Five Ways to Reduce Stress When Moving House

Moving is one of the most stressful life experiences a woman will face, especially if kids are involved. The whole process can quickly become expensive and overwhelming, leading to high levels of stress and stress-related illness.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce stress when moving house. Here are five ways to maintain your sanity while moving.

Hire a Furniture Removal Company

The best way to eliminate much of the stress associated with moving is to hire a furniture removal company. Furniture removal companies like, Platinum Furniture Removals, can handle everything from packing to transportation, whatever you decide you need. They can also provide helpful advice regarding preparing for the moving day and conducting an inventory of your items to ensure nothing goes astray.

Most people take the do-it-yourself approach because they believe it will save money. In the long run, the cost savings in both money and stress make using a furniture removal company well worth the investment.

Purge Your Things In Advance

One of the best parts of moving is that it presents an opportunity to rid oneself of things they don’t need beforehand. If you’ve been hesitating to go through your children’s’ clothing to see what can go to the donation bin or have a bunch of trinkets that fail to bring you joy, now is the time to get rid of them.

Set aside a day to go through each room and determine what can be donated or trashed. Old broken toys don’t need to be transported to your new home (though you may want to wait until the kids are at school to avoid an argument) and if you don’t plan on rereading most of your book collection, these can be donated as well. You may even want to have a yard sale to make some extra money while purging.

Make a Plan

Look at the weeks and months leading up to your move and make a plan. Lay out the various steps you are required to take to make your relocation possible and assign due dates on your calendar. By sticking to the plan and approaching your moving methodically, you’ll be able to reduce the stress of last-minute all-night packing sessions.

There are various checklists and proposed calendars online that you can use to help plan for a move. Use these as inspiration and tailor them to your needs.

Get Back to Basics

You can pack almost everything in your home and exist comfortably for a few weeks leading up to the move. Have everyone pack a suitcase with essentials, then pack the rest. Consider it a stay-at-home vacation, where you’ll only be able to access what you have packed.

In the kitchen, put away all the fancy utensils and small appliances that only get used every once in a while and stick to simple suppers until moving day. Keep what you need to function in a tote bin. Look on the bright side, at least you won’t have to put dishes away after washing them.

Take Time Off

It is crucial that you find a way to take time off from work leading up to your move. Trying to juggle your work tasks while knowing you’re going home to a house of moving chaos will cause you to perform poorly both at work and home. The stress will accumulate quickly, and it won’t take long for you to feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

If possible, have your children attend daycare or after school care during the last few days leading up to the move. They will be excited, and maybe even nervous, and might get in the way as a result of their emotions. While this is completely normal behavior from children, it can get stressful when you’re trying to focus and may lead to guilt if you speak harshly.

Delegating to a professional furniture removal company is the best way to avoid moving stress. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, try the other things on this list and remember to set aside time for self-care.