Interesting Facts About Vampire Facial

Although the “vampire facial” has been around for some time, millions of people only became intrigued-and perhaps horrified, by a picture posted on Instagram by socialite Kim Kardashian after having one of these treatments. This celebrity has millions of followers, and many were in shock to see the usually perfect made up beauty with a face that looked like it was covered in blood, with a smile on her face, presumably causing a massive amount of followers to try and find out exactly what this procedure was.

Believe it or not, the vampire facial is not some sort of underground therapy that has not been tried and tested. In fact, it is actually a fairly simple process with various benefits, not so different to other facial improvement procedures such as fillers, botox or chemical peels. The technical term for this treatment is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. Perhaps that makes it a little less scary for individuals who want to know more about it.

What benefits does this treatment have?

  • Minimizing scars, including acne scars, stretch marks and even reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Rejuvenation of the skin, making it appear younger and tighter.
  • Providing a similar result in areas of the face that fillers do.
  • Helps to increase collagen in the skin.

What is the PRP procedure?

There are 5 main steps that go into the vampire facial procedure;

  1. The physician will mark the area of your face that need to be treated.
  2. Next, the physician will draw blood from your arm; no different from having blood taken for any kind of blood test.
  3. The next step involves platelet-rich plasma (PRP) being separated from the blood that has been taken. This is done using a centrifuge, and this process takes 5-10 minutes.
  4. Topical anaesthesia will be applied to the face if you choose to do so, as the next part of the process can be quite painful.
  5. The physician then injects the platelet-rich plasma that has been separated from your own drawn blood using needles that move at about 8 000 times a minute!

The vampire facial is becoming more and more popular among women especially, and dramatic differences can be seen in the overall look of the skin within just a few days. While vampire facials have had mixed reviews, most have been positive. A big plus is that your own blood is used, so your skin will not reject the procedure and no allergic reaction will occur.

Additionally, even skeptics have taken the plunge and given it a try; only to be quite blown away by the results. The downside? It can be painful, it does not last forever and one treatment will not be enough to provide optimum results and keep your skin looking its best. This means that unless you have a reasonably large budget: (the average price for a single facial is around $1000), keeping up with treatments is not realistic.

If you’re looking for Vampire Facials in Los Angeles, there are numerous legitimate physicians and practices you can contact. Simply using a google search will give you more options than you can imagine. Ensure any physician you go to is licensed, and that you are going to a reputable clinic. Safety comes before beauty and remember, it isn’t the most pleasant treatment but it definitely yields noticeable results.