The importance of having large Bedroom Storage

Having space is important for every person. The space we need is to ensure that we aren’t overwhelmed and that every item is in it’s proper place. Keeping your goods arranged is necessary so you can find things, items don’t get mixed up, the place is clean and so that you can access whatever you need quickly and without any stress. To achieve this in your home you will need storage and this can come in many forms. The number of small items in your home are limitless, whether it’s electronics, stationery, jewellery, cleaning equipment, keepsakes, clothes, makeup or whatever. The bedroom alone can contain many of these things, so if you want some storage ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Cupboards and Cabinets

The first thing to do when you want to get your goods under control in your bedroom is to look into cupboards and cabinets. They are essentially boxes with doors but they provide the best ways to store a wide range of items. There are many type available, so you will need to have look at what suits the space in the room, your item and your d├ęcor. You can get a couple of large cabinets to fit everything inside or several smaller ones and arrange them as you see fit. Find ones of the right shapes and sizes that fit within your bedroom and place whatever you like inside. Filling them up neatly is essential, as throwing things in at random will only cause problems when you’re looking for stuff later.


A wardrobe can be a woman’s best friend as it can hold in all of your clothes, keepsakes and more. Wardrobes can be simply one big container, but others can come with sections, extra cabinets, a mirror, shoe racks and more. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choice but if you look long enough you will find one that matches your room and meets your storage requirements. A properly arranged wardrobe gives you access to all of your goods, so it should be a priority.



Shelves are as varied as the thing you put on them. The simple boards that attach to a wall are perfect to display things such as photos, ornaments and other special goods. Bulkier shelving units can contain many more items and fit everything inside neatly, without putting too much focus on them, so you can grab what you need with ease. Whether placed units or the ones you put on your walls, shelves come in many types, so you can fit them wherever you need in your bedroom and store next to anything on them.


Your bed may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to storage. In fact, you usually don’t want to, because if you don’t have much space, you can find yourself dumping items onto it and then removing them each night before you go to sleep. Beds can help though as they can have storage possibilities. A bed can have drawers or compartments within it that you can place things in. Not only does it keep the item out of the way, the storage is hidden under your bed, so it’s perfect for things you don’t need often. To maximise your storage with a bed, you can consider an Ottoman bed that has hinges so you can lift up the top layer with the mattress to reveal large spaces to store things.

Boxes, Ottomans and More

Boxes can be seen as an untidy way of storing things but with the right styles and proper arrangements they can work. Buy some attractive and designed boxes and place goods inside, then stack them neatly for some easy solutions. If you’re a sneakerhead and want to show your prize possesions in style, get cut to size plastic sheets and make your own shoe box. This will look great in your room! Ottomans do this but with a bit more panache and can have items placed upon them. A bureau is great for storing things and it gives you a desk at the same time for writing, working or doing your makeup. Baskets, both plastic and weaved, can be used to place random objects into and some trendy bags can be used for other items. Also, don’t underestimate hooks, as many goods could be hung on a wall out the way but easy to retrieve.

The best storage is what works for you, so take on these ideas, try something different and see how you can tidy up and give yourself the bedroom space you need.