Pregnancy Fashion: Tips for Balancing Style and Comfort

Congratulations on your expected arrival! Now that you’re pregnant, you’ve probably begun to notice the various changes in your physical appearance. Everything from a growing belly to expanding hips and swollen ankles can be experienced during pregnancy. While most of these physical changes are to be expected, it does make even the simplest things a bit more complicated such as getting dressed. Finding the right attire to compliment your pregnant figure while also providing comfort can be easier said than done… unless you know what to buy.

pregnancy fashion

The good news… you don’t have to stick to sweatpants and oversized t-shirts for the next nine months. There are actually very fashionable items you can purchase that will keep you up with the latest trends while giving you the comfort you need to support your growing baby. Check out these few fashion pointers below:

Shirt Ideas

Again, there’s no need to borrow your significant other’s t-shirts or jerseys just to feel comfortable. There are actually plenty of maternity (and non maternity) shirt fashions that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. When looking for shirts, elasticity is always best. If it can stretch that means you’ll have room to grow into it. If you’re not one for really having your pregnant belly on display, choosing A-line or baby-doll shirts are your best bet. They give you the coverage you need in the chest area and flow around the stomach area allowing you to breathe easy.

Pant Ideas

Not really interested in wearing oversized pants, sweatpants, or maternity jeans?  One trendy option is wearing leggings. They even have maternity leggings, which come in various colors and can also help to improve blood flow, give added belly support, and keep you cool during the warmer summer months. Investing in a few of these will get you through pregnancy and even through postpartum.

Shoe Ideas

Every woman loves a great shoe. It’s what completes the entire look and feel of the outfit. Be that as it may, if you’re expecting to wear heals throughout the duration of your pregnancy…think again. While some women can pull it off, as you advance in your pregnancy the excess weight bearing on your ankles could cause a lot of swelling and pain. They say beauty hurts, but we have to think about our health and the well-being of the little one growing inside. Therefore, it is probably best to have a pair of flats or wedges in your arsenal. Both of these options give you a little more balance while also allowing you to feel your best walking out the door each day.


Last bit of advice for expectant mothers is to accessorize as much as possible. While you may not be able to wear certain styles of shoes and clothing as a result of your growing baby, there is no limit to the amount of accessories you can throw on. Adding a necklace, bracelet, or a nice pair of earrings to any of the above fashion ideas can turn a plain outfit into a trendy one.

Now you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style while you’re expecting. The days of waiting until after the baby arrives to dress to the nines are over. There are plenty of fashion options out there for expectant mothers can purchase to update their look. By adding a few of these things to your wardrobe you are sure to look and feel your best every day.