Man Candy Monday: Matt Bomer

Man Candy Monday: Matt Bomer (source:

Who is Matt Bomer? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Matthew Staton Bomer
  • Nicknames: Matt
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Age: 34
  • Born: October 11, 1977 in Spring, Texas
  • Profession: Actor
  • Status: In a long term relationship with Simon Halls.
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

2000: All My Children (Ian Kipling) – television series
2001-2003: Guiding Light (Ben Reade) – television series
2003: War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator (John McGavock Grider) – video documentary
2003-2004: Tru Calling (Luc Johnston) – television series
2004: North Shore (Ross) – television series
2005: Flight Plan (Eric) – feature film
2006: Amy Coyne (Case) – made for TV movie
2006: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (Eric) – feature film
2007: Traveler (Jay Burchell) – television series
2007-2009: Chuck (Bryce Larkin) – television series
2009-2011: White Collar (Neal Caffrey) – television series
2011: In Time (Henry Hamilton) – feature film
2012 (post-production): Magic Mike (Ken) – feature film


Before I begin getting into the hotness that is Matt Bomer, I have to first mention something I think is worth noting. Matt is officially the third Man Candy Monday winner from the cast of the upcoming film, Magic Mike. For those that aren’t familiar with Magic Mike, here’s a little rundown. The movie is basically a classic stripper with a heart of gold story in which a young stripper is taken under the wing of more experienced colleagues. The twist is that the strippers in this one are men. Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganielloand Matt Bomer star. This film has Man Candy written all over it and I, for one, can’t wait to see it when it hits theaters next year. Okay, let’s talk about Matt.


Matt Bomer is just ridiculously smoking hot and, until very recently, I had no idea who he was at all. A Twitter user suggested him as potential Man Candy and I checked out his IMDB page, seeing the gorgeous picture above. The eyes got me first followed by the everything else. Of course, being Man Candy is about more than looks so I checked out his work. I somehow have missed out on Chuck until now which is a real shame. It’s a fantastic show and I enjoyed Matt’s role in it. I was a little disappointed when my work related Chuck viewing had ended but jumped right into White Collar. I am now, officially, in love with Matt Bomer.


Okay, let’s get to the gay rumors. Is Matt Bomer gay? I have no idea. I don’t think it really matters. I don’t deal in rumors and speculation regardless of what they’re about but I still feel the need to address them. In reference to his sexuality, Matt said it quite plainly, “I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life,” adding “I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders”. The sad truth is, there are a lot of people out there who would tune out of White Collar if Matt were to come out of the closet and I can understand why Matt feels pressure to not say one way or the other. He shouldn’t have to. It’s his business. Matt has three children, Kit, Walker and Henry, and that’s about all I know about his personal life for sure because it’s all he’s really mentioned in the media. There are rumors that he’s in a long term, committed relationship with a man and if that’s the case, good for him and, might I add, that is one lucky man.

source: Entertainment Weekly

Here’s what I like most about Matt. He’s talented, he’s gorgeous and he’s dedicated to his craft. It would be easy to get by on looks for a man as attractive as Matt but instead, he tried to take varied roles to about being typecast. More than that, the man can really belt out a tune (check out his performance in ‘Countermeasures’, the thirteenth episode of White Collar‘s second season – good stuff) and I love a man that can sing. He has a very relaxed and casual approach to the press and that’s definitely attractive. He comes across as intelligent and thoughtful but still funny and charming. The man oozes charisma. His smile is one of the sexiest in the industry and those eyes could stop a heart. My only complaint is that it took me this long to discover his charms. Love this man and am absolutely thrilled to have been able to feature him for you all this week.

source: InStyle Magazine

Before we get to the Matt Bomer gallery, I want to take a moment to that all of you who voted last week. It was a close race with Matt barely edging out Mike Vogel for the win. This week, we have two hold overs from last week’s list (Mike Vogel and Paul Wesley) and have added four new candidates to the mix (Grey Damon, Idris Elba, Josh Dallas and Wilson Bethel). Click over to Girl in Stereo to meet the boys and to place your vote. You can also go directly to the poll by clicking here. Okay, let’s get to those pictures!

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UPDATE: Matt Bomer has officially come out of the closet. He chose to do so last night while accepting an award at the Desert AIDS Project’s Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards in Palm Springs. Congratulations, Matt and major kudos to you for having the guts to take this important step.

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Want to see even more of Matt Bomer? Make sure you tune into White Collar when it returns in January of 2012 and check out Magic Mike when it hits the big screen. I also recommend checking out the ultimate Matt Bomer fan page where I got many of the images in the gallery. There are tons more photos there along with magazine scans and screen caps from Matt’s television and film work.