6 Tips to Consider When Buying A Used Smartphone

Thinking of purchasing a used smartphone? Below are some tips that will help you get the best deals.

  1. Budget

If you are and phone lover, you might be willing to get your favorite brand at a high cost. For those on a tight budget, getting one should not be a hustle. Nowadays, there are a lot of used smartphones available within the budget of most people. As long as the phone has the necessary features and is functional, you are good to go. Before making a final decision, ensure to carefully go to various sites to ensure that you get the deals. There is no point in getting a pricey used phone when you get a new one at the same cost. The whole point here is researching to get the best deals and high quality at the same time.

  1. Reliable seller

Once you decide on the brand of used phone you want to purchase, do your research on reputable sellers. Ensure that the one you settle for is reputable and genuine. You might have to put a tad bit of effort into finding the best site, but this will save you a great deal in the long run.

Ask around from trusted family members and friends who have purchased used smartphones from online sites. Do your due diligence and background checks on the seller. Being prudent will help you not fall prey to the hands of online scammers.

Another way to find out the reliability of the site is by looking at their reviews. Positive reviews are an indication that you can trust their used phone. Negative ones should serve as a red flag. If you doubt the credibility of the seller, trust your gut.

  1. Original price of the phone

Before getting a used smartphone, consider the price of a new one. Typically, the used phone should cost at least twenty percent less. If the price is unrealistically low, it might be time to look for another site.

Go for a site that reasonable prices their used items. Remember, an old phone might have to go through clean-up, repairs, and inspection. That is why it must not cost too low it has gone through such processes.

  1. Overall phone’s condition

Lastly, consider the overall condition of the phone. Any cracks, breakage signs, and chips should serve as deal-breaker. That is because replacing broken parts can end up being a costly affair.

Be keen to note any significant abrasion or dents. It could be a sign that the phone was not maintained by the owner or got dropped repeatedly. If the phone looks okay and in perfect condition, then you can go ahead and make a purchase.

  1. Examine the usability of the accessories and ports

If you want to purchase a used phone along with its accessories, you must scrutinize it thoroughly. For starters, ascertain if the charger is operational by letting the phone charge for a few minutes. Ensure to keep a tab on the charging time.

Be keen on any abnormalities with the battery. For instance, is the phone overheating frequently? Also, watch out that the battery is not draining too fast. Secondly, analyze the earphones and whether they are functional. Plug them on the used phone and indulge in any audio file. Be keen on the volume and clarity.

Also, do not forget to check the phone’s USB port. Carry out a fast data transfer check to ascertain that the port is in perfect working condition.

  1. Be aware of stolen phones.

If you get tempted to take a bargain that will save your coins, purchasing a phone that’s stolen is a huge no-no. Such a used phone will get you into trouble with the authorities. It does not make sense getting the used devise for a steal only get slapped with huge fines.

Do not purchase a used phone that has been reported as stolen. Or that which has been used to engage in criminal activities.

To get a genuine used phone, insist that the seller avails you of a copy of the original receipt. The bill should clearly show the name of the initial device owner and other nitty-gritties such as the date of purchase, name of the store, warranty details, etc.

Finally, take a look at the used phone’s battery section for the International Mobile Equipment Identity sticker. Match the serial number on the packaging box with the former.


Compared to getting yourself a new smartphone, getting a used one can go a long way in saving you a few bucks. To get the best online deals, you should be more vigilant. Following the steps discussed above will help settle for the best-used smartphone with little or no hustle.