How to Create Paradise in Your Own Backyard

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After a long, hard day at work, we all want somewhere to escape to when we come home. As we sit behind our desks all day long, we picture ourselves kicking back with a well-earned glass of wine in one hand, and a good book in the other.

On a summer evening, this image is infinitely improved by the addition of a picture-perfect outdoor area – we’re talking decking, vintage garden furniture, and flower beds bursting with brightly coloured blooms – and luckily for you, this article is going to help you create it…

Install a seating area

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The first step towards creating paradise in your own backyard is to pick the most picturesque spot and claim it for your future seating area. If you’ve already got paving or decking, this will make the perfect base, but if you haven’t, don’t despair: it’s easy enough to install and this just means you’ve got a little more freedom to experiment. Views are everything, so be sure to choose somewhere that offers the most exquisite vista of your gorgeous garden. Once you’ve selected your spot, shop for some pretty vintage garden furniture and start picturing yourself with the sun shining down and a glass of wine in hand.

Create a water feature


Water is incredibly soothing, and there are few things more idyllic than listening to the soft sound of a water feature trickling away in the background. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a liquid focal point for your home-grown paradise. Your local garden centre is likely to have lots of ornate options for you to choose from, but if you’d prefer to spend some time on a DIY project, think about having a pond installed. You can finish this with pond lights from a company like to create a really gorgeous effect all year round. You’re definitely best approaching the experts for help, as they’ll have lots of handy advice and some great ideas to inspire you too. Even better, they’ll stock plenty of amazing products to pick from, like this amazing LED light ring!

Improve your flowerbeds 

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What’s a garden without lots of lovely flowers to complete it? If your outdoor area looks slightly sparse, it’s time to invest in some beautiful blooms to brighten things up. Although minimalism might be the go-to option with most things in life, gardens are one place where you can throw this rule out of the window and really go to town. Choose as many pretty plants as you like, and create an explosion of colour to lighten up your life and make everything lovelier and more vibrant. The finished effect will delight your eyes and gladden your heart.

Invest in some solar lighting  


Last but not least, think of investing in some solar lighting so that you can enjoy your garden even when the evenings start to draw in. There are so many lovely products out there to choose from, and eco-friendly options won’t even affect your energy bill. We especially love the look of these solar ropes strewn across bushes and wrapped around trees, and think these antiquated lanterns look absolutely divine lighting the way along your garden path.

Isn’t it time to make some outdoor improvements of your own?