Weighing Your Options For A Backyard Bathtub

Imagine, for a second, the following dream scenario. You’re neck deep in warm water. A thin layer of soothing bubbles gently washes against your skin as you take in the fragrant aromas of some specialized oils. A relaxing drink in hand, you glance upward and feel the warm rays of the afternoon sun on your face. What magic is this? The inimitable joy of a backyard bathtub, of course. How can you make this dream a reality of your own? That’s exactly what we plan on exploring today. We’re going to “jump into” the details and weigh a few options for setting up a personal outdoor paradise.

First, You’ll Need A Bath

This almost goes without saying. No bathtub, no backyard soaking. If you’ve done any research at all on getting a full-fledged hot tub installed in the yard, you already know that it costs a pretty penny. For those with the money, the benefits might outweigh the exorbitant price point, but, most people, even those with some extra disposable income, would rather have a functional option that will save them a few dollars as well.

One method that’s gained a good deal of popularity in recent years is refurbishing an old, unused tub. On its face, not a terrible idea. You can save money for sure, and style it up in the manner of your choosing. Some of the results are rather impressive too, provided you’ve got the creative mind to dream up a great ambiance for your backyard bathing area.

There is a rub, though. You’re stuck with the dimensions and functionality of whatever old tub you can rummage up. Needless to say, this limits your selections, and you might not end up with a finished product that’s quite what you had in mind. Then there’s the fact that you’ve got an exposed tub sitting in your backyard all year round, taking up space and being exposed to the harsh elements. Not ideal if you wanted something low maintenance or you wanted to free up the space from time to time to do something else in your dedicated tub area.

For our money, we like going with the portable tub option. Portable hots tubs are generally made with acrylic shells, so they’re plenty durable. Since they’re designed to be stashed away, you can inflate them when you need them, and deflate them when it’s time for storage. On top of that, you’ve got your pick of models to choose from, and most don’t require much in the way of maintenance. No need to set up any complicated external plumbing to run water to the tub either, so you can just set these up and be good to go.

Next, You’ll Have To Design Your Space

The next challenge will be preparing your perfect outdoor space. This, obviously, will depend largely upon what your backyard is like. How large is it? Do you have trees? Are you setting up your tub space near the home or further out from the house. If you’re going with the latter option, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to let your tub stay completely open or if you want to build a canopy or small structure to partially cover it up.

There are plenty of options here, but there’s also plenty of inspiration as well. This DIY guide, for instance, shows a step-by-step for a peaceful, nature-inspired alcove. A few stones, some potted plants, a couple of candles, and voila—a quiet corner you can call your own.

Alternatively, you could go highbrow and build a secluded building specifically for your bath. There’s much more work involved, for sure, but the results are stunning. The finished product even has a pull-down shade to guard from prying eyes, and the way the entire structure melds within the bushes makes it seem like the space was carved out just for having a gentle bath.

Since you’re going with the portable tub, you might go with several setups and have them all on hand to suit whatever mood you’re in. Have something fenced in, another spot that’s open, and even a private location nestled among the trees. Whatever you decide, make sure to be creative and the ideas will follow.

Finally, Kick Back And Relax

Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. A hot bath is soothing enough when taken indoors. Adding the touch of nature and soaking yourself among the outdoors will take the experience to a new level you might never have thought possible.