Adding Finishing Touches To A Luxury Home Design

A luxury home design is not as simple as choosing some charming imported flooring, or unique handcrafted furniture. That is only half of the pleasure! The real challenge comes with adding all the finishing touches. Finishing touches take the form of fittings, fixtures, decor and even artwork. To keep that beautiful, luxury feeling that you have already created with the spaces in your home, you’ll need to remember a few easy guidelines. Let’s explore some of the areas you will be designing in the process:

Don’t Neglect Your Garden

One of the key elements of a luxury home design is the garden. A well planned and carefully maintained garden adds a whole new dimension from both inside the home and out. Eye-catching features such as an outdoor water fountain, bower with a birdbath, or even an unusual plant with beautiful architectural leaf structures. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, maintenance may or may not be something you’ll need to consult and plan for. Neatly manicured rose bushes and lawns will need extra attention, while a modern outdoor space may use a lot more concrete and pots requiring less maintenance. Regardless, a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors will contribute a great deal to overall luxury.

Accessorize And Add Personality

Decor comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s the little things that will really bring your spaces to life. Magazines, blogs and television shows can all be great places to draw from for inspiration. Ultimately though, you want your home to reflect your style and aesthetic. Colours are a good place to start – accent colours can be used in elements of home decor to either draw your eyes to a specific location or to bring the room together and create a sense of continuity.

Accessories and decor can also play a functional role. Scatter cushions turn a sleek leather couch into a comfortable lounger and can bring a pop of colour or even bling to an otherwise monochromatic space. Curtains and blinds can either blend in with the other textures or stand out in unique colours and materials. Area rugs, tapestries, paintings should all reflect your own taste and can be curated to each space. It can become a truly beautiful thing!

Luxury In Comfort

While modern minimalism is highly lauded by designers and is probably the most frequently presented in mainstream media as lux, it is not necessarily what everyone enjoys. You can achieve luxury in numerous other ways and with different aesthetics. The one thing that all of them have in common is comfort. Luxury is not just in the look of a space but also how comfortable and utilitarian it is. Your home is where you want to feel comfortable, content and happy. This can be accomplished by keeping convenience in mind when choosing your fixtures and fittings.

Art Speaks Volumes

Now let’s talk about art. Buying art is not only an essential part of your decorating process but is also an investment. Because it is quite a costly thing, you may need to acquire some advice. Getting a consultation on what is worth investing in is an excellent idea, those consultants could also potentially recommend insurance and care for your newly acquired pieces. Given the nature of the expense of art, it is advisable to choose a few pieces that are the main features rather than a huge collection of many different ones. Maintain a sense of cohesiveness in your collection by choosing either one artist, or one specific style or genre. Over the years your collection can grow along with you and your home.

Contrasting Approach

You’ve curated some great collections, added beautiful and luxurious fixtures, considered comfort, yet something still feels missing? You can add finishing touches by implementing contrast rather than extra items. This effort will enhance the depth of the area of your home and provide the illusion of layers in more specific areas. It may be something of a bold design approach, and therefore, it would be best to rely on professional advice to achieve appealing results. Contrasting can be done by incorporating furniture and other items in drastic tones of the same shade, or by opting for a simple black, white and grey colour scheme when decorating.

These final touches are not entirely a once-off thing, over the years you will need to update your home to maintain a sense of style and keep things fresh. Keeping the above steps in mind when you do so will ensure you always have a home as luxurious as you deserve!