Top 7 Ways to Make Your BF Jealous

Have you been through a recent breakup with your boyfriend? Are you still craving for his love & attention but not getting any? Well, we are here to help! Don’t we all know how guys get all crazy jealous the moment they see you with another guy….well, it’s not all true! You see, a guy becomes crazy jealous when he spots you close to another guy only when he feels it’s GENUINE, however, if you and the new guy in your life seem to be a sham or some silly game that you’re playing, your ex won’t even bother- for he’ll know you are trying to take revenge or simply get him back. So women- play smart!

Isn’t this where we go wrong!? Yes! Sometimes, to make our ex boyfriends jealous, we end up trying so hard that we come across as obviously insecure and desperate! Trust me; if you’re playing this game too, you’ll just kiss your one good chance of getting him back GOODBYE. The one thing that turns men off is a girl playing obvious games!

So chalk out a new plan, make the ex boyfriend jealous- this time use subtlety, minimize all potential risks, embarrassment or backlash!


  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

Rule #1 is to be happy & to look good. It’s okay to be upset for a couple of days post the breakup, but don’t get caught in self pity. But don’t let the ex boyfriend feel like he controls your life and he runs the show for you.  Instead, take a good look at yourself- ask yourself when you went to the salon or the spa or shopping the last time. Go out with a friend; get a sexy haircut, manicure, pedicure, body massage! Look pretty and you will feel like you can take on the world!

You must make an effort to pamper yourself. Treat yourself with a pair of brand new, super sexy, high heeled black pumps (or any other color you dig!!!), head over to the lingerie section, go pick the latest makeup!

  • Look & Feel Good

The next step is to work the magic with all the money you just blew! Well, dress to kill! Put on the new strappy dress, the gorgeous pumps, put on the new makeup and go party. For all you know, you might bump into your ex at a pub or a club. Trust me, seeing you all proper and pretty, he’ll be regretting that he ended things with you!

  • Be Civil & Dignified

If you do happen to bump into the ex, keep your cool and look dignified. You don’t have to go and strike a conversation. Let HIM come over and be the first one to talk. When he does, be civil and polite. Trust me- it will kill him to see you being so mature and over him!!! Also, don’t come across as being overly friendly, so end the conversation short and walk off to your friends. This way, you’re sending out a signal that you’re still approachable, yet, not available!!! Remember-DON’T bring up the topic of your relationship. We do not want to sound needy again!

  • Make New Friends

You need to start hanging out with friends more often using services likes people search. Be that old friends, common friends (even better) or new friends. The more you socialize, the more you’ll keep busy. Being in a company of interesting people will help you heal, you’ll be happy and it’ll show in your personality. Start meeting new men. However, don’t get into a relationship if you’re not over our ex and you are not ready to move on. There is a possibility that when your ex sees you with a new guy, he feels you’re over him and he moves on too! And we don’t want that yet, right?

So instead try this to get attention from him:

Hang out with common friends, people who know both you & him. These are the people who will probably tell your ex that you’ve been good lately. Even if they don’t, these are the people your EX will ask when he wants to know how you’re doing, where you are and if you’re with someone else!!

  • Drop The Awful Habits!

Everyone has their weird habits! I’m sure you have yours. Is there anything that your ex didn’t quite like about you? It could be your habit of chewing your nails, or being lazy and messy, or you being too loud! Whatever it is, shake the habit! Work at yourself and bring out the NEW you. Keep your nails neatly trimmed, a French manicure looks great BTW! Look good, hit the gym, and lose some weight. Be polite and courteous, come across as polished, and upgrade yourself, read more! Trust me, when he sees you, he’ll realize you’ve changed for the better and maybe he then remembers all the wonderful times you two shared.

  • Take To Social Networks!

Let the internet be your new best civil when you bump into him, keep in touch with common friends and keep updating your Twitter, MySpace & facebook accounts! Upload photos from all your road trips and girls night outs! Casually flirt a little with other men online. Even if you’ve deleted him, the common buddies come handy once again!!! They’ll for sure pass on news to him.  If he’s still on your list, act mature, don’t ever bring up the breakup, and don’t post sad sorry posts!

  • Sound Busy!

Well, after all this has been going on, I’m sure he’ll try to get in touch with you. Whenever he does, be it a text or a call; sit on it for some days. Yes, I mean IGNORE!!! It’s obvious that if he’s calling you or texting you or poking you on facebook, he wants you BACK. This is where you need to look busy! Don’t be available, keep the upper hand and let him check his phone or messages every hour to see if you’ve replied! Give him time to think & worry. After a few days, casually message back to say that you’ve been caught up with work or a road trip with buddies and ask him how he’s doing.