Three Party Ideas to Chase Away Winter Blues

Christmas is gone, New Year’s has washed over us, we’re all back to work already. The most depressing time of the year is officially here. The weather isn’t exactly stellar, so it’s not like you can chase away the winter blues with a walk in the park, and the yearly winter sales season is only an option for the precious few who didn’t overspend for Christmas or New Year’s. So what is there left to do in order not to get terribly depressed? Well, for one thing, kick off all those negative thoughts. After all, the hard part is over and spring is just… well, a couple months away. A couple of months surely isn’t that long, is it? Then, grab that phone/ online messenger/ social network friends list and fire it up. Call your friends and have them over for a blast. A party needn’t be complicated to organize or expensive in order to be fun. Here’s a couple of ideas you might think of putting into practice, for a fun, instead of blue winter season.

BYOB? Sure!

Those of you who like parties but are worried a friendly shindig might take too heavy a toll on your already depleted budget can always throw a bring-your-own-booze/music/munchies party. You, as the host will have to provide the basics, of course, such as snacks, chips or finger food, but such a menu is generally accessible, price-wise. Ask your friends what they would like to drink, put out a couple of bottles of soda, some wine (hint: the larger the recipient it comes in, the cheaper it’s likely to be) and ask them to bring over whatever else they might like to drink. For a party that’s even more fun, put a spin on the whole tale and set a dress code. You will laugh your heart out to see your best friend decked out in a 70’s fancy dress outfit, her boyfriend in gangsta rapper attire and all your other friends in their ‘Sunday best,’ if you spring for a glam themed party, for instance. Better yet, the movie award season is coming up. Invite your friends over for an all-nighter, buy a cheap red carpet to lay out before them and ask them to dress to the nines. After all, it’s the Oscars, isn’t it? Chances are most of them will fall asleep before they get to the Best Picture Award, but it’s the thought that counts, as well as the fact that you’ll have your closest buds over for a fun-filled night.

Gamers of the World, Unite

If you or your significant other (or, in the best of worlds, both) are very much into gaming, so much so that you own a large and varied collection of PC games and/or a gaming console, it’s time to bring those LAN parties offline. Grab some beers, call your closest gamer buddies over, lay out some chow (perk: gamers are very unpretentious when it comes to food) and blast your night away. Conversely, if blasting isn’t much your cuppa, summon some magic spirits, increase your skills, bowl or play tennis on the Wii—anything goes, as long as there are some rules to it and there’s fun to be had. As a matter of fact, a good gaming party doesn’t even need to include electronics and gadgetry. You could just as well bring out some classic board games, such as Monopoly or Cluedo. You can basically bet your bottom dollar on a whole night of fun, friends, feuds (friendly as well) and memories to be enjoyed for years to come.

Carnival Time!
It’s common knowledge that the sillier a party gets, the more fun it is. And in this respect, nothing tops carnivals, theme parties and costume parties. You don’t need an event to celebrate. Just go with the flow and pick a theme that tickles your fancy, that you know most of your friends would enjoy and be comfortable with, then send out those invites. Think back of your childhood and the silly things your parents would make you wear. If you’re a kid of the ‘90s or ‘80s, nineties and eighties costume ideas will pop up in your head quicker than you can say ‘poppycock’. They’ll be tacky, they’ll be corny, everyone will look like a genuine fashion disaster—and, as we all know, this makes for absolutely awesome pics to shame your friends with on Facebook. And what are friends for, if not for a good-natured bout of public shaming.

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