6 Cheap But Effective Home Design Tips

Have you just moved into your home or are you looking to give your home a fresh new look? The good news is that you can make your home look quite different without too much effort or cost. Occasionally, just the smallest change can have the biggest difference.

The tips you can find below can help you to make those all-important changes or inspire you.

Paint your Small Rooms Lighter

If your home has a few small rooms you may want to consider painting them a light color. Lighter colors can help prevent the rooms from looking too dark. When a room is too dark it usually looks too small. Do what you can to keep your small rooms light as this will open them up a bit.

Use light colors all around the room but don’t be afraid to have a little dark here and there. A little bit of darkness such as the frame around a mirror can look very nice. While we’re on the subject of mirrors, you might want to add a few of them to a small room as it can make them look bigger.

Use Covers on your Furniture

Not everyone likes to put covers on their furniture but it can make all the difference. A fresh new cover or slip can make an old sofa look brand new again. It can also make the sofa complement the rest of the room. What’s more, is you won’t have to worry quite so much about anyone spilling things on your sofa. If your sofa does get dirty, simply take the cover/slip off and wash it.

If you don’t want to put covers on your furniture consider draping a blanket or a sheet over them.

Hang up your Kitchen Pots

Pots can take up a lot of room in your kitchen. You may, therefore, wish to consider hanging them up. Hang them above the worktop or in the middle of the room above the table. Not only can this help you save room but it can also look quite nice.

Update your Appliances

If your kitchen and your utility room are looking a little worse for wear you might want to consider decorating them. However, if it’s your appliances that aren’t looking great it might be worth replacing them. If you do replace your refrigerator, washer, and other appliances consider getting home warranty coverage so you know you’re protected. If you don’t want to replace all of your appliances there’s a solution. Buy some sticky plastic that can sit on the front of your refrigerator and make it look new. This may also be a good solution for your kitchen cupboards. 

Use Rugs on Hard Floors

Do you have a lot of hard floors in your home? You may want to think about using rugs on those floors. Rugs not only look good but they add to the texture of the room. What’s more, is the rugs will also make the floor feel much warmer under your feet.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your rugs, just find a few that you like and place them in ‘high transport’ areas. In other words, areas where people tend to walk. This will help to break the room up a little and make it a much more comfortable place to be.

Make sure you use rugs that are the same color as the decor or a color that complements it. 

Put Plants in your Home

Putting plants in your home can make it much more homely. Did you know that the color green helps to relax us? You may, therefore, wish to add some green plants to each room. This will help the room to seem much calmer and the plants can help the rooms to look good.

Make sure you put the plants in the correct size pot and that you water them as often as they need it. If you’re not sure whether a plant needs watering do this one simple thing. Push a finger into the soil, not too far, just one or two centimeters. If the soil feels damp then your plant does not need watering. If the soil is dry then you’ll need to water the plant. Just make sure you don’t over-water.

Making some small but subtle changes can make a real difference to your home. Paint your small rooms lighter, use covers on your furniture, hang up your pots and update your appliances.  Put some rugs on your floors and add some plants here and there. After a while, your home could look so much nicer.