Top 4 Plumbing Questions to Ask When Renovating Your Bathroom

With the help of a skilled plumbing service, it is possible to transform even the dourest and darkest of bathrooms. In fact, once the foundation is complete – the plumbing and pipework – the fun can really start. From fancy robe racks to super sleek sinks, multidimensional storage solutions, and rainfall showers; the world of bathroom renovations is an exciting place.

However, that foundation is all important and, if you want a beautiful bathroom, you first need to invest in reliable plumbing services. There are tons of plumbers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas that are not only reliable, but cost-efficient as well. Fortunately, modern plumbing is fairly straightforward, in terms of what needs to be done and how long it will take. A good plumbing team will keep you in the loop at all times and if water, heating, or power has to be turned off for a while, they will let you know well in advance.

This guide to some of the most common plumbing questions about bathroom renovations will help your project off the ground.


Does My Renovation Need DA Approval?

Like all large scale construction projects or domestic expansions, bathroom extensions are likely to need development application approval. This is a legal process that essentially gives homeowners permission to make major changes to their properties. However, it is only required if extensive structural work is being added.


You do not need DA approval for a standard bathroom renovation. Either way, it is safer to check with your local council or do some research online. That way, you won’t end up in a sticky situation when it turns out that your bathroom project is legally suspect.

Where Can I Get a Drainage Diagram?

You can obtain an up to date blueprint of the drainage diagram for your property by simply getting in contact with the local water board or authority. This is an important document, because it will show you (and your plumber) where all the pipework is positioned. If you go in full steam without this knowledge, you could end up damaging pipes and causing a flood, so make sure that you have the right information.


The blueprint should be as current as possible. Any renovations that you have previously made to the property must be documented. If they are not, inform the water board and ask them to update the diagram. The key to getting a renovation right is proper planning; cutting corners will only cause more problems further down the line.

What Kind of Warranty Should I Look For?

Ideally, you should be opting for the finest plumbing fixtures and fittings that you can afford, because these tools are built to last. Your products must have the longevity and durability to withstand near constant use. When shopping for parts or for a plumbing service, ask about the warranty on fixtures.

You’ll find that the high quality products usually come with the longest guarantees. The manufacturers and suppliers have great confidence in their tools and they are happy to offer anything from a five to a ten year warranty. The very cheapest products will come with a year warranty which is not really enough to give you peace of mind.

How Do I Know That the Fixtures Are Lawful?

It is really important that you only use reputable vendors and suppliers when shopping for plumbing products. Whether you are buying them independently or paying a plumbing company to do it on your behalf, they need to meet commercial and safety standards.


In fact, working with a reputable plumbing service is the easiest way to achieve this because you can ask as many questions and seek advice whenever you need it. Make sure that your provider and contractor is fully insured. In the unlikely event of mistakes or accidents, you don’t want to be the one left picking up the bill. So, make smart decisions and stay informed.