Natural Home Pest Control

Every home has its guests, and often your family creates a warm, welcoming environment. However, not all guests are welcome: the small type that crawls under the door and into your trash can, for instance. Pest control is a crucial part of every homeowner’s arsenal, and most important is natural pest control.

Keep Clean

One of the simplest ways to avoid pests is to keep clean. Of course, you’re already diligently keeping your home clean and may still see a pest or a dozen. For example, flies are often an annoyance during the summer, and spiders in the winter for locales with cold climates. Keep your trash covered and make sure that no food is left out overnight – it only invites mice into your home.

Professional Care

If you find yourself struggling to keep an ant infestation under control or suspect something as bad as termites may be hiding beneath your wood floors, always call in a professional. More and more often these days you’ll find pest control companies that seek out greener methods of pest control. Check out PestControlReviews to find out which local company is best for your family.

Say No to Pesticides

Especially if you have smaller children or pets, you’ll be on high alert about the chemicals that you bring into your home. It takes one moment to look away for your child to ingest dangerous poisons disguised as pest control spray and cleaners. Children are much less resilient to these chemicals; where an adult may need a trip to the clinic, a child will find these chemicals fatal.

However, this idea does become more attractive once you’ve found your home has an insect infestation that you’d like to get rid of quickly. Still, the risks of traditional pest removal methods weigh much more than your taking the time to explore more natural solutions to common household pests.

Natural Pest Control Solutions

Green pest control, fortunately, is often creating from things that you already have at home. Use coffee grounds to make your kitchen unattractive to ants; in fact, these previously delicious grounds are fatal to them and other creepy crawlies. Sprinkle used coffee grounds around areas where bugs may enter your home.

You can already create a variety of natural insecticides. A spray of garlic, mint and cayenne pepper can be used in your garden as well as in window sills and at doorways to scare away insects. Peppermint oil spray, including dust mites, can be used to get rid of several types of insects, as it emits a potent smell. If you suspect a cockroach infestation, place borax at entrances or any other place where you suspect these bugs to be. It isn’t harmful to children but will prove fatal to the roaches.

Pest control is a constant house chore that keeps your family safe and clean. With pests come damage and even germs, in the case of mice or other unwelcome furry friends, so it is crucial that you look after your home to keep these creatures out. Because you also want to keep out dangerous chemicals too easily ingested by children and pets, employ these more natural methods to make your home comfortable again.