Stylish ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

No matter what age your children are and what their individual personalities may be, their bedrooms will be special places for them. Pretty much all children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms and value them as their own space to relax in.

Of course, your child’s bedroom is still part of your house and you will want it to look stylish. Luckily, there are some great ways to add style and visual appeal to any child’s bedroom while still making it fun for them to spend time in.

Get the right room for the right age  

Before we look at individual tips to decorate your child’s room stylishly, it is key to do it in a way that is suitable for their age. Generally, this breaks down into three main age groups: nursery, young child and teenager. Decorating the room according to the group they fall into is key to not only making it look amazing but also to give them somewhere they enjoy spending time in.

Along with this, it is important to note that all children will like different colors and themes depending on their personality. While the below tips are great for generally adding style, always make sure to speak with them first if possible to decide on the exact details.


If you have a newborn or young baby, then these are a few great tips for giving them a nursery to cherish that also looks fantastic:

  • Light and airy – with nurseries, the real key to getting the perfect feel and style is light, neutral colors. White is the classic look and gives your young baby an airy, relaxing space to develop in.
  • Quality wooden furniture – most parents will go for this kind of furniture in a nursery and with good reason. Not only is it tough and long-lasting, but it also adds that perfect homely style to the room. From wooden cots to wooden drawers, this is a great choice for some instant class in the room.

Young child’s room  

Once your child has grown up a little and is a toddler, the room will need to change with them. Here are some stylish ways to help them do this:

  • Wall decals – if you need a simple and great-value way to transform the look in your young child’s room, then wall decals are ideal. They come in a wide range of great-looking designs now, so you can pick ones that not only look fab but are also things they enjoy. Just make sure to get the sort of decals that peel off easily for when your kids grow up!
  • Effective storage – as your children grow, so will their pile of toys and clothes! This makes introducing effective storage in their room vital to keep it uncluttered and tidy. From wall-mounted shelves to cool-looking storage boxes, you should have no trouble in finding ones that you both love.

Teenager’s room  

Ah, the teenage years – every parent’s favorite time! Joking aside, it is vital to get the look of your teenager’s room right – not only in terms of making it look stylish (i.e. no to all black walls!), but also to give them somewhere they like to be. The below tips should help:

  • Bean bags to lounge on – if there is one thing that most teenagers will do in their room, it is rest. Adding a stylish bean bag into the space gives them something to do this on while also making their room look great. They are not too expensive and come in a range of colors, so you can find one that works effectively.
  • Chic desk space – investing in a quality and attractive desk for them to work from answers many home décor problems. Not only will it make the room look more finished, but it will also stop them leaving all their books on the floor! Make sure to find one that is well-designed for the best visual appeal.

Plantation shutters for all ages  

While it is key to decorate your child’s room dependent on their age, some solutions work for all. Plantation shutters are one of these home décor tips and will add elegance to any child’s bedroom. Coming in a great choice of colors and styles, wooden plantation shutters will also enable them to control the light that comes into the room via the adjustable slats.

Give your child a bedroom they love  

All children love playing or resting in their bedroom. It is not only a place where they can relax quietly if needed but also somewhere they can be themselves. As a parent, you will be wanting to not only create a space that allows this but also one that still looks fabulous. Hopefully, the above tips have given you a head start on doing just that!