96 Sexy Under Breast Tattoo Designs For Women

If you are looking for an awesome under the breast tattoo, then we have plenty of ideas for you to look through. It’s not about giving men more reason to look at your breasts. It’s about accentuating your most alluring assets. Women that get under the breast tattoos like to have some body art that will accentuate their most natural curves.

You can base your tattoo design on the following factors:

  • Personality: Choose a tattoo symbol that best highlights your nature and attitude. Be open in expressing your fashion sense and think about what you like instead of what other people could say.
  • Favourite Icon: You might have a favourite celebrity, social media influencer, or any personality you want to base your tattoo design with. Don’t hesitate to mimic if you like to do so. Just add a twist to make it more personalized.
  • Own Design: If you have a cool tattoo design idea in mind but are unsure how it looks on your skin, then it’s best to consult a tattoo artist.  They could draw your design and the final tattoo once you’ve decided on its final look.

Some women worry about sexy tattoos being exposed in photos when they don’t want them to. If you’re one of them, don’t worry about any sexy tattoo designs because you can still remove tattoo in photo, like this. So, feel free to choose the best sexy under-breast tattoo designs for a change. Whether you want to expose or hide your under-breast tattoo in photos or in person, it’s all up to your preference and style.

There are so many different options to choose from, the sky is the limit. Your breasts don’t need art, but we have to admit that it sure does look pretty. If you are looking for a new tattoo then check out these 96 Sexy Under Breast Tattoo Designs For Women:

  1. Sunflower Tattoos

This is a detailed sunflower tattoo and you are sure to love this style.


2. Octopus Styles

A great style like this has an octopus and a chandelier together. This is a truly stunning design.


3. Jewelry Designs

This is a showcasing style that really shows off your assets.


4. Animal Love

These chandelier designs are always elegant. Add some animals in the design like this owl and you create a cool new image.


5. Cool Designs

A simple style that perfectly goes around your perfect curves.


6. Tribal Styles

This is a rather large tattoo and one that follows the curves of the body.


7. Interesting Styles

Amazing tattoos like this definitely look really cool.


8. Feather Styles

A great style like this sits in the middle of the chest. It’s a much smaller tattoo.


9. Floral Styles

A great style like this one is really pretty. If you are looking for a style that involves flowers, then this might be the style for you.


10. Tiny Tattoos

A tiny tattoo like this is almost not noticeable at all. It’s a little butterfly that you are sure to love this summer. Imagine how cute this tattoo looks in a bikini.


11. Moth Styles

A simple style like this one is dark and dangerous.


12. Embossed Styles

This is a henna tattoo, of course, that’s why it’s embossed. But you could use the same image for a permanent tattoo as well.


13. Bold Jewelry

This colorful tattoo is all about giving you permanent body jewelry.


14. Smaller Designs

This beautiful chandelier design fit sits nicely between both breasts.


15. Message Tattoos

If you have a favorite quote or a mantra then why not use it for your tattoo design? These make for great personalized tattoos.


16. Elegant Styles

How could you not love styles like this? The chandelier tattoos are hugely popular because they are elegant and mysterious. This is a gorgeous design.


17. Beautiful Colors

This is another chandelier style that has a floral. The bold blue color really makes the tattoo stand out.


18. Stunning Tattoos

This is a very large tattoo that fits under the breast. If you are looking for a bigger tattoo design, then this is the one for you. There is another tattoo above the bikini line that matches the under the breast tattoo.


19. Cool Quotes

Another great tattoo design that shows off the owner’s favorite quote.


20. Amazing Designs

Another great tattoo design that showcases the breasts. If you want something different when it comes to a tattoo, then this is the look for you.


21. Feather Styles

This detailed feather appears to be disintegrating. Usually, tattoos like this one have a lot of meaning behind them for the owner.


22. Jeweled Looks

A great style that is large and very detailed. The jewels have the most details to them and they also have a lot of bold colors. They look like little galaxies and it really stands out.


23. Outline Styles

This is a chandelier design but a very basic style. You can have a very detailed design or one that is very simple. It all depends on your taste and style.


24. Elegant Styles

A great style that is truly elegant. There are a lot of dropping jewelry pieces to this style that is breathtaking. These designs are chosen because they are delicate and look pretty with lingerie or bikinis.


25. Dark Styles

A style like this is truly dark and mysterious. It’s sure to stand out when you are out at the beach. If you are looking for a tattoo with some pop, then you can’t go wrong with this style.


26. Floral Styles

We love all the detail that is involved with a style like this one. Styles like these are very creative and you are sure to love it forever.


27. Sparkling Styles

We love how detailed the purple heart jewel in the middle. This is a very beautiful style that anyone is sure to love. We love all the precious details that surround the tattoo. The design and colors are all very eye-catching.


28. Plenty of Detail

This is a thick design that is curving around her breasts.


29. Small Leaves

A great style like this is simple and cute. It’s the kind of tattoo that you can hide away if you choose to. You don’t have to go big and bold, something simple like this is just as beautiful as the rest of the designs.


30. Dark Styles

A thick style like this one covers a large area. If you want a dramatic style, then this is the one for you.


31. Soft Styles

Part of this tattoo doesn’t have an outline which gives it a soft look. It’s a very beautiful design that has a special touch to it.


32. Great Flowers

This is a gorgeous floral design that fits perfectly under the breasts. It’s a great tattoo for the summer.


33. Dropping Jewels

These designs are so delicate and elegant. They make for perfect tattoos.


34. Cool Looks

A great example of a chandelier design.


35. Lunar Eclipse

The colors of this style are amazing and so is the design itself. If you are a fan of the moon, sun and lunar eclipses, then this is the tattoo design for you.


36. Nicknames

If you have a fun nickname, then that could be the perfect tattoo idea.


37. Interesting Styles

This is certainly an interesting tattoo style and it’s going to draw the eye.


38. Dotted Styles

It’s a gorgeous style an done that is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.


39. Striking Owls

An amazing owl tattoo that has a striking gaze. A gorgeous design that you are sure to love.


40. Deep Colors

This moth tattoo has some pretty deep colors involved and it makes for a striking tattoo.


41. Amazing Wings

Stunning wings surrounding the breasts make for an amazing style.


42. Simple Styles

An amazing style that has a moth and a chandelier together.


43. Sun and Moon

This is an amazing style that has a ton of detail to it. These images are gorgeous and striking.


44. Black Designs

These delicate designs are gorgeous and the black ink makes it very striking.



45. Pretty Chandeliers

A pretty style that is delicate and charming.


46. Simple Messages

A simple message like this one is all you need for a tattoo.



47. Amazing Looks

A great style like this one fits nicely under the breast.


48. Different Languages

Another great chandelier tattoo that has a different language to it.


49. Flower Styles

Three simple flowers create this lovely style.


50. All Seeing Eye

A gorgeous flower that has an all seeing eye in the middle.


51. Detailed Feather

A detailed feather like this one is truly beautiful.



52. Large Flowers

A very large floral tattoo design that is a realistic style.



53. Dark Chandeliers

This is a stunning tattoo that is very dark which makes it even more mysterious.



54. Lotus Flowers

A large lotus flower like this makes for a great tattoo.


55. Simple Styles

This is another chandelier one, but it’s not as detailed as the others.


56. Stunning Elements

Another gorgeous chandelier design. We love the bright pink coloring.


57. Stylish Flowers

A simple chandelier tattoo that has a flower.



58. Detailed Moth

Moth tattoos are very popular choices for under the breast designs. This style is obviously a lot larger than the other one.


59. Colorful Flowers

A great style that has some beautiful colors to it.


60. Deep and Dark 

The darker the coloring, the more your tattoo will stand out.


61. Bold Colors

If you are looking for something a little darker, then skulls are always a great option.


62. Sweet Designs

A simple style like this is elegant and it is one of the more smaller designs.


63. Egyptian Images

Anything with wings will look great underneath the breasts.


64. Amazing Looks

A great image like this is gorgeous and sure to draw the eye.



65. Bold Flowers

Gorgeous flowers like these ones look amazing under the breast.


66. Dotted Styles

A great style like this one is amazing with the dotted designs.


67. Dark Lotus

A dark tattoo of a lotus flower really stands out.


68. Moon Styles

A wonderful tattoo that depicts the lunar eclipse.


69. Partial Flowers

A stunning flower that looks amazing under the breast. These are some of the most popular styles available.


70. Heartbeat Tattoos

These are always heartwarming tattoo styles. They are simple and yet they hold a lot of meaning.


71. Spiritual Tattoos

If you are looking for something a little more spiritual, then you are sure to love this style.


72. Gorgeous Florals

A long tattoo that fits under the breast but also goes down the ribcage.



73. Detailed Skull

The mysterious skull underneath is detailed and pretty badass.


74. Diamond Styles

An amazing style that is more like a cartoon.


75. Creative Designs

A great style like this one is fun and creative.


76. Dark Birds

This tattoo isn’t directly under the breast like the others but is closer to the middle of the body.


77. Thin Styles

An amazing style like this one has delicate lines and an elegant style.


78. Triangle Styles

A triangle style like this one is right in the middle of the breasts. This style will look amazing in the summertime.


79. Full Body Designs

A style like this one has some elegant designs not only under the breast, but they are also connected to the one under her neck.



80. Bold Dot Designs

Styles like this are truly beautiful.


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81. Detailed Lotus

There are so many lotus flowers on the list because it’s a very popular style.


82. Thin Flowers

These simple flowers look wonderful underneath the breast.


83. Realistic Lotus

A great design that has a realistic flower in the middle of a chandelier tattoo.


84. Beautiful Lotus Flowers

A gorgeous lotus flowers that have dots going in the middle of the breast.


85. Angel Designs

A stunning tattoo of an angel that has jewels dripping from the wings of the angel.


86. Colored Roses

A chandelier design that has a rose in the middle. The bright colors really make the tattoo stand out.


87. White Ink Tattoos

A stunning tattoo like this one is sure to take your breath away. White ink is very popular these days and we love that it just pops off the skin.


88. Locket Styles

Another great style that you are sure to love because it’s different from the rest.


89. Dripping Designs

We love how the jewels drip elegantly from the lotus flower.


90. Detailed Spiders

This is sure to be a style that is going to draw the eye. Maybe you are a fan of Spiderman, or maybe you just love spiders in general. Either way, this badass spider is sure to make you feel cool everytime that you see it.


91. Yellow Styles

This small tattoo is gorgeous because of the yellow coloring.


92. Large Designs

This is a great tattoo if you like the overexaggerated cartoon images. It’s once again a moth design that looks amazing under the breast.



93. Simple Designs

This is a unique design that you are sure to love. It’s simple and won’t take long to create.



94. Long Designs

This tattoo doesn’t just sit under the breast, it goes the full length of the ribcage. It’s a stunning look that is sure to bring you compliments all summer long.


95. Interesting Tattoos

When it comes to under the breast tattoos, chandelier designs are very popular and they come in many shapes and sizes.


96. Cool Images

Another great tattoo image that stands out. If you want a tattoo design that is bold, then this is the one for you.