How to Choose a Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgeon like Diepenbrock?

Have you ever considered undergoing facial plastic surgery? These procedures are aimed at enhancing the visual appearance of facial structures and features, including the ears, nose, cheekbones, neckline, and chin.

The decision to undergo such a procedure is as important as selecting the best surgeon to perform it. These professionals are expected to pay attention to detail and have the artistic abilities necessary for delivering natural-looking results. There are numerous surgeons specializing in cosmetic facial plastic surgery, such as Diepenbrock Plastic Surgery, restoring the natural beauty of patients.

Follow these tips to choose the best one.

Check the credentials

The primary tip in choosing a cosmetic facial plastic surgeon is getting the credentials of candidates checked. The professional you choose is supposed to be board-certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) or the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (ABFCS). Given no residency training is focused solely on facial cosmetic surgery, it’s an organization that encompasses several surgical applications, such as ophthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology, general surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The character of the ABFCS is multidisciplinary, given there is no one specialty that provides enough knowledge to the field of cosmetic surgery. In order for surgeons to qualify for taking the ABFCS exam, they should have three years of experience of completing over two hundred facial cosmetic procedures. They should also have one-year fellowship training with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Moreover, hiring a board-certified cosmetic surgeon means that this professional has completed the required training, which provides him/her with the necessary knowledge and skills. Additionally, board members are obliged to follow certain practices and ethical standards imposed by the board.

Confirm their experience

The following tip to consider is confirming the experience of surgeons in the procedure of interest. Cosmetic surgery consists of multiple areas, all of which require different skills. Consequently, operating on a nose is entirely different compared to operating on breasts. Cosmetic surgeons tend to have subspecialties within this field.

Therefore, patients should search for a cosmetic facial plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in performing the procedure they need. For instance, if interested in getting a nose job, you should find a professional who has performed numerous rhinoplasties in the past. There is no point in choosing a doctor that specializes in breast augmentation if you need an eyelid lift. Check out the following description of eyelid lift surgery.

Look at before and after photographs

The next step of your quest for choosing the right facial plastic surgeon is finding one whose sense of aesthetics appeals to you. Even though you should take recommendations into account, it’s important not to rely entirely on the opinion of others until you have looked at the results of every candidate on your shortlist.

Make sure you have a look and analyze before and after photos to see the difference in appearance in patients before and following the procedure. Pay special attention to patients with similar qualities to yours. For instance, you should look for patients whose facial structure is similar to yours and who are of an approximate age, facing the same concerns. Keep in mind that there should be consistency in the presented results.

Schedule consultations

Patients are strongly advised never to schedule a surgical procedure until they have booked consultations with the most promising doctors on their shortlist. During a consultation, every reputable surgeon is supposed to answer all the questions asked by patients, such as discussing the training, qualifications, and experience he/she has in this field.

Consultations are the perfect opportunity to discuss memberships in relevant professional associations and board certificates. These professionals should elaborate on the most frequent procedure complications, the aftercare treatment, and its cost. The following link,, provides useful information on the topic of facial plastic surgery recovery.

Steer clear from surgeons who avoid answering most of the questions you ask. During such consultations, patients should discuss their medical conditions, allergies to drugs, current medications, and any previous surgeries they might have had.

The bottom line

Find the most skilled surgeon in this field to provide you with natural-looking results!