Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Back Yard in the Fall

If you’re someone who loves to spend time in your back yard, you might see the arrival of fall as the beginning of a stretch of time where you’re resigned to the inside of your house. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, you might not be sunbathing on the lawn or jumping in and out of the pool anymore, but you can certainly enjoy your outdoor space in other ways. Here are just a handful of suggestions for making the most of your back yard this fall.

Grow some herbs

Thinking that nothing will grow between fall and spring is a common misconception, but there are actually some herbs that will grow well in fall and winter. For example, you can grow cilantro in October so long as you remember to protect it with a layer of horticultural fleece to prevent the cooler temperatures from killing it. Mint, rosemary, thyme and chives also do well in fall, meaning you’ll have a steady supply of delicious herbs to use in your kitchen. Just remember to keep your herbs covered to protect them from the coldest weather. Even those that stop producing leaves may suddenly sprout again if you experience a spell of mild weather over the fall and winter. There’s no doubt it’s easier to grow herbs in spring, but do try growing them over fall and see if you surprise yourself.

Spruce up your pergola

It’s no secret that your pergola is going to be looking a little sad at this time of year. All that lovely foliage is likely to have withered and died, leaving behind a structure that looks barren or knotted up with wilting vines. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Strip away the dead plants and make the most of your pergola by being creative with the way you use it. For example, a pergola makes an excellent centerpiece for a Halloween celebration (how about hanging a jack-o-lantern or cut-out crows and bats to the beams?). Or, you could simply hang strings of festoon lights across your pergola for a romantic evening in the back yard for a sparkly holiday feel. If you don’t own a pergola, you can buy simple wooden structures pretty cheaply, but if you like the idea of something more solid and permanent, you can find beautiful pergolas that work as a permanent structure for shade, shelter, relaxing and entertaining from a supplier like this one.

Upgrade your lighting 

Lighting is important in any part of your home, and that’s no different when it comes to your back yard. Not only will it help to give structure, highlight and shade to your back yard -showing off your plants, trees and shrubbery – it also serves a practical function by ensuring you and your loved ones can move around it safely. Good lighting can also be key to using your garden well into fall and winter, hosting BBQs for your friends and neighbors. Sure, you’ll be wearing winter clothes to keep warm, but what better than smoking hot brisket or hot dogs on a cold fall afternoon? Just take the opportunity to upgrade your lighting to do something good for the planet, opting for solar powered back yard lighting wherever possible.

Find fall-friendly activities to do 

Of course, it’s easiest to hang out in your back yard during the summer months. Cook-outs, pool parties and games are all a regular occurrence if you have the space to host them, but there’s actually a lot you can do in fall if you get a little creative. For example, why not do a spot of star gazing on the lawn? Wrap up warm, bring out mugs of cocoa and sit back to see what you can find in the sky. If you have kids, you’ll find that star gazing is an activity they’re bound to enjoy (along with these other backyard activities), and you’ll learn a lot too – especially if you download a stargazing app to help make sense of the constellations you’re looking for.

So, with these suggestions, do you think you’ll use your back yard more often this fall?