5 Tips to Improve your Outdoor Living Area

Doing up your outdoor decor is a great way to improve your outdoor living experience and quality of life. Creating a new space that is stylish and functional with add to the visual aspect of your home and increase its value.

Outdoor living areas are amazing for entertaining family and friends, or simply relaxing on a lazy summer afternoon. If you are thinking of investing in your property by creating an outdoor area, then here are 5 tips for you to consider in your plans.

#1 Protect your Privacy

Privacy is the first place to start. Keep the neighbors and other wandering eyes out of your personal affairs with a fence. Your fence can be ornamental, or organic. Choose a wooden style fence that you can corner around your living area, or create some privacy with large potted plants around the perimeter. Railroad ties are a great example of an organic, repurposed material that gives a living area a rustic, cozy feel. Using organic or repurposed materials where ever you can helps you give back to the earth.

#2 Make it Intimate

Your outdoor living area is for entertaining and relaxing, so make it an intimate space that encourages and invites relaxation and good living. Reflect themes from inside your house to match the outdoor environment. Work with natural colors of nature and the exterior colors of your home.

Turn your outdoor space into an intimate setting for entertaining and personal use. Think of your area as a room without walls and decide how each piece works in relation to one another and your outdoor environment as a whole. The arrangement of your outdoor space should speak to your plans on using the area.

#3 Hang a Hammock & Make a Daybed

When we envision a hammock, we imagine those warm summer afternoons, with the sun slowly descending into the horizon as you sip on a cocktail. Hammocks can either be fixed to the wall or set up freestanding with an independent base & support. A day bed is another great idea to add to your outdoor living area. Nothing beats a lazy midday nap on a Sunday afternoon. Make sure that you spray the bed’s fabric with a waterproof coating if you live in a damp or humid area.

#4 Go Green & stay well-lit

Potted plants and hanging gardens are fantastic ways to spruce up the organic feel to your outdoor living area. Set up the potted plants in corners and use the hanging planters to shade the area. When the sun goes down, the patio and living area should be well lit, however, keep it intimate and use warm, soft lighting instead of brighter cool-white bulbs.

#5 Close it up

Enclosing your patio from the environmental elements means that you are able to use your patio year-round in all weather conditions. There are many different options for covering your patio, from lattices to gazebos. To see what kind of options are available to you, then learn more here.
The Final Word

Be as creative as you can. Make sure that you select furniture and accessories that suit the theme of your home. Your outdoor living area should be a personal haven where you and your family can enjoy your time together and relax in comfort.