Why you should not get married to your office colleague

When you are working in an office your life rotates around your work. If you fall under the ‘supposed lucky’ category (that is you get weekends off), then your organization makes sure that you slog through the weekdays; in which case, you are too tired to anything else in the work-offs. The result: your only social life is your office, the same cubicle and also the same faces. And if you fall for one of those beautiful faces, it’s definitely not your fault.

Flirting can be a part of the office routine but tying the knot with one of your office colleague can be extremely difficult & problematic. How?? We, at worldoffemale, list out a few reasons for the same, so read carefully & find out more.

No Life without My Wife:

In times when couples find no time for each other, you may think that you are blessed to share the same office space, but the truth is very different. Coffee breaks, Lunch hours and even loo breaks will not constitute of your office buddies instead it will become a part of your personal time with your spouse. Since office time becomes equal to social time, all socializing you would do is hi-bye to your office friends as all your office time is spent on your spouse.

Office Gossip:

Those times when you enjoyed gossiping about the latest office affair will become a thing of the past; instead you will become the latest office gossip. Though you may visit your spouse’s cubicle for work purposes, all eyes on the floor will be set on the two of you; forget the time when the two of you want to have a personal conversation. Even your slightest display of affection will become office gossip for the next seven days.

Switching Jobs:

Once you get used to your ‘spouse’ in your office, it will be extremely for you, if your spouse wishes to grow professionally & decides to join another organization.

Firstly, the vacuum that shall form due to the absence of your partner will be very difficult to fill-up. Secondly, trying to get back into the office’s social circuit will be quite a task, especially because you had been too busy with your spouse earlier. And now your old friends may have found better companions or more profitable alliances in the office.

Furthermore, if your spouse gets an offer from a rival company & decides to accept it, it will be difficult for the two of you to keep your professional & personal lives aloof, as you have been used to mixing them up for a long time.

Personal matters may go public:

Since your professional life and personal life become one and the same, your personal matters might become office matters. If there’s negative energy flowing between you too and if you have to work closely with your spouse, then it will be extremely difficult to hide the tension that exists between the two of you from the public eye.

The troubling partner:

Unlike popular belief, there are also many couples who are able to maintain their professional & personal lives separately. This can be a boon, however if your partner has a doubtful nature, then you are in big trouble. While many men avoid flirting with married girls, on the other hand women have a liking for married men. So if you are a man and might be busy talking to a beautiful lady, only for professional reasons, your wife may be keeping a watch on you & she may think that you have forgotten that she exists in the very same office. That is why you are openly flirting. Though she may not speak of it to you in the office, the environment at your home might never be the same.

And if you are a woman & your husband doubts you, then he will not wait till you reach home; he will surely create a scene right in front of the whole office. This is because men do not have much self control as women do.

Professional Rivalry:

If the two of you are working at the same level in the office & have also put the same number of years in the industry, chances are that the two of you will be compared with each other all the time, either in office or at home.

Such constant comparison will definitely lead to some competition between the couple. Though initially this competition will be healthy & on the lighter side, slowly & steadily it will get meaner. Eventually, this will lead to immense professional rivalry between the two of you which will prove extremely disastrous to both your professional & personal lives.

If the two of you work at different levels in the office, then too chances are that there will be some uneasiness in your relationship. The one who works at the lower position at the office will try to boss around at home, while the one who enjoys the superior position in the office will try to maintain his/her supremacy in personal life as well. Until & unless both of you are devoid of the natural tendencies of human nature (read jealously & anger)  and are very saintly, there are bound to be innumerable fights & disputes at your home.

Irregular Working hours:

If either of you has to continuously give in more time than the required working hours, it will be testing for the other partner. Not only does this mean that going home alone but also spending lesser time together. If your office gives weekends offs then it may not be troublesome but a single holiday will definitely not be as beneficial after six days of rigorous hard work.

Though we are sure to have substantiates our claim, if you still think that this colleague is the one for you, reconsider your decision & ask a few questions to yourself:-

  • Have I fallen for this person due to office environment?

Many people fall in love with their colleague only because they are better than the others in their office. However, this doesn’t mean that this person is truly the best, but simply put he is not as bad as the others and this surely doesn’t qualify your colleague to be your spouse.

  • Should I marry this person or instead let him/her be my work spouse?

Though a co-worker may be a gem of a person, it is not necessary that you marry him/her. Having a good co – worker is good for you, but it doesn’t necessitate that the same person will prove a good spouse. Your colleague might be helpful to you at work and it is definitely better to let him/her remain that way. Instead, drop the idea of marriage and let the person be your work spouse.

The concept of work spouse is simple. According to this you share the same relationship with a co-worker as you would with your spouse. Characteristics such as sharing ones happiness & experiences, enjoying a degree of openness & truth, etc.  that are involved in a marriage find their place in this union as well; the only difference is that there are no romantic strings attached.

Though whom will you fall in love with is never for you to decide, it is always better to use some logic when you decide to get married.