How to Decorate Your House with Flowers: 7 Original Ideas

It is not necessary to have a huge number of vases to decorate the house with flowers. A little imagination — and quite ordinary things can become an original decoration of a garden or windowsill. Today, we will tell you how to replace traditional pots and vases and where to find a suitable place for a flower greenhouse in a city apartment.

  1. Vintage effect

When sorting out your country house belongings, do not get rid of old jugs, teapots, and watering cans. Give them a second chance by turning into fancy flower pots for bulbs from Holland, that you can purchase on The only thing you need is to update outdated vintage items, and then you can hang them on the fence or put them near the stairs.

  1. The power of citrus fruits

To make the festive table truly original, decorate the vases with fruits (slices of lemons and oranges) in combination with garden flowers. If you wish, you can go further and use pineapple instead of the usual vase.

  1. Wall garden

You can also create a blooming garden in a small apartment — for example, on a balcony. To do this, simply attach as many hooks as possible to the balcony walls and hang pots with your favorite flowers on them. If the balcony wall isn’t free, use a window rail — you can easily attach a pot of flowers to it.

  1. Welcome wreath

Why not decorate your front door with a floral wreath according to the European tradition? Moreover, making it is not difficult at all: it is enough to wrap a wireframe in the shape of a circle with branches and decorate it with flowers and a ribbon. Then, it remains to hang a wreath on the front door.

  1. Spring scent

Combine business with pleasure — lavender will be an excellent decoration for candles, and can easily replace artificial air fresheners. It is recommended to light candles with lavender scent before sleep: they help to relax and relieve tension.

  1. House of flowers

An elegant bottle of expensive perfume will look no worse than a glass vase. It will not only give the interior the missing atmosphere but also present a stunning aroma of your favorite perfume.

  1. Reasonable approach

A beautiful vase is easy to make from a regular jar. You only need to decorate it with ribbon or you can go further and repaint the jar in juicy fruit color. This season, as always, they are at the peak of popularity. Do you like ornaments and prints? So, draw them on your vase!

In Conclusion

There are many original ideas that you can use to decorate your house with plants. However, growing up your flowers will bring even more satisfaction just because you did it yourself.

What are your ideas for home decoration? Share with us in the comments.