outfit ideas (57)

You don’t need to be rich or wear brand names to look amazing. This simple outfit lets you show off your legs while keeping warm if its chilly out. Floral backpacks look casually fantastic with skull caps.

63. Boyfriend’s Old Shirt
hipster outfit ideas (58)

Tattered and torn, you can wear those crazy-looking shorts with your boyfriend’s baggy shirt. All you need is to bunch it and tie it for a girly-effect.

64. Who Loves Skull Caps?
hipster outfit ideas (59)

It’s the main feature in this outfit. They’re great with plain sweaters, especially if it has a witty remark sewn into it or your favorite sports team.

65. Black & White & Amazing All Over
hipster outfit ideas (60)

Blacks and whites are easy to come by and give a sleek look to anyone willing to try them.

66. Falling Feather
hipster outfit ideas (61)

If you’ve ever found a gorgeous skirt in a color that doesn’t really match anything else in your closet, you’d be surprised to find that they work well with printed tops and a bag/belt that compliments the color of the skirt.

67. Punk Rock Star
hipster outfit ideas (62)

Amazing knee-high boots cut just above the knee can be worn with many styles. Here, we see a look that gives her a rock-star appeal with deep lipstick and a colorful hairstyle.

68. One of the Dudes
hipster outfit ideas (63)

You can still be a tom boy and have a girlish edge. Let your locks fall about your shoulders, and a hat can cover up any bad hair day.

69. Layers & Converse
hipster outfit ideas (64)

Definitely hipster, we have the converse shoes mixed with a cute sweater that could be worn to a formal or educational event in Autumn or Winter, with a blazer and tights to keep you warm.

70. Plaid Embrace
hipster outfit ideas (65)

Ankle-high boots are perfect with shorts and a plaid top for those of us that want our legs on display.

71. Jackets, Hats, and Heirlooms
hipster outfit ideas (66)

Show off your crazy personality with a plethora of jewelry or some fun additions like the ones seen here.

72. Covering Up Skin
hipster outfit ideas (67)

Some lacey tops might show off a little too much at the neckline, and look both sexy and casual when paired with a plaid over-shirt.

73. Rock On, Plaid
hipster outfit ideas (68)

We’re sorry, but plaid is definitely in right now. No wonder, since it looks good with so many different styles and personality types.

74. School Girl Uniform Appeal
hipster outfit ideas (69)

Another great example of how plaid is perfect for yet another differing style. Pull off a sexy school girl look with knee-high tights. But if you’re cold, add some waist-high tights underneath.

75. Cropped & Accessorized
hipster outfit ideas (70)

All black, but definitely not goth, this outfit is for trendy yet simplistic style-heads that love accessories. The chains on the shirt add lovely dimension. You can experiment with various accessories and jewelry to create a new look. Try a lovely koi silver ring or massive necklace to add some zest to the ensemble.

76. All About the Bling
hipster outfit ideas (71)
I’m sure most of us have heard those rap songs that talk about “all-white everything”. Here’s a good example, except for the jeans! White looks great on tan skin and with a plethora of big jewelry.

77. Thrown Together
hipster outfit ideas (72)

A nice example of the girl-next-door look, jeans and a striped sporty shirt are great for us girls that just want to keep it simple.

78. Hot Occasion
hipster outfit ideas (73)

This outfit requires great abs to pull off in such a daring way. Think outside of the box when it comes to accessories. If you’re going to be showing off your arms, think about arm-lets! They have an Egyptian-goddess appeal.

79. Crazy Girl Next Door
hipster outfit ideas (74)

Is that you? The girl next door that is always bound for adventure and ready for anything? Boots and socks like these will keep your feet warm and dry for any place you choose to go, while the over shirt will keep you warm.

80. Artsy, Nerdy, Posh
hipster outfit ideas (75)

A basic floral design such as this doesn’t have to be formal. You can use it to accent your darker side, nerdy side, or artsy side.

81. Shoulder Show-Off
hipster outfit ideas (76)

Perfect for summer, this striped shirt is bound to keep you cooled off.

82. Loose Stripes
hipster outfit ideas (77)

Sometimes, the sunglasses help make the outfit along with the tied sweater on the hips. Casual and ready for Autumn.

83. Floral Empress
hipster outfit ideas (78)

Get in touch with the more feminine side of yourself by wearing some sexy lace, a simple white skirt, and a lovely floral patterned over shirt to keep it modest.

84. Intriguing Design
hipster outfit ideas (79)

Dresses like these aren’t found easily, but when they are, they look remarkable and are head-turning sensations.

85. Plain, Simple, Adorable
hipster outfit ideas (80)

Stripes and plaid go well together, so long as the colors of both patterns match.

86. Mixing Patterns
hipster outfit ideas (81)

Mixing different patterns and fabric textures is becoming an art form these days. Have fun mixing and matching, attuning to your own personality and style.

87. Lacey Love
hipster outfit ideas (82)

Don’t you hate it when you buy a cute shirt only to take it home and realize it’s completely see through? No need to stress, just put a tight, dark, lacey under shirt underneath and you’ll have an intriguing outfit in no time.

88. City Dweller
hipster outfit ideas (83)

Black jeans and black lace-up boots automatically give you a military or punk appeal. They go great with a sports top or plaid shirt.

89 Pattern-Free Logo Sensation
hipster outfit ideas (84)

Some brand names just have awesome logos. Enough said.

90. Piecing It Together
hipster outfit ideas (85)

Fine lines that are clean and simple, a perfect outfit for impressing the future in-laws.

91. Lovely Little Floral
hipster outfit ideas (86)

Floral designs are becoming more and more popular with black leggings and blazers. Try an assorted variety of shoes to match, you’ll never know what you might find.

92. Wild Attention
hipster outfit ideas (87)

Does this outfit match? Not really. Kind of. My eyes are everywhere. That’s what makes this outfit so wild and appealing, it isn’t something you see everyday!

93. Accenting the Hair
hipster outfit ideas (88)

If you have a colorful top, colorful hair, and don’t like too much jewelry, give flowers a try to accessorize.

94. Smart & Sophisticated
hipster outfit ideas (89)

High waist skirts look fabulous and business-like when matched with a tucked-in blouse.

95. Night with the Girls
hipster outfit ideas (90)

Glamorous is the immediate word to describe a shimmery top like this one, and we’re a huge fan of hot hats that match. Go for a unique skirt, zippers are always a fun addition.

96. Fiery Emo Sensation
hipster outfit ideas (91)

Pick your favorite color. Here, we see hers is red. Now, get that color in the brightest form you can for a blazer, and fashion the rest of your outfit around it.

97. Decked Out for Radiance
hipster outfit ideas (92)

More for those of us wanting a model’s look and radiance, studded and shining patterns on your outfit work well with matching, long earrings.

98. Amazingly Casual
hipster outfit ideas (93)

The hat says it all. If you’re having a bad hair, you don’t have to look bad! Go casually warm and put-together with leggings and shorts, converse and a big sweater. The hat is always more fun if it has a funny saying on it.

99. Sporting Pattern Love
hipster outfit ideas (94)

Peace and plaid. An awesome combination seen here.

100. Black & White Pampered Floral
hipster outfit ideas (95)

A lovely and formal look, this dress is simple yet can be paired with fabulous shoes that match. Black and white never looked so radiant!

101. Boyfriend’s Jersey
hipster outfit ideas (96)

All you need are cute shorts and a skull cap to look sexy and fun in your boyfriend’s favorite jersey!

102. Cut for Style
hipster outfit ideas (97)

Baseball caps are increasingly becoming more popular for girls. Take advantage and try out some casual outfits with converse-style shoes and a backwards cap to see if you can pull off the look.

103. Knitted Beauty
hipster outfit ideas (98)
This final outfit involves a loose knitted top with some paint-stained shorts, which both look remarkable with flowers in your hair. Consider it a modern hippie-type of look, for those of us that love to show off our waist line.