Low Maintenance Landscaping For Your Home

As a homeowner, you already know that there never seems to be an end to the “To Do” list of chores to get done. For busy families or single owners, lawn and landscaping maintenance can take up a big chunk of that list. With schedules that are busier than ever, making time to get out into the yard and get some work done becomes a precious commodity. If you want to save yourself some time and work while still having lovely landscaping, you need to consider some lower maintenance options.

The more complex your landscape design is, the more time you will need to dedicate to mowing, watering, raking and weeding. Keeping things simple and even elegant can help you save time while still keeping your outdoor spaces looking great. From rock gardens to clever tree placement, there are many options for anyone looking to cut back time spent on outdoor maintenance. Spend those precious hours enjoying your favorite activities with family and friends.

For more detailed landscaping plans that are the ultimate in low maintenance, visit the WikiLawn website. For now, take a look at some of these gardening and lawn ideas that will help you keep your home looking great with less time and effort.


Smaller Grassy Areas

Cutting, edging, weeding and fertilizing your lawn can take up a lot of time. To reduce the amount of care required, you can limit the size of your grassy areas. Fill areas with gravel or groundcover plants to keep your lawn area small and more manageable. Isolate an area on your property that is well suited for grass growth. Look for a spot that has generous sun exposure and decent soil for the best chance at a lush lawn. You may only want to keep a small lawn for your pets or children to use and landscape the rest of the area with low maintenance plants or patio space.


Planting full and beautiful bushes as part of your landscaping can give you the color and focal points that you are looking for without the work. You will want to choose a bush variety that requires little pruning. Azaleas and hydrangeas are great choices that will also give you flowers during the blooming season, adding color to the garden. Aside from occasional trimming and a cut back in the autumn, bushes are the perfect low maintenance addition to any garden or yard. Keep in mind the potential mature size of your bushes when planting to make sure that you are giving each plant enough room to grow without the risk of crowding.


When you are planting trees, consider the time it takes for the average tree to mature. Faster growing species are a good bet, but you can also purchase more mature trees for immediate planting. Stay away from fruit bearing trees that can require a lot of care and create a mess in the harvest season. Oaks are a traditional choice for the best shade and size. Crepe Myrtles are also a great choice that will give you colorful blooms in the spring and then turn leaves in the fall. Always keep in mind how much a young tree will grow in size when planting. Never plant too close to your home where a growing tree could end up being a hazard. If you need professional advice. You can contact a professional arborist at treeserviceremoval.com


If you want to have areas of garden surrounding your home, you will want to make sure that you are choosing plant species that will help make your job easier. Mulch, groundcover and wood chips are excellent for garden beds. They can help keep your weeding chores to a minimum and add a lovely texture and color to your gardens. Planting ornamental grasses or cacti in gravel gardens is a great idea for the ultimate in low maintenance beds. Consider planting a rock garden for the ultimate in low effort landscaping. 

Yard Maintenance Team

For some homeowners, if you are away a lot due to work or if you are just on your own and need a bit of help with your landscaping, think about bringing in a lawn care service. Rates can be reasonable if you are just looking for someone to help out with grass cutting and your seasonal maintenance. Even with landscapes that are designed to need very little regular care, there are still seasonal chores that will need to be done. Hiring a team to give you a hand with annual care routines can save you a ton of time and effort.