The Most Expensive Holidays in the World

I bet you’re more than familiar with the cheap package holiday by now. With the advent of budget airlines slashing prices using a sell ’em cheap, pack ’em in marketing strategy, nearly everyone has either been on one or knows someone who has. It’s only been in recent decades that employers actually give their staff paid days off and boy, have we made use of them! In days gone by, the Great British public were armchair explorers, only taking trips to far-off lands by means of exotic James Bond movie locales. Now we have access to almost the entire planet for less than £1000 and it’s thanks to people like Richard Branson who have helped pioneer affordable air and rail travel to these far-flung places.

But is the expensive holiday a thing of the past? No, not quite. Apart from your bespoke round-the-world trips it’s the exclusive hotels, resorts and hard-to-get-to-places that will cost you the most. It’s the standard of luxury and the high expectations of the modern tourist that create the new fashionable expensive price bracket.

If you’re reading this you probably fall into one of two camps: someone who’s well off and looking for inspiration for their latest jaunt or someone’s who fascinated with the sheer amount of money one can spend for a top class getaway.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands


And speaking of Richard Branson, how about spending £30,000 a day at his exclusive Necker Island retreat in the British Virgin (where else) Islands. You will stay in your own private villa and your own yacht to sail in. It’s all inclusive, naturally, and there’s an impressive range of activities on offer. Read more.

Seychelles North Island

Staying with the island theme but. This is a holiday for the eco-conscious, a conservation project based in a once-abandoned coconut plantation.  Species that had died out but were once indigenous to the island such as tortoises, birds, trees and plants have been reintroduced. For £1,500 to £2,400 a night you will live in one of 11 villas before experiencing some low environmental impact exertions such as biking, scuba diving and kayaking. If you’re in a mood for relaxing then an holistic spa and pampering activities like reflexology and shiatsu may be more up your street.


Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Vendôme, Geneva

This suite doubled in price in 2010 and it sure commands every bit of its premium £15,000 per night.
Imposing columns, high ceilings and marble abounds across the room. Did I mention it has its own spa?


Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

The entire top floor of the hotel comprising four bedrooms and a spacious cocktail lounge is a snip at £20,000 per night and is also popular with heads of state. While the hotel itself is grand, the views are equally spectacular being that of Lake Geneva, the Alps and Mont Blanc.


Bridge Suite, Atlantis Paradise Island

With a guest list featuring Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey you may be forgiven for thinking that this Disney-esque looking resort is just for celebrities. Undoubtedly the £15,000 per night might make you balk but for that you did get a ten room suite that is suspended between the Water Park and Bahamian resort.


Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Although this one of the cheaper resorts at a measly £11,000 per night it is luxury incarnate – being the world’s only 7 star hotel! You get a personal cinema and a two story suite with private lift (naturally) and gorgeous marble floors.


Ritz-Carlton Suite, Tokyo

If you like being higher than the plebs while on a break then the 53rd floor could be what you are after.  £20k sure gets you a lot of altitude.


Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

If you can stomach even more opulence then this 120 acre premium coastline resort, the most expensive in the world, is for you.  You will have your own private beach, chef, pianist and butler.


And finally…

I know the title of my post is ‘The Most Expensive Holidays in the World’ but I couldn’t finish without returning to Richard Branson and his out-of-this-world space tourism. Tickets are a wallet punishing £175,000 but this will get you a trip to dine out on for years to come.


Guest blogger, Greg Coltman, prefers the staycation – after all you don’t run into dangerous wildlife in the UK that often and there’s still so much to explore in our own country.