Living Alone: Tips to Help You Feel Safer

Living alone can feel lonely sometimes, particularly now during the pandemic, but you’re not the only one, as millions of us live by ourselves. It’s often a positive experience, as it means more freedom and control of your place. You get to choose the décor and furniture, there are no arguments about the TV remote and it often grows our independence.

However, occasionally, late at night, living alone can feel a bit lonely and even unsafe! Even as adults we can get sacred of mysterious sounds and dark corners. So, it’s important to take some measures that’ll help you feel more comfortable in your homes. You’re not in this alone, as we’ve got your back with a few tips on how to feel safer in your property.

Safe Security System

Find a home security system that works for you! It can be overwhelming and also seem boring looking for an alarm system. But it doesn’t have to be like that, as you can get the professionals to do the job for you. A security system will protect you and your possessions. Also, they can custom make, and install, a system in your house.

Many alarm systems now connect to your phone, which makes it quick and easy to check your cameras and notifications. Alarms are the ultimate way to make you feel safe, as they don’t only alert you to thieves but also prevent burglaries.

Brighten Up Dark Corners

Dingey dark corners have been terrifying ever since we were children. When you’re living alone these dark corners can seem even scarier, as no one is there to tell you to stop being silly or cuddle you. So, we suggest you brighten them up!

Make the corner look fabulous with some new, colourful paints and add some light with a lamp or fairy lights. You could even turn a dark corner into a cosey reading spot, and you can decorate on a budget by doing it yourself, such as buying some cheap, cheerful cushions.

Play Soothing Sounds

This doesn’t have to be whale noises, bird song or raindrops, but it’s often comforting having something on in the background. Podcasts are great at providing comfort and company, and there’s a huge range of them. Also, you can even listen to sleeping podcasts as you drift off.

In the evenings, it’s great to put the TV on as it’s comforting, entertaining and also shows potential burglars that you’re at home. Even when you leave the house keep the TV on, as it will deter burglars and therefore make you feel safer.

Fix Creaks and Groans

On a stormy day, our house can begin to make unsettling noises, and doors can even slam. It’s easy to start panicking that someone has broken in and they’re tiptoeing across the floorboards. However, it’s more likely that the wind is making your house groan.

If one of your back doors are prone to making creepy noises in the wind, then we recommend fixing it, so you don’t have to be feeling scared every time the weather gets rough. Also, fixing the creaks in your house will help you identify whether someone has broken in or not, rather than you just passing it off as your broken door.

Natter to Your Neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours will make you feel safer in your neighbourhood. It’s a terrific way to make friends, and you can exchange numbers so you can call them if you ever need help. This will reassure you that there’s someone close by to assist you in an emergency.

The benefit of nice neighbours means that they can notify you if someone has been snooping around your place. Also, they can call the police if something happens to your property whilst you’re on holiday. Plus, if you become friends with your neighbours, you might even be invited round for dinner parties and drinks!

Feel Safer!

Living alone can sometimes make us feel scared and unsafe. However, following a few safety steps, such as installing an alarm system, will help you feel more secure. Ultimately, it’s exciting living alone, as it means you don’t have to fight over what TV programme to watch.

Don’t let your little haven be ruined by your fear of being broken into, or by the unwelcoming dark corners. Living alone doesn’t have to be lonely or scary, it’s actually a great way to get to know your community, whilst growing your independence.