Advantages of lighted mirrors for vanities

How many of us dreamed, as little girls, of one day having our own princess vanity, complete with lighted vanity mirror and ruffled stool? Now that we are all grown up, many of us still have the same dream, albeit a more grown-up incarnation. Now, instead of a princess vanity, many of us want something a little more glamorous, something that makes us feel like a real-life movie star. Now, our vanity dreams may include a Hollywood mirror with lights, camera, and action!

Lighted mirrors typically run on electricity but there are some that run on batteries, so if you don’t have a convenient power source you can still have your dream mirror!

Choose one that has a variety of light settings. This will help you to get the most accurate makeup application for a variety of real-life lighting situations. For example:


Use this setting for applying makeup that you will wear during the day. This setting on your mirror will provide lighting that is bright and pure, similar to what you will encounter in natural sunlight.


This setting provides basic, everyday lighting that will accurately reflect the kind of lighting in most atmospheres, such as when you are at home or at work. This will likely be your most commonly used setting.


An evening setting on your mirror will be dimmer, more moody lighting. This will affect the way makeup looks on your face. It’s also a warmer light, which is more true to what you might encounter in a dimly light restaurant, for example. Using this setting will help you to apply makeup in shades and intensities that will accurately reflect the conditions in which you are going to be spending the evening.

Choosing a vanity mirror that offers more than one lighting selection will give you the most bang for your buck. If you are going to invest in a vanity mirror, it’s worthwhile to spend a few extra dollars for one that has those extra features, particularly if you are serious about makeup. Having the ability to switch your mirror from one kind of light to another will be very valuable to you. You don’t want to sit down to apply your daytime makeup with a dimly lit mirror!  If you do, when you step out into the light of day you will likely notice that you’ve had a heavier and with your makeup than you would have had if the lighting had been better and more accurate.

When those little girl dreams turn into adult wants, that doesn’t mean we have to abandon our sense of glamour. Not at all! Adding a mirror from to your beautiful space can add that special touch of luxury and pampering that will make your space feel truly special. Go ahead. You deserve it!

Light Up Your Bathroom with Amazing LED Mirror Designs

Big mirrors are a statement when it comes to designing your home space and none can yell glamour as much as an LED makeup mirror which will transform your common bathroom into a Hollywood-worthy studio.

They cannot be regarded as just mirrors with lights flickering around them but instead they should be viewed as a perfect setting which confers everyone who has them a statement in terms of style and glamour.  Stunning LED makeup mirrors will come in handy in almost every environment such as your personal bedroom, bathroom or a fancy salon.

Not only do they offer the best lighting effect when one perfects her hair or makeup but they also are build of the highest quality materials possible. They serve for the highest acclaimed professional makeup artists, celebrities and salons. They offer everyone tons of possibilities when it comes to finishing as LED makeup mirrors come with black or white gloss and can be placed pretty much everywhere, be it freestanding or mounted on a wall.

LED lights which surround the mirror are guaranteed to last as much as 5 years and can also be dimmed down to enable everyone to create their own setting for perfecting unique styles. Being equipped with LED lighting has its perks as they can be re-designed to meet even the most pretentious of customers’ needs. Adjustments can be made in terms of backlighting, soft glows, light effects as well as illuminated edges.

Mirrors which have LED lights are also environmentally friendly as they save the owner a great deal of cash by consuming a lot less than a typical light bulb. By installing such a mirror in the place where he or she spends invaluable time for grooming, it becomes a centre of the home and can become the main feature of the entire room.

These mirrors can really stroke your vanity as they come as the most elegant pieces of decorative equipment that is available on the market that perfectly put everyone who places in front of them in the limelight. They are heavily customizable, come with a 3 meter power cable and are the safest products on the market.

One is heavily advised to do himself a favour and ditch the old mirror in favour of the exquisite LED lighted mirror which will confer everyone a touch of elegance and style. LED mirrors are paving the way slowly but surely to become a necessity rather than a trend and for a good reason as they will amaze anyone who stands in front of them at each and every flick to turn them on.