How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

Selling your house can be an exciting prospect. When one door closes, another one opens, and this time it will be to your new home.

However, one of the aspects of selling a home that puts most people off is paying a realtor. While working with a realtor has benefits, in the gig economy and digital age, many people are handling the sale themselves. Here are helpful tips for how to sell your house without a realtor.

Consider Using a Listing Service

When you decide not to work with a realtor, you can save thousands of dollars. A realtor’s fee usually ranges from 5-7% of the sale price. One of the benefits of paying that price is getting listed on multiple real estate channels.

If you are foregoing a realtor, consider working with a listing service like to get a listing on MLS. Such services can also provide some of the traditional marketing materials for selling a home, such as an eye-catching, professional ‘for sale’ sign to put on your front yard.

Declutter and Deep Clean

Packing and cleaning is the worst part of trying to sell a house and move away, regardless of if you have a realtor or not. However, a realtor will often provide great advice about staging your home for showings.

If you’re opting not to work with a realtor, keep these tips in mind:

  • Depersonalization is key – take down your collection of ceramic skulls and let your potential buyers envision their own unique tastes on your shelves.
  • Focus on the big sells – your kitchen, living room, and master bedroom will be the focal points of potential buyers.
  • Create light and space – open the windows, brighten dark rooms, and make it easy to walk around.

When you’re trying to sell your home, you need to declutter and deep clean everything. Make a goal to remove one-third of your belongings and put them in storage while trying to sell.

Do Pricing Research

Realtors are also knowledgeable about the local market and pricing to sell. Fortunately, the information about houses in your area is readily available online.

Take some time to peruse through local listings, focusing on houses similar to your own. Create a list or spreadsheet that highlights the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property size, home age, price, and any other amenities. Use this as a guideline for setting your own price.

While you’ll be saving money on a realtor, don’t try to drastically undercut your competition. While you may shave off a few thousand dollars, give yourself room to negotiate when you receive an offer.

Get High-Quality Photos

High-quality photos can sell a home before someone walks through the door. With the technological advancements of smartphones, it’s possible to take photos of your home yourself. However, if you lack the skill to meet the photo quality that other homes in your area are posting, consider hiring a photographer.

If you choose to handle photography yourself, use other real estate images as inspiration. Note the lighting, the angles, and the focal points of the images. Consider making a tour video to allow people to get a feel for the space before they visit.

Market and Host Open House Events

Real estate agents market you and facilitate tours and open house events. If you choose to handle the sale yourself, you’ll have to invoke your inner agent.

Market yourself online by sharing the listing and asking people to do the same. Post in community groups and make your social media pop. Posting printed flyers on community boards is another way to showcase your home. Don’t hesitate to share your listing in nearby communities, as people are often looking for a change of scenery.

Schedule some open house events and welcome people into your home to take a look around.

Work with a Real Estate Attorney

While selling your home without a realtor is totally doable, skimping on a real estate attorney is highly inadvisable.

There’s a lot of contractual considerations and legal jargon to be mindful of when selling a home and changing a mortgage. Hiring a reliable real estate attorney can be a huge stress relief and can prevent costly mishaps that could derail the sale.

Final Thoughts

If you choose to sell your home yourself, be patient. Don’t get discouraged by real estate agents having a lot of connections and swaying to be able to show homes and push sales. With the right imagery and marketing efforts, you’ll be able to find the right person to buy your home without a real estate agent.