The Top Three Healthy Meals That Women On a Diet Can Enjoy

Life gets in the way of everything, don’t you think? We all aim to be the best version of ourselves, but with work, taking care of the kids, and a simple lack of time means that we don’t even get the chance to enjoy a homecooked, nutritional meal much of the time. No doubt as you’re reading this you’re all too familiar with relying on fast food, frozen food, and any other type of food that majorly shaves time off putting some good food in your belly.

If you’re on a diet, responsibilities outside of work don’t just disappear, as much as we wish they would sometimes. In fact, the need for a good, healthy meal is even more important and is, in many cases, even harder to put together. As we all know, it’s not easy to keep to your diet, and while you might be getting the right exercise in, finding the time to create meals each evening that reflect your dieting efforts isn’t easy either.

This is precisely why so many people turn to meal kit delivery companies. You can save all the time that comes with thinking up nutritious meals, preparing them, as well as doing the cooking, and spend more time with those you love, getting all your jobs done, and enjoying the proper balanced food intake that your diet demands.

It’s undeniable that the food you eat is massively important to losing weight, and there are some real benefits to switching to a plant-based diet. It’s why meal-kit companies like Veestro are ideal for those looking to lose weight, and why Veestro reviews are nothing but positive.

There are enough meal-kit providers out there, though, that women who want to lose weight without relying on a strictly plant-based diet can do so. HelloFresh is known for offering a variety of nutritious meals unlike any other, with at least 25 new recipes added each week. Trifecta Nutrition, on the other hand, uses 100% organic ingredients and is designed for the sole purpose of promoting weight loss and healthy dieting.

The thing is, though, some meals are so simple, cheap, and nutritious that you don’t really have an excuse to avoid them. The money you can save by cooking for yourself instead of opting for meal-kit deliveries is enough for many to bite the bullet, but with our top recipes, you’ll find that the lack of effort involved makes the whole process much simpler and, perhaps, even fun.

Interested? Just read on to see what our three most affordable, simple, and outright delicious choices are for any woman who wants to lose weight and keep a good grip on their diet.

Tuna Casserole 

Gone are the days of the boring, old-fashioned tuna casserole. In fact, this can quickly become your favorite meal while dieting because it’s so versatile, so you can change up the ingredients frequently. The way we see it, though, you can’t beat the modern take on this classic. It doesn’t just include classic veggies like garden peas and carrots – we like to add a decent dose of mushrooms, peppers, pasta, spinach, and more, all superbly flavored by introducing a good-quality stock cube. If you’re not a meat-eater, vegetable stock cubes are just as effective as both the beef and chicken alternatives.

Remember, tuna is packed with protein; just be sure, if you get the tinned variety, to get the one that’s canned in water.

Soup, Soup, Soup

Honestly, is there a more diverse and delicious way to reduce calorie intake than with soup? We all have our favorite and there are so many recipes out there, so you really can’t go wrong when you go with homemade. For us, however, we’re big fans of Tuscan bread soup, which is also known as Ribollita.

This veggie recipe contains a bundle of decent veggies, from celery to cannellini beans, and is just as tasty when you let the flavors get to know each other for longer in a slow cooker. It does contain Italian bread, though, so if you’re avoiding this as part of your diet, you might want to avoid our favorite soup altogether. The amount of bread you need to use is pretty minimal – just three slices per four servings – so it likely won’t hinder your progress too much, if at all.

Tray Bake Veg With Spinach and Ricotta 

There’s no wonder that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world. The beautiful oils, exciting usage of staple ingredients like red onion and peppers, but also the incorporation of popular root veg like potatoes and carrots.

Anyway, you can’t top a nice tray bake of Med veg – throw in some garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes, and chestnut mushrooms alongside the ingredients above and after 30 minutes in the oven, you’ve got something special. We like to chuck in some spinach and ricotta too. Ricotta, in proper moderation, is a decent ingredient to include due to being packed with essential nutrients and vitamins.