Most Common Home Pests That Threaten Your Health

We all know that pests are simply unfavourable, although not everyone is entirely aware of just how much certain pests can actually affect general health. While cockroaches may be decidedly gross, most of us wrongly assume that because they cannot bite or sting, they are not exactly a direct threat. Unfortunately, an array of unpleasant pests that may be occupying your home and wondering around while you sleep could be affecting your health in numerous ways. Whether you are a concerned parent, or merely an individual wondering if that roach you spotted recently is reason enough to consult a professional pest control Atlanta service to conduct thorough pest extermination services in your home, the following pests are commonly found in homes. What’s more, these pests will threaten your health and the health of your family.


Mice may be prevalent in rural areas, although, they are also commonly found lurking around in residential areas as they thrive off of our waste. Cleanliness is also not a direct reason why these creepy creatures find our homes suitable for breeding as you may find that your neighbours or residents nearby your home are at the root of the problem. Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to install rat traps and other forms of pest control in and around your home. However, you should consider pest control options that will not harm the environment or any pets you or your neighbours may have as there are eco-friendly solutions to keep mice and rats at bay. Unfortunately, mice are well-known as carriers of diseases and various concerning viruses, which is why spotting a mouse means you should take immediate action.


There is simply no denying roaches are among the most unsightly and cringe-worthy pests to find in your home. However, most of us think that just because these disgusting pests cannot bite or sting, they are hardly a serious threat to our health. What’s more, detecting a roach problem can be quite challenging as these pests tend to shy away from light and movement and only emerge in the dark and silence of the night. Therefore, if you have noticed even one roach wandering around your home, it is most likely that you have a hidden infestation. If you are disregarding the influence these unsightly looking pests have on your health, you should consider that they don’t even need to contaminate a surface with their filth simply to harm you as they achieve that merely by existing.

Roaches shed their skin and leave droppings while lurking around your home, and unfortunately, these roach traces contain pathogens and bacterias that can fester and become airborne. Therefore, a roach infestation will influence the air you breathe and cause certain concerning respiratory conditions such as sinus issues and others.

Bed Bugs

While roaches may be quite challenging to detect if you are not a professional, bed bugs boast their existence quite soon after infesting your home. The first sign of a bed bug infestation is their itchy, unsightly bites on the skin that appear in patterns of three in most cases. Unfortunately, extremely itchy bites can often lead to skin rashes and allergies. Although, treating a mild to moderate skin rash is not the concerning factor to worry about as these creepy bugs are carriers of various viruses, bacterias, and pathogens. To prevent a bed bug infestation, you should be washing bed linen in hot water and steam cleaning fabric furniture as often as possible. If you notice an infestation, the best course of action is to fumigate your home and replace bedding and mattresses as soon as possible. It is best to replace mattresses as bed bugs breed within the fibres of the mattress, which means killing them will leave their corpses trapped inside your bed. However, it is best to fumigate as only replacing mattresses will not remove the source of the problem.


Fleas are almost as easy to detect as bed bugs because they also leave itching as a most notable symptom. Fleas may most commonly be associated with pets, although, it is not entirely uncommon for people to have issues with fleas that have infested their homes. If you are concerned about the presence of fleas in your home, you will need to take action to avoid health issues such as skin conditions, allergies, and even dangerous anaphylaxis in some cases. Removal of fleas can be conducted by pest control services while maintaining cleanliness is the most effective method of prevention. Therefore, if you have pets, you should groom and bathe them regularly and make use of tick and flea collars and shampoos.