5 Ways to Create Lighted Table Centerpieces for Special Events

A well-chosen centerpiece can lend elegance to any occasion or table setting. Now imagine what a lighted centerpiece can do to elevate any event from ordinary to extraordinary. Lights have a way of softening an environment to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Whether you’re planning a wedding or another special event, discover five ways you can create centerpieces that will light up your occasion.

Lighted Branches and Tabletop Trees

Flowers and plants make excellent centerpieces, and lights can help enhance natural beauty. For weddings, battery-operated strands of lights from lighting sources such as Christmas Lights Etc and lighted willow branches with LED lights can complement any table setting.

If you’re planning a holiday event, consider using a lighted 2- or 4-foot tabletop tree as your centerpiece. You might also want to add ornaments for extra holiday flair.

Mason Jars With Battery-Operated Lights

Image via Flickr by Eric Kilby

Never underestimate the decorative versatility of the humble mason jar. Making a mason jar centerpiece a statement is as simple as placing a few battery-operated lights inside jars.

Depending on the theme of your special event, you can choose different colors and stock the jars with your favorite flowers for the finishing touch. Alternatively, fill the bottom third of the jar with colored gravel and battery-powered fairy lights.

Flowers in a New Light

Floral centerpieces for special events are timeless, but they can also get boring over time. Battery-operated LED lights, however, offer a new take on a traditional floral centerpiece.

For this idea, place a waterproof LED tea light at the bottom of a clear glass vase. Next, fill the vase with water and add water crystals in the color of your choice. Place your flower arrangement in the vase for a centerpiece that will dazzle your guests.

Wine-Bottle Lights

An empty wine bottle on a table can be more of an eyesore than a centerpiece. However, when you insert a string of lights inside it, what would be recycling becomes a stunning centerpiece. Strands of miniature lights are especially well-suited for wine-bottle lights.

If your lights have a plug at one end, you can drill a hole at the bottom of the back of the bottle to extend the strand to an outlet. Alternatively, depending on your venue, battery-powered strands of lights may be more convenient. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the color of your wine bottle. For example, white lights in a blue-colored bottle make a striking centerpiece.

Lighted Water Crystal Beads

You may have seen glass bowls filled with water crystal beads at events, a decorating idea that can make for a colorful centerpiece. You can take this simple idea to the next level by placing battery-powered tea lights under the colored beads. The light will illuminate each bead, drawing out its color and casting a warm glow over your table setting.

As you plan your next special occasion, remember that a table centerpiece can be more than the centerpiece of a table. With lights, your table centerpiece can become a masterpiece.