75 Cute Baby Footprint Tattoos For Appreciative Parents

One of the ways to commemorate the birth of a child is to tattoo the baby’s cute little prints on your body. Those lovely tiny digits serve as mementos of the beautiful and miraculous moment of birth, a reminder of your dedication to care, provide and protect for the new life you created. Tattoos of baby prints are representative of the link between a child and a parent. Baby footprint tattoos, just as the name implies, are tattoos of baby’s footprints. A lot of baby footprint tattoos are tattooed on the parent’s body in just a single color.

However, there are a lot of symbols in various colors and designs, with different shading techniques. Some of them incorporate personal messages and have arty elements to them. Angel wings, crosses, and various religious symbols, names, dates of birth, and zodiac symbols can be incorporated.

Baby footprint tattoos can be used to celebrate the birth of a new life; they love and dedication to the child. It can be used to symbolize the joy and happiness the baby’s birth brought by including lovely letters and notes to the child.

This tattoo can also be used to mark the sad passing of a child, a symbol in memoriam of a new life cut short. These types of tattoos are tokens of what was lost and can include the name, birth, and death dates with little personal messages. Overall, baby footprints tattoos speak of the love a parent has for their child.

Like other types of tattoos, baby footprints can be tatted on any part of the body. However, the most popular placement is on the legs, arms, belly, shoulders, chest, back. The number and size of the footprint design impact the location. A large design needs to be put on a larger surface area.

There’s a lot of ways you can draw baby footprint tattoos. The tattoo, however, should have a meaning to you, and you must be comfortable having it on your skin. Baby footprint tattoos often contain names, personal messages, date of birth, and some artistic elements like ornate flowers that can be added to them. We have compiled a couple of cute baby footprints tattoo ideas for you below.

  1. Footprint and Wings: Angelic wings on the footprints of your little angel.
  2. Footprint and Alphabet Bricks: Grayson has his name spelled out on his parent’s body with his cute footprints.
  3. Cute Baby Footprints: Simple baby footprints on the back of a mother.
  4. Purple Bow and Baby Footprint: This little bundle of joy’s footprint, wrapped with purple ribbon. baby-footprint-tattoos
  5. Baby Kaylen’s Footprint: Cute baby footprint.
  6. Footprint and Date of Birth: Baby footprints with name and date of birth tattooed on the arm.
  7. Inky Baby Footprints: This baby footprint tattoo looks like the baby stepped in ink and then on the arm of the parent. The tattoo has a little love note to the child. Also See:50+ Viking Nordic Tattoos and Their Symbolism
  8. Single Footprint: A unique baby footprint and the name to commemorate her birth
  9. Cute Footsteps: These cute little footprints look like footprints on a sandy beach.
  10. Footprints with a Beautiful Poem: This parent wrote a beautiful message to their daughter with her footprint. This is an excellent show of parental love.
  11. Tiny Red and Blue Footprints: A simple tattoo of two baby footprints, red and blue.
  12. Butterfly Shaped Twin Baby Footprint: An artistic baby footprint tattoo, the design features using the footprint as butterfly wings.
  13. Cute Watercolour Baby Footprint: This is a lovely watercolor baby footprint.
  14. Cute Footprint and Initial: A simple, tiny, and adorable baby footprint with the initial inked on the wrist.
  15. Baby Footprint and Vitals: This adorable tattoo shows the vitals of the baby at birth with the cute footprints.
  16. Cute Footprint and Handprint with Date of Birth: A marvelous tattoo of a handprint with footprint and the baby’s name with date of birth, a lovely memento of the baby’s birth.
  17. Beautiful Watercolour Footprint: This baby footprint tattoo is adorable, with the stunning color splash.
  18. Cute Baby Footprint on Wrist: A cute footprints tattoo that doesn’t diminish the parent’s love despite its minimal design.
  19. Colorful Baby Footprint Tattoo: A very colorful baby footprints tattoo of siblings in the shape of a heart.
  20. Beautiful Baby Footprint Design: This design uses the name, date, and time of birth, with the information surrounding the baby’s birth to create a cute footprint tattoo.
  21. Cute Yin and Yang Baby Footprint Tattoo: A lovely footprint tattoo design, perfect for those beautiful twins.
  22. Foot Imprint: This baby footprint tattoo resembles a foot imprint in the sand.
  23. Handprints and Footprints: This design feature a footprint and two handprints, a name, and a halo heart. The tattoo kind of looks like a smiley face.
  24. Lovely Design with a Personal Message: Flowers, gems, and the stunning colors make this baby footprint tattoo so beautiful, and the short message makes this more adorable.
  25. Watercolour Footprint: A gorgeous watercolor footprint design, it looks like a beautiful mess created by your baby stepping in paint then on to your skin.
  26. Footprint Butterfly: Pink footprints to make butterfly wings, really creative.
  27. Cute Baby Footprints of Siblings: The design uses the name, date, and time of birth, with the information surrounding the siblings’ birth to create a cute footprints tattoo.
  28. Daddy’s Love: The caption says it all; the little bundle of joy is daddy’s love.
  29. Lovely and Colourful Baby Footprints: Colourful baby footprints across mum’s back.
  30. Rainbow Baby Footprint: This tattoo has a rainbow-colored footprint and floral design that make up an exquisite design.
  31. Lovely Design: This is undoubtedly one of the unique designs that speak of great parental love. The tattoo reads LOVE with the baby’s footprint forming the letter V.
  32. Sibling Footprint Ladder: A ladder of cute baby footprints.
  33. Butterfly Footprint and Date of Birth: This is a beautiful tattoo of footprints and date to birth used to form a butterfly.
  34. Cute Sibling Baby Footprints: Two pair of baby footprints.
  35. Black Baby Footprint: Minimal baby footprints.
  36. Baby Hand and Foot Print with a Lovely Note: A single foot and handprint with a small note curving down between them.
  37. Cute Tiny Footprints: These set of wonderful baby footprints.
  38. Musical Baby Footprint Tattoo: Unique and beautiful baby footprint tattoo with the date of birth and deep musical influence.
  39. Detailed Baby Footprint: A well-detailed footprint tattoo showing the ankle of the baby with a beautiful shading technique.
  40. Cute Baby Footprint on the Belly: This tattoo is of a lovely baby footprint on the belly of the parent.
  41. Baby Joseph’s Footprint: A single footprint and name.
  42. Baby Footprint on the Forearm: Minimal but cute baby footprint tattoo.
  43. Cute Baby Footsteps with Message: Walking baby footprints with a personal message.
  44. Footprint with Date of Birth: A simple baby footprint tattoo date of birth with the name of the new-born.
  45. Footprints with Butterflies: A baby footprint made lovelier with the fluttering butterflies.
  46. A Footprint Tattoo with a Message: Cute tiny baby footprints with a little note to the baby.
  47. Cute Baby Footprint Tattoo on the Chest: A simple tattoo with the name tatted on the chest.
  48. Roman Numerals Footprint: Cute baby footprints with roman numerals date of birth.
  49. Minimal Cute Baby Footprint Tattoo: Cute tattoo of baby footprint with lines.
  50. Large Baby Footprint: This footprint belongs to a rather large baby.
  51. Baby Footprint on the Foot: An excellent location for baby footprint tattoos.
  52. Little Logan’s Footprint tattoo: No doubt Logan is a cute baby.
  53. Lovely Baby Footprint Tattoo Design: This is a beautiful and artistic baby footprint tattoo.
  54. Mommy’s Mini Monkey: This tattoo makes you go ‘aw’ with all its cuteness.
  55. Baby Footprint Tattoo Collage: This parent has dedicated their leg to their kids’ cute baby footprint tattoos. This is a great idea.
  56. Gorgeous Baby Footprint Tattoo: This baby footprint tattoo is beautiful.
  57. Footprint Tattoo on the Shoulder: Baby footprints and name tattooed on the shoulder.
  58. Footprint Tattoo with Watercolour Splash: Stunning baby footprint tattoo. The watercolor splash is a very nice touch.
  59. Baby Footprint Tattoo on the Chest: Little Dihan’s footprint on the chest, cute and straightforward.
  60. Cute and straightforward Baby Footprint Tattoo: This adorable baby footprint inked on the belly.
  61. Tiny Footprint Tattoo on the Heel: Baby footprints tattooed on the heel.
  62. Cute Baby Foot and Hand Print Tattoo: This tattoo design is charmingly made of the foot and handprints with the ornate flower design.
  63. Twin Footprint: A beautiful tattoo of twin footprints with their names in hearts.
  64. Coaly Baby Footprint: A cute baby footprint tattoo coal-like in texture.
  65. Simple Footprint Tattoo with Baby Name: A cute footprint tattoo on the shoulder.
  66. Baby’s Footprint Tattoo on Mum’s Foot: This mum inked her baby’s cute footprint on her foot; this is a charming design.
  67. Name, Date of Birth, and Footprint: This a beautifully done tattoo, the title written in cursive, and date of birth.
  68. Adorable Footprint: A single, minimal but sweet footprint tattoo of a baby.
  69. A Cute Pair of Baby Footprints: The name, footprints, and date of birth of the baby.
  70. Nice Pair of Baby Footprint: These cute little footprints with the baby’s name and date of birth.
  1. Ensure that your tattoo artist is registered if required to register by law.
  2. Ensure the parlor is clean and hygienic.
  3. Ensure that the needles are new.
  4. Ensure that the artist is wearing a pair of gloves during the procedure and that they comply with the safety requirements.
  5. Voice your concerns and ask your tattoo artist questions about the procedure.
  6. Keep your medical doctor in the loop before getting a baby footprint tattoo.


  1. How long do I have to wait before getting a tattoo after giving birth?

It is advised that you wait 9-12 months after the birth of your child when he/she doesn’t solely depend on breast milk. Speak to your doctor before getting a tattoo.

  1. Can I get a tattoo while pregnant? There are medical concerns such as contracting HIV or Hepatitis and passing it on to your unborn child, as such, it’s advised that you wait until after childbirth.
  2. How do I get my baby’s footprint tattooed on me? At birth, infants are footprinted, and a copy is given to the parents, this can be given to your tattoo artist who makes a copy and uses to ink your baby’s footprint on you. Alternatively, the artist can come up with a design by themselves.
  3. Can I bring my baby when I want to get a baby footprint tattoo? Generally, kids are not welcome in tattoo parlors. However, if you have someone who would watch over them while you get tattooed, it’s ok, or better yet, get a babysitter to watch over the kid at home.
  4. Can I breastfeed if I get a tattoo? It’s advised that you don’t get a tattoo until your child isn’t solely dependent on breast milk as a source of nutrition. So, wait until about 9-12 months after the birth of your child before getting a baby footprint tattoo.
  5. I have a medical condition, should I go ahead with getting a baby footprint tattoo? If you have any medical concerns, see your medical doctor for medical advice.