65+ Best Mullet Hairstyles for Men In 2019

65+ Best Mullet Hairstyles for Men In 2019

It is doubtful if anyone who was around in the 1980s can forget about the mullet hairstyle that rocked our world during that period. This hairstyle is still very much appreciated in many parts of the United States to date. When you consider how popular it is, you wonder if it ever left for a second.

This style was used to combine both long and short hair and was described in local parlance as “business in front and party behind.” Over the years, some barbers have developed the most creative ways of styling this haircut to ensure that it is still relevant in modern times.

With how long ago mullet hairstyle was developed, it may be difficult in choosing what suits your head shape and hair length. Not to worry, we’ve got you. In this post, we have brought you the most trendy mullet hairstyles you can think about. To add some spice, we have brought you some additional information about this hairstyle.

A brief overview of mullet hairstyle

The mullet hairstyle is regarded by many as the hairstyle of the defiant and rebellious people. Well, when you take a look at it from a distance, that’s the message you might get as well. No wonder it banned in the early 2000s by some countries in the Middle East.

The original idea of a mullet was to have both long and short hair together on the same head such that the short hair covered the front and sides of the head while the hair grew long at the back. One would have thought women wore this hairstyle, nope, it was men all the way.

Contrary to the regular belief that the hairstyle was invented in the 70s and 80s, historical records show that it existed as far back as the sixth century. This style was regarded as non-Roman and was referred to as the “Hunnic” look.

The hairstyle was once again noticed among Native Americans when the Plymouth pilgrims saw them for the first time. Want to try guessing what year this was? Not sure you would get if even if you tried, it was in 1621.

After a long hiatus, the hairstyle began gaining popularity again in the 70s with several rock artists like David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, and Keith Richards rocking the hairstyle. Over the next ten years, the style had become the trend all over Europe as well. This is probably the highest level of popularity gained by the mullet hairstyle.

Lesbian culture adopted this hairstyle in the US in the 1980s as well as part of their identification symbols. Over the next three decades, the hairstyle has gradually warmed its way into different cultures and gained so much popularity that it is among the top five haircuts in the world today.

Growing your own mullet

Considering how the mode of this infamous hairstyle, it quite easy to get one, even though at first glance it may seem farfetched. Already, we know that the hairstyle has long hair behind and short hair everywhere else. This makes it easy to figure out.

To grow your own mullet, you need to allow your hair grow in length a few inches the cut the front and the sides to be lower than the back. It’s that simple. Or maybe not, if you have never tried cutting your hair before.

Rather than damage your hair and waste all the grooming put into growing your hair, allow a barber do the honors of giving you a mullet if you haven’t cut your own hair before. It will be a stroll in the park for any barber.

Steps to Growing Your Mullet

If you feel you can pull this off on your own, here are a few steps to help you:

  1. You need your hair to grow in length before you can achieve a mullet in the first place so the first step is growing your hair. The length of the hair will be up to what mullet hairstyle you want to achieve. Just know that the longer the hair, the more pronounced your mullet. For best results, the back hair should be about 4 inches longer than every other side.
  2. Divide your hair into sections using clips. One section should run from the front to the middle of the crown. Also, divide the sides from the top section down to the ears on both the left and right. Ensure that any hair you desire to keep long is pulled and clipped back.
  3. Cut the bangs beginning with the hair you clipped at the middle of the crown. Comb the hair over the forehead and cut it to your desired length. Do every other part this way but make sure that you do it in sections.
  4. After cutting the hair at the front and the back, the next step is to blend the sides. The idea is to ensure that the hair at the top and sides blend into each other properly. You will need to comb through the hair a few times to ensure that you have all your angles and lengths right.

Other Things to Do

  1. Comb out the back hair and ensure it is as smooth as possible.
  2. Working in sections, start trimming the hair. When you cut in sections, it gives you that layered look that gives the mullet its identity.
  3. Blend the sides in the rear. Cut out the sharp corners till you have the perfect tapered look.

After this, you can style your mullet the way you want it. There are several ways to do this, shave the sides, have a pompadour on top, or just leave it short. It’s up to you.

Cool Mullet hairstyles to try out


Neatly combed mullet haircut

One look at this hairstyle and you know a wearer is a responsible fellow who is “all put together.” A perfect definition for cool, calm, and collected.

Full hair mullet

There is no tapering or fading of any sort. The hair is full on every side and combed neatly backward to cover the nape. Everything about this hairstyle speaks “decorum.”

Long hair mullet with faded sides

The hair on this design is long enough to cover the nape from the middle but the sides are faded into the skin just above the ears.

Messy mullet men’s hairstyle

It is not uncommon to find men sport messy hairstyles to show off their rebellious sides. Though this hair is cut in neat layers, the edges are ruffled up to create a rebellious look. It is quite a deviation from the old school mullet hairstyle.

Spiky mullet hairstyle

A very common hairstyle among footballers and other athletes. This style features spikes on the top hair, looking like a Mohawk and the sides are tapered with one of them having a few line patterns.


Curled locks mullet haircut

When you have long hair and desire to have a mullet, this is what you get. The sides of the hair are tapered. The rest of the hair is allowed to fall back before it is curled in the most adorable manner. Any man with long hair could try this, especially if the hair is not thick or stubborn.

Short messy mullet

Take a look at the image and you will agree that this is a very messy style. However, the hair fades into the skin at the sides, even this is not so neat. It is the perfect style for a man with a deviant personality.

Long feathered mullet design

This is one of the modern feathered mullet hairstyles that does not require you shaving the hair on the sides at all. The bushy beard is a great way to experiment with this very casual hairstyle.

Subtle mullet modern hairstyle

Many people regard the mullet style as quite rebellious and would rather not have it on their heads. If you fall into this category, this style could be your savior. Simply allow the hair to become long enough that it can cover the nape. Then you can style the top just the way you like it.  

Highlight Mullet

This is very similar to the regular highlight hairstyle. The style has very bright highlights at the top and frankly, it is not well-suited for people in the corporate or business world. in fact, if you work anywhere there is a strict adherence to dress codes, stay away from this hairstyle. It is perfect for artists or sports people.

Layered Mullet hairstyle

This hairstyle, just like any other layered hairstyle, is perfect for men of all sizes and hair textures. The layers give you that very cool appearance, despite your age, personality, or even hairstyle.

Spiky top mullet + long hair

One of the major advantages of mullet hairstyle is that it is very versatile. You can vary the length of your hair as you please, just like in the image above. This one has a spiky top, like a Mohawk, but the rest of the hair in the middle is long enough to cover the nape. The sides of this style are tapered neatly to link up with the beards.

Classic 80s mullet haircut

There were a few hairstyles we saw in the 80s that we believed would never make their way back into fashion. We were wrong, this is one of those weird hairstyles that made it into the twenty-first century. It sports a full long curly hair that falls down the back covering the nape. The messy beard makes it weirder. This style is cool for a rock star or someone who really does not care about his looks.

Flat top short hair mullet haircut

Everything about this haircut is trim and precise. Nothing too fancy, perfect for a senior citizen who intends to maintain a low profile. The hair just sits above the nape and there’s no facial hair too.

French crop mullet

This is definitely one of the more modern mullet styles that will attract your attention, especially if you are a follower of French fashion. This particular hairstyle has topped charts for over a year, meaning that with this you will look super cool.

Simple mullet haircut

This works perfectly for the simple man who does regard himself as fancy or classy. It is easy-going on your appearance and the nape the hair is short, between 1 to 2 inches. The beard is not too bushy as well.

Curly short hair mullet haircut

A perfect hairstyle for a regular guy, the hair on top is curly and seems a bit thick. The sides taper down towards the ears before joining up with the beard. There are no lineups yet nothing seems bushy or out of place.

Red hair mullet haircut

A great way to look like a clown, you could use this as a costume for Halloween. The hair is short but dyed in red and combed neatly backward. There is a conspicuous absence of facial hair, it’s expected because clowns hardly have beards anyway.

Vintage mullet schoolboy hairstyle

The long hair in this image is a design that dates back to the 90s when men sported long hair with a headband holding it in place. It is not strange to see men keep their hair in this manner, including the headbands. It gives the wearer that schoolboy look, almost like a teenager in college or high school.

Hipster full beard mullet

If you like to look like one of the gods in Greek mythology, then this is it. The side hairs are tapered while the middle hair is very long, stretching below the nape. The full beard accentuates the look perfectly, no wonder this hairstyle is very popular among hipsters.


Fully shaved sides mullet hairstyle

This hairstyle leaves nothing on the sides of the head. In fact, it is not even a fade, it is bald. The middle hair is very full and voluminous, even though it is not long. It, however, covers the nape nicely.

Casual mullet haircut

This hairstyle is sleek and attractive, an amazing style for the low profile, perfect gentleman. When you view it, it shows that nonchalant, casual approach that deceives everyone that you are not ready for business, when you actually are.

Classic mullet fade

Everything about this particular hairstyle is attractive. Let’s talk about the middle hair that forms a Mohawk crest in the middle and falls behind, extending far lower than the nape. The side hairs are faded neatly to blend with the skin with a small bald spot between the hair and beard. The beard is neatly shaved with a perfect lineup. Nothing seems to be out of place.

Other mullet hairstyles

Mullet Hairstyle is Back roundup

You must be inspired to try out a mullet hairstyle at this point. Feel free to try out any of the above or be creative and come up with something unique. You can hardly go wrong with this hairstyle.