75 Wing Tattoo Ideas to Express Freedom and Faith

Wings are a popular design element when it comes to tattoos. People choose them to represent freedom and elevation. Wing tattoos also denote spiritual symbolism. When you want to convey your desire to take control of your life and fate, wings can breathe life to your tattoo design. Wings can signify your strong faith, especially when you combine them with biblical quotes. 

Various styles are available when getting wing tattoos. Take a look at the following collection of images to get an idea on which designs best fit your purpose. 

Wing Tattoo Ideas to Try Out 

Check out these wing tattoos to get an idea on which designs to get for yourself.

wings-tattoosThis tattoo features a tribal-inspired theme with predominantly black and red colors. The edges are sharp and the two wings are somehow not attached to each other.

If you have important dates to commemorate, the design below is a meaningful choice. Sketch-like wings create an ethereal silhouette. There are no bold, bright colors to fill in the outlines. In the middle, you’ll see a pair of dog tags showing important dates. Whether you have an unforgettable anniversary to remember or a memorable date involving the passing of a friend or loved one, this theme fits your style.

A simple wing tattoo near the wrist is a great choice if you want something that doesn’t stand out too much. The design above shows off cartoonish outlines, with soft edges and no bold shading. You’ll see hints of light shadows that help define the wings.

If you want a rather elaborate tattoo, this design will look like a stunning work of art on your body. The design above showcases an intricate wing tattoo with incredibly fine detailing. It covers the upper back and gracefully extends toward the back of the shoulders and down the back of the arms. A beautiful blending of green, red and grey palettes prettifies the wings and makes them pop out.

Give your wing tattoo an edgy twist by adding a spunky element, such as a skull. Butterfly wings surround the skull, creating an artful balance of femininity and grunge. Light blue hues add a pop of vibrancy to the design. Maroon shading create a lovely, well-balanced contrast. Grey shading further define the skull lying at the center of the tattoo.

If you want to strengthen your faith, add your favorite quote to your wing tattoo. Wings not only represent freedom. They also signify strong faith. Your tattoo will serve as a daily reminder to trust in God in everything you do. A cross connecting the elaborate wings makes this wing tattoo design look more spiritual.

Geometric elements define the wing tattoo above. You’ll notice numerous smaller lines inside the wing outline. The inner lines somewhat overlap each other and also go beyond the outlines for a more artistic, freestyle look.

This wing tattoo leans toward more traditional techniques. A central heart, symbolizing love, completes the look. On top of the heart lies a simple halo, denoting that the tattoo owner is a kindhearted person. A halo also represents the passing of a loved one.

Convey your sense of freedom and creativity with this beautifully crafted wing tattoo. Hints of watercolor-style techniques add a twist of contemporary artistry to this tattoo. Blue shading and drips add a painting-like feel to the design.

This realistic tattoo mimics the look of real feathers. The detailing and dark shading create the appearance of genuine wings on your back. This wing tattoo almost has a 3-D vibe that makes it stand out at first glance.

Wing Tattoo Placement


Many people opt to get inked on the back, considering that angels, mythological creatures and winged animals have their wings at the back. Traditional feather tattoos occupy the width of the back shoulders. Some tattoos also cover the nape of the neck or down the hips. Others also extend down the arms. 

Tribal Wing Designs


Tattoo artists commonly draw wings in tribal style using dark hues. They add various symbols inspired by myths, legends and native cultures. When drawn using this style, the wing tattoo looks like a warrior tattoo that represents strength, character and courage. 


Mythical Creature Designs


Fairies, griffins and dragons are typical mythical creatures that become sources of inspiration for wing tattoos. Fairy-inspired designs feature delicate wings that artists may color with lighter palettes. Dragon-inspired themes usually boast bigger wings with blue and green shading.


The griffin is a popular mythological creature that combines the head of an eagle, the body of a lion and the wings of a bird. Tattoos depicting these creatures may denote a sense of transformation. Furthermore, they can symbolize natural elements, such as the earth, fire and sky. 


Tattoos With Angel Wings


Artists who create traditional-style wing tattoos usually use angel wings. The feathers look ethereal and mesmerizing. Typically, tattoo artists use only black and place the design on the back of the client. Angel-inspired tattoos generally suggest enlightenment and spirituality. Also, they may signify protection and guidance. 


Angel wings are easy to tailor to reflect your individuality or personal struggles. You can have a statement-making piece that covers your entire back. This conveys your belief that you can soar high toward the sky and overcome any obstacles.


Moreover, you can have small wings inked on a discreet part of your body, such as your wrist or ankle. This subtle tattoo reminds you that you have a guardian angel who watches over you. 

Wing Tattoos With a Halo


A halo is a meaningful addition to any wing tattoo. It can denote the passing of an important person in your life. As you want to remember the goodness of that person, you can have a halo wing tattoo inked on your skin. With a halo in your tattoo, you recognize that your loved one is now resting in peace in heaven.


To personalize your angel wing tattoo, you can add the initials of the deceased person. Additionally, you may also incorporate meaningful phrases. Tell your artist if you want a certain color palette to beautify your tattoo. White and gold are a visually pleasing combination for halo wing tattoos. Your tattoo can look as minimal or as elaborate as you desire. 


Wing Tattoos With a Cross


Adding a cross to wings makes a spiritual statement for tattoo enthusiasts. Like halo tattoos, cross tattoos may also serve as a tribute to a deceased individual. In some cases, people with near-death experiences get this type of tattoo to remind themselves of the second chance given to them.


Place the name or initials of your lost loved one atop the cross. Also, you can add the date of an important spiritual experience. If you want to emphasize your personal suffering, you may incorporate a crown of thorns into the design. 


Wing Tattoos With a Heart


Generally, a heart is a symbol of love, affection and romance. Among numerous cultures, it also represents compassion, joy, charity and strength. Putting a heart in your wing tattoo turns it into a more meaningful symbol to wear on your skin. If you want to express your love for someone, have your lover’s name tattooed inside the heart. 


Broken Wings


Detached wings can signify that you’ve experienced or you’re going through some struggles. Also, they can also represent your desire for redemption. The back is the best placement for broken wings. 


Fallen Angel Theme


Some tattoos use demon-like wings to convey a “fallen angel” theme. They can represent rage, anger or the will to become stronger. Red and black are classic colors for these tattoos. Typically, artists include bones and skulls for a more grunge look. 

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If you’re planning to get a wing tattoo, you may have some questions in mind. Here are common queries and answers when getting inked with wing designs.  

Are wing tattoos suitable for both men and women?  

Yes, wings are a fine design choice for any gender. You can have your tattoo personalized to bring a more feminine or masculine edge to it.  

Where can I place a wing tattoo?  

Popular tattoo body placements include the back, shoulders, lower back and chest. Wrists, calves and ankles are great options for discreet, smaller-sized tattoos. 

How do I choose the type of wing tattoo that suits me?  

Consider your own unique personality, past or present struggles, and beliefs. Tailor your tattoos to best express your individuality.  

Can I get a personalized wing tattoo?

Of course! Let your artist know about specific elements you want added. You may incorporate a name, some initials or an unforgettable date.  

Can I have a colorful wing tattoo?  

Besides traditional, dark-colored feather tattoos, you have the option to choose more modern and colorful designs. You can even go for cartoon-inspired wing tattoos. 



Whether you want to demonstrate your intention to go far in life or emphasize your spirituality, wing tattoos are always a meaningful choice. These tattoos can look as gentle or as tough as you like. Wear your pair of wings proudly as a daily reminder to fly high and stay strong.