7 Things to Think About When Designing Your New Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting project, but there’s a lot to consider if you want to make sure it’s beautiful and practical. Here are seven simple — but often overlooked — things to think about when designing your new kitchen.

  1. Built-in Appliances

Make sure your appliances fit in seamlessly with your new kitchen cabinets by opting for built-in appliances. This is a great option whatever style you’re going for — from sleek and modern to traditional country kitchens. Not only do they give you the exact look you want, but built-in appliances will also save you a lot of space.

Give your room a cohesive look by hiding the dryer, dishwasher, and washing machine behind cabinet doors.

  1. Dishwasher Placement

If you’re including a dishwasher in your kitchen design, think about where you’re going to place it. Not only should it be easy to access, but it should also be close to the sink for plumbing reasons, as well easy rinsing and loading up!

Placing it too far from the sink means you’ll have to trail dripping plates across the room. Don’t ruin your floors with thoughtless placement!

Avoid installing the dishwasher next to a wall, because this really limits access to the dishwasher and makes it more hassle to pack and unpack.

  1. Kitchen Island or Bar

Kitchen bars and islands are sought after design features in modern kitchens. If you’re thinking about including one, make sure you have adequate space around each side to access any storage. You also need to check you’ll be able to open all drawers, cupboards, and appliances on surrounding units.

If you’re considering an island/breakfast bar combination, be sure to include an overhang on the island to provide legroom for people to sit comfortably. Be sure there’s also enough room for chairs to move in and out without damaging any walls behind them.

  1. Garbage Bin Location

Many people forget to think about where their bins will go when designing a kitchen, and end up having an unsightly garbage can placed in the corner. With a little planning, you can cleverly conceal your bins so that they don’t ruin the style and design of your kitchen.

Consider built-in bins disguised as a cupboard or leaving space below your kitchen island or breakfast bar for a sleek, hidden trash can.

  1. Use Clever Storage Solutions in Your Cabinets

One of the biggest problems with standard kitchen cabinets is the mass of wasted space you have to work with. Consider storage solutions to make sure you get the most out of your cabinets and can keep them organized.

From simple shelving to ensure you get use of the height in large cupboards, to pull-out trolleys, baskets, and corner drawers, there are a lot of options out there. Better yet, many of these options can be purchased separately from your kitchen units, so you can get exactly what you want to suit your needs, and most should fit any standard sized kitchen units.

  1. Lighting Placement

As the kitchen is the most likely place for accidents to happen in the home, it’s important that you’ve got good lighting. You may consider a mix of lighting, such as ceiling lights, pendant lights, and under-cabinet lights. These ensure you’ve got adequate visibility, and the mix of lighting is what gives this room its atmosphere and ambience.

Think about where you’re going to need the most lighting to choose where to place them. If you’re planning a large island for prep, place strong ceiling lights over this area. If you’re planning late-night dinner parties with friends, consider dimmable pendant lights over the dining table. Under-cabinet lights ensure you can always see what you’re doing on the counter, like chopping with knives and using hot liquids. This can prevent accidents from happening!

  1. Outlets

Electrical sockets and outlets are important to place in areas that make sense for your kitchen. For example, if you have a toaster, mixer, microwave, and coffee machine on your counter, you need an adequate number of outlets to power them.

If you opt for a kitchen island, you may also need some there to aid with cooking. Then, you’ll need them under and beside cabinets to plug in your refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances. Remember a few extra around the room for your vacuum!

Bottom Line

Designing a new kitchen for your home can be a stressful experience with so much to think about and plan, but it doesn’t have to be! With careful consideration of your space and the features you require, you can enjoy designing and creating your new kitchen.

Use these ideas to make sure you don’t overlook anything during the design process!