The 7 Best Pieces of Furniture for Small Spaces

Small homes and apartments let you live your life with less “stuff” to clean, maintain, and trip over and you usually get a better rent price for a tiny place. Whether you’re into the stark look of minimalism or if you prefer the cozy, comforting touches that come with hygge, it’s important to make each and every piece of furniture count. Here are seven ideas to inspire you.

Comfy Recliners

Love the idea of stretching out on a big sofa but low on space? Let a recliner or two come to the rescue. The latest recliners come with options like heat and massage features built right in, so your reading or TV time feels extra-relaxing even though you’re in a seat that doesn’t take up tons of space. With small footprints, luxe materials, and contemporary good looks, reclining chairs are the perfect seating option for any small space.

Vertical Shelves, Wardrobes, and More

Whether you have a carefully curated selection of collectibles that you’d like to display or if you need to stow practical items neatly, vertical shelving comes to the rescue. Look for cabinets, cubbies, open shelving, and tall wardrobes instead of wide chests: The options are endless and there are fantastic styles to suit any taste. Vertical pieces maximize storage while offering relatively small footprints.

Furniture with Storage Built In

When it comes to mixing and matching furniture for small spaces, ask yourself if an item pulls double duty. If so, it’s probably a “yes!” Storage ottomans that can double as coffee tables or footrests get an automatic pass, and so do storage benches that can be used to stash bulky items of all kinds while doubling a comfy seating. If you have room for a sofa, look for one that has storage built-in. Side tables with storage, coffee tables with storage, and even

In the bedroom, opt for nightstands with drawers and shelves, as well as a bed frame with storage underneath. Add an etagere to the bathroom if there’s room for one, and in the kitchen, pick a rolling cart or kitchen island with built-in drawers and shelves.

Nesting Tables & C-Stand Tables

If you like to entertain, let nesting tables come to the rescue. Available in a huge range of styles and finishes, as well as in groupings of two, three, or more, nesting tables are versatile and practical while offering the space-conscious aesthetic you’re after. Spread them out to support drinks and snacks, and nest them together to free up floor space. Don’t need multiple tables? Check out C-stand tables as a nice alternative that’s easy to tuck into a tight spot.

Corner Cabinets & Desks

Every space has corners, so why not make the most of the situation? Cabinets, entertainment centers, shelves, and desks designed to fit into corners let you take advantage of space that’s otherwise difficult to utilize. You get extra points if the piece you choose has some storage built in!

Space-Conscious Dining Tables

Living in a small space doesn’t preclude you from enjoying beautiful, comfortable dining experiences. The best dining tables for small spaces are those that allow you to push chairs all the way in, as well as those that either offer some built-in storage or provide versatility in another way. Some dining tables offer a few appealing features all in one space-friendly package. Look for things like a pedestal base, drop leaves, and built-in drawers. Some tables even fold up into wall-mounted cabinets with built-in storage, so they can be stowed away when not in use.

Transforming Furniture

When space is ultra-tight and every inch counts, look into transforming furniture that packs lots of functionality into one simple module. There are tables with stowable seating built right in, murphy beds that fold straight up into the wall or transform themselves into useful desks for daytime use, and larger modular pieces that incorporate a table, seating, and even a bed into one highly packable piece.

Whether you’re decorating a narrow apartment, furnishing a tiny house, or working with a slightly larger space with small rooms or other challenges, remember to prioritize these three V’s: Versatility, vertical space, and visual appeal. There are also some clever interior design tricks you can use to create the illusion of light and space.

It’s important to love the way each piece of furniture looks while making the most of its features. Store items that you’re not using to keep your space looking clean and uncluttered, and try to stick to the old rule of getting rid of one old item before bringing a new item in. Transitioning to a small space does come with challenges but living simply frees up resources and time to invest in experiences you truly enjoy.