Unique Tricks To Bring Your Home’s Hallway To Life

Americans may be spending $424 billion per year improving the aesthetics of their homes, but there is one room they’ve likely forgotten to show some love to. Despite walking through it multiple times per day, the hallway is the most abandoned room in a home, according to Rated People. So, just how do you bring this all-important part of your home to life?

Install a textured wall

2019 is the year of the textured wall, according to Forbes. And, there’s no better way to introduce this unique and striking feature than in your hallway. Concrete, stone, brick, tile, and even glass can all be used to bring the wow factor to your hallway. When used on just one wall, you’ll introduce a memorable feature that will pave the way for the rest of the design of your home. Or, why not create an irresistible textured wall on the stairway wall, so that every time you walk up and down the stairs you’re dazzled by it?

Make smart products a design feature

45 million U.S homes currently own at least one smart product. And the smart home system trend is growing, with light switches, security systems, thermostats, home locks, and home assistants increasingly becoming additions to the home and, in particular, the hallway. However, when you’re next choosing a smart product, choose one which blends in with the rest of your hallway’s design. Many of these systems now come in a variety of colors and innovative designs, making them ideal for any style of room. But, before you go splashing out on multiple devices to improve the feel of your hallway, check that your home’s belongings are looked after. With the right type of protection in terms of warranties and insurance, your devices will be safeguarded, meaning they’ll be repaired or replaced if they break down. This is good news as you won’t have to rejig your hallway design following the item’s removal.

Space-saving furniture is a must

You’ll rarely find shelving in a hallway, yet it’s a convenient way to store and grab items as you leave your home. To make your shelving unique, opt for scattered shelves along the master wall in multiple on-trend colors, such as calming nature tones or pale hues. Alternatively, stack shelves on top of each other, so that family members small and tall can access them. Another great way to introduce furniture into your hallway is to convert the area under your stairs into a walk in shoe cabinet, to prevent muddy shoes ever cluttering up your doorway again.

Bring style with patterned tiles

You’ll find most homes use carpet, hardwood or laminate on the hallway floor. But, none of these materials are going to bring the wow factor to the entrance of your home. Instead, opt for patterned tiles, in a geometric, star, or Aztec print for a 2019-inspired design. You could even decorate the front of each step on your staircase with the same tiles, to create a one-off feature which stems from your hallway and up to the landing.

Go big with mirrors

Most hallways are long corridors with very little light. But you can change all this by hanging mirrors on the walls. Ideally, you should place a mirror on the wall opposite a light source to create the illusion of space. However, if this isn’t possible, a large mirror underneath both ceiling and wall lights will brighten the room up in an instance. And, if you opt for mirrors in chunky, patterned frames, they will add an extra bit of pizzazz to your hallway.

Add life with plants

Every other room of your home is sure to look loved and appreciated, and you can create the same feeling in your hallway by dotting plants around the room. Foliage types of plant, such as croton, red aglaonema, and purple passion plants are a great way to add color, life, and a low-maintenance feature to your hallway. But, as house plants require light to grow, they should be placed near a window. Alternatively, alternate your house plants around from room to room, so that the ones in your hallway have time to recuperate elsewhere. Not only will this keep them thriving, but it will constantly mix up the feel and colors.

Mix & match lighting

With most hallways being so dark, it’s essential you incorporate quality lighting into the room. Aim to create a statement from the get-go with a large, bold ceiling light. Sharp lines and strong colors will draw the eye up, whereas a translucent or shimmering design will widen the space. A free-standing slim lamp can be placed at the foot of the staircase to carry light upwards. Meanwhile, hang wall lights seamlessly on the stairway wall by opting for lights in the same shade or pattern as the wall.

It’s time to show your home’s hallway the attention it deserves. And, with these unique design tips, you can be sure that your hallway will become as much a part of the home as every other room within it.